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What Lies in a Body of Pixels

Chapter Six: A Little Property Dispute

This body is mine. Power will be known. Turbo will be known!

This is it. A new start. My chance to start over, not as the forgotten Turbo of the past, but as the person everyone loves. This vessel will be the clean slate.

This really is Turbo-tastic.

I look around, black nothingness surrounds me. White mist scarcely scattered around. I look at what I stand on, a stained glass floor. Looking at the bigger picture, it's a mural of the kid I'm taking over. This woman really is putting up her end of the bargain! Now how to take it over, because I'm pretty sure this is only step one. I walk around, observing the nothingness around me until I see a boy, sitting at the end of the circle. He has blonde hair spiked and tussled up, with a silver jacket, baggy pants, and blue eyes. They seem to be staring at me intently, a cold gaze watching everything I do, everything I am. It's the stare of a predator.

What does he want? Why is he even here? He looks nothing like the kid I'm taking over.

I stare right back, and shout…

"Who are you?!"

There's a weird looking short guy staring at me, shouting in my direction. I quirk a brow at him, slowly getting up. "You're not the person to be asking that. In fact, that's what I'm supposed to be asking you." First he barges into this heart, and now he demands to know who I am?

The grey man rolls his eyes. "Just tell me what you're doing here. I called dibs on this body!" Dibs? There's a guy here trying to take Sora's body? What did he get himself into, this time?

"Dibs? I'm not here to take over. I've been in here for a while. I'm a part of Sora, and I know you don't belong." I walk closer, my arms crossed.

The man grits his teeth. "Just tell me who you are!" He shouts. He seems to be out of patience, I can see the shadow rippling from his form.

"My name is Roxas. I'm Sora's nobody." I hold my hands out from my sides, my Keyblades appear in my hands. Oblivion and Oathkeeper. A Keyblade of Light, and a Keyblade of Darkness. I get into my battle stance. "You're about to be shown the door, shorty. It's cramped enough, anyways."

The short man shoots a blast of Darkness from his hand, the misty bolt travels to me as I swat it away with Oblivion. "You're going to have to try a bit harder than that. You're not at the point of advantage."

The man charges and tries to claw me with a shadowy hand, I parry with Oathkeeper and strike down with Oblivion, he dodges and rolls away, shooting a barrage of shadow bolts at me. I run, and leap to dodge each blast, swinging my blades to send pillars of Light at the man. He takes the blows, but shrugs them off as he slams two palms on the ground, a large wave of shadow heading towards me, too big to dodge.

I raise both Keyblades up and slam them down, pillars of Light spinning around me, shredding the shadow that was sent. The grey man snarls, and starts running towards me. I swivel around the grey man to start striking him from behind, Oblivion and Oathkeeper cutting into his back as he starts to scream, pushing me away with a backlash ripple of Darkness. He starts firing more bolts of Darkness at me with both hands. I dash along the outer edge of the Heart's station, the bolts soon stopping for him to recover. I rush to the middle, pillars of light swirling around me to knock the person aside.

I slowly rise up, into the air as the pillars grow taller. I raise both Keyblades up, bursts of light spouting from my Keyblades like a fountain in a circle. They all reach past the outer edges of the station. The light enshrouds the station, looking almost like a golden, cloudy sunset, obscuring the nothingness from sight. "C'mon!" I yell, the power rushes through me as large blasts of blue Light rush to the small person. He skitters across the station as he tries to dodge the blasts as they follow him. He's hit by every single blast, writhing and sent into the air. I stop my barrage, the veil dissolving as I charge the grey man. My light pillars following me in a horizontal line to prevent escape.

"That's enough!" He yells, another wave of shadows knocking me backward. "I'm gonna' have to use this, then!" He takes out a blue orb, and crushes it. "Now Sora's heart will come to me! All I have to do is touch it and this body is mine!"

"What?! I already told you, I'm not letting you do that!" I yell, blue Light starting to radiate from my form. There's no way he's taking Sora, not if I'm here.

The grey man grins. "All I need to do is touch it. I can't kill you, but I can move you. I was never the one with the disadvantage. It was you, and now I will give you the boot!" A sparkling light rises from the station, I run towards it with my pillars of Light surrounding me, Keyblades raised to defend.

"You're not getting this, you freak!" I yell, but it was too late. I was knocked back by another wave of shadow.

"Everyone shall know Turbo!" He shouts, as he dashes towards the Heart.

But before he could reach it, a flash of Light occurs, as Turbo is knocked back. When I can see again, it looks like the heart's encased in some sort of armor. Wait, why is it in armor?! It looks to be my height, with a Keyblade. It wields the blade backhandedly, too. That's nowhere near Sora's style, nor is it anything like mine.

The armor charges towards the grey man, swinging his curved Keyblade and striking the man several times at blinding speeds. I take this opening to unload my own strength on Turbo, rushing up to him and knocking him into the air. I glide effortlessly in the air as I juggle the man with each acrobatic Keyblade strike. I finish my chain of attacks by throwing them and controlling each blade's journey in the air. Each spinning blade hits Turbo several times. I land as I catch my blades, the armor moving to chain his slicing attacks at the obviously weakened Turbo.

I dash to the middle to leap up, and summon my power for my strongest attack. "Get out!" I yell, as my Keyblades start to shimmer with Light. I raise my Keyblades up once more, "Magic Hour!" I shout, large beams of Light shot down from the sky, hitting everywhere on the station. The armor moves into the middle swiftly, as Turbo is hit with multiple beams of Light energy. I then slam my arms downward, my blades facing outward as I shout again, "GET OUT!" The blasts start hitting double time. Turbo is hit with the last blast, the biggest so far. He shrieks, as he's finally sent back outside of the body. The scream fading away, as the Light fades, his body is no longer left within Sora's heart.

The armor looks to me, and nods. It breaks apart and shimmers away, the Heart itself sinking back below. I look around, everything's back to normal. I smile, and let my Keyblades disappear. "Finally. It's getting a bit cramped as it is."

Sora better be thanking me if he knew what happened.

What's going on? Am I me?

I slowly come back into consciousness, I see Ralph looking over me. "Hey, hey! He's waking up." Ralph looks to me, after motioning to everyone. "You still you, Sora?" He asks.

"Yeah… where am I…?" I ask, moving Ralph's face and sitting up. I see those eight bit looking trees, again.

Ralph turns and sits next to me. "We're back in Fix-it Felix Jr. Sonic and I drove Maleficent away. Turbo skittered off after he popped out of your body, before I could smack him around. But from what I saw, he looked to have taken a few beatings already." He grin, and punches my shoulder. "What'd you do to him?"

I don't remember anything. I don't even know if I actually did anything to him, I remember diving in front of Ralph and then waking back up, here.

By the way, you're welcome, Sora.

What? I don't think anyone else heard that. I think that was Roxas! Hah, he kicked Turbo's butt! I grin, and shake my head. "I think I had a little help from someone very close to me." I tap my chest, and grin.

Ralph quirks a brow, and grins. "Whoever that was, tell him thanks." He elbows me. Felix and Vanellope sit in front of us.

The little girl grins. "You're back? Because you looked reaaaal grey, for a little bit. Then Turbo just popped out like he took a beating. Then he just ran away before we could catch him."

Ralph nods. "Yeah, but Sora's still Sora. That's a plus."

Felix stands. "Yeah! I don't know what we'd have to do if Sora was all… Turbo-fied!"

I shrug. "Well, we won't have to worry about that. Turbo knows not to do that again. But, yeah. I feel fine, now. If anything, we should be heading back to find out where Maleficent and Turbo will strike next.

Felix frowns. "I heard that Hero's Duty's already closed their doors."

Ralph widens his eyes. "We can't let the Heartless merge with those Cy-bugs. Sora, c'mon!" Felix gets up to follow.

I shake my head. "Nuh-uh, stay here, Felix! Keyblade wielders, only!" Ralph and I board the train, and let it roll out of Fix-it Felix Jr.

The wrecker crosses his arms and leans back against the train seat. "By the way, Sora. Thanks for taking that hit, for me. I don't know if I could do what you did with Turbo." He grins, and pats me on the shoulder.

"It's fine, Ralph. Besides, I did it because I would have a little help. Someone watching over me." I shrug, and return the smile.

Ralph shrugs. "Whatever you say. Took more guts than I had, at the moment."

We reach Game Central Station, and step off the train. Ralph looks to me, and nods. "Now we get to go to Hero's Duty. Just beware. Calhoun's a bit cold to strangers. You're gonna' have to prove yourself to her. But I don't think it'll be that hard for you." He winks.

I nod. "I've met a few people who were kind of hard to impress. Sooner or later they cave." I give a small laugh as we exit the tunnel of Fix-it Felix jr.

Ralph nods, and beckons me over. "C'mon." We head into the station once more, as I look around. I see a few of the ghosts from Pac-Man, and Robotnik. The Doctor gives a passing wave and nods to me. Ralph drags me once more, it seems like my feet stopped moving again when I was looking around. "Hey. Hey. You keep not moving."

I shrug, as we head towards the tunnel labeled 'Hero's Duty'. Ralph motions to the locked door. I nod and summon my Keyblade, pointing it as I focus my thoughts once more. The teeth shimmer, as a beam shoots out to unlock the door. The mechanisms move and spin again as the door opens. Ralph and I walk into the tunnel, going into the hallway. We see a train far more advanced than the other games, it seems more like a subway. The door opens, and we enter. Ralph sits on a seat that actually looks like something he could fit on, crossing his arms. "One day, you'll teach me how to do that. It's a better alternative to smashing, at least."

The doors close, as the train starts rolling. I lean back into the more comfortable seats, setting my Keyblade beside me. "Huh. This really must be a more advanced game. The train itself is way better."

Ralph shrugs. "…It's kind of a scary game to be in. I should know. I was in it, once. It's pretty violent. And scary. And… bug filled." He shudders. "But I think we'll do a bit better than I did the first time. You're pretty good at dispatching monsters."

I laugh. "A bit. Besides, I have backup plans and aces up my sleeve if something crazy were to happen." The train stops, and the doors open. It looks like it's night time, probably always will, it seems. There are men shooting things, and a woman barking out orders. Looks like there's something here, alright.

This is gonna' be intense.