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A/N: This is a short angsty story set shortly after the events of Missing.

When John becomes the target of revenge he must choose between his duty and protecting Jennifer, then live with the consequences.

"Thanks for coming." Sam said as John entered his office.

"Seeing you're the boss I kinda assumed I didn't have much choice, but you're welcome." He smiled taking a seat. "What's up?"

"There is a mission scheduled to P2X-389." Sam explained.

"Giving aid to sick villagers?" John asked trying to remember the planet.

"That's the one. I'm thinking of sending Dr Keller, but wanted your opinion. Do you think she's ready for off-world travel after New Athos and the Bola Kai?"

"I'm not a shrink." John pointed out.

"I know that, I just wanted your gut instinct." Sam explained. "P2X-389 is fairly safe and she'll be escortedā€¦"

"But you're concerned there are unresolved issues?" John guessed.

"You probably know more about what happened on New Athos than I do." Sam said, assuming Teyla had confided more details with John than she had put in the mission report. "We both know she was put in a situation she wasn't trained for."

"But she came through it." John pointed out. "Teyla said Keller showed potential."

"I know, I just have a niggling doubt if sending her out again is going to tip her. I don't want to loose our CMO."

"We can't have a CMO who doesn't go off-world." John pointed out.

"So you're happy for me to clear her for active duty?"

"Not my call." John replied. "But if you were to clear her I suggest my team accompanies her. If I spot any signs of PTSD I'll scrub the mission."

"That's what I was hoping you'd say." Sam smiled.

"In that case you can explain to McKay why he's not going to play in the lab tomorrow." John suggested.

"He's on your team, it'd be better coming from you." Sam countered. "Besides I need to tell Keller."


"Try not to look so nervous." John said as Jennifer, laden with bags entered the gateroom. "Rodney is really not that bad to be on a mission with."

"Ha ha." The physicist shot back.

"You all set?" John asked Jennifer.

"I think so."

"You'll be fine." Teyla assured Jennifer as she stood by her side.

"How about you?" Jennifer asked.

"I am fine." Teyla smiled confidently.

"Yes yes we're all fine. Can we go now? I want to get back by five." Rodney complained.

"Do I want to know why?" John asked.

"It's the finals tonight?"

"Tonight? You sure? I thought that was tomorrow."

"I'm so going to win." McKay said smugly.

Noticing Jennifer's confused look Teyla explained.

"They race toy cars."

"They're not toys." John protested.

"Sorry to interrupt, but are you ready?" Sam asked keen to get the team off.

"Yes ma'am." John said.

"Good. Let me know if there are any problems." She instructed John who gave a knowing look as Chuck dialled the gate.


"Is this going to take much longer?" Rodney complained as he sat outside the makeshift clinic.

"You could ask the doc again and delay her even further." John pointed out.

"How long does it take to deal with sick peopleā€¦.ooooh that's interesting." McKay said getting distracted by his computer.

"What's interesting?" John asked.

"I'm detecting an intermittent energy spike."

"A good spike?"

"Won't know until we look."

"Where is it coming from?"

"Half a mile out of the village." McKay explained.

John looked at his watch and then at his other bored teammates.

"Fine, Ronon, Teyla go with Rodney. I'll stay here and look after Keller. I want you back here in an hour."

As Rodney picked up his gear John looked at Teyla and Ronon and warned. "Make sure he doesn't stray too far."

"Of course." Teyla agreed.

When the trio had departed John strolled over to Jennifer's clinic to check on her progress. As he walked he remained oblivious to a group sitting in a bar watching his every move.

"How's it going doc?" John asked entering the building.

"Almost done. I hope."

"No rush, the others have gone off to look at an energy spike. They won't be back for an hour."

"Okay." Jennifer said as a stocky man entered the clinic. "Take a seat over there and I'll be right with you." Jennifer instructed the man.

John was going to leave, but his gut told him something was wrong, so instead he asked.

"You mind if I help out in here? It's kinda dull out there."

"Of course not. As long as you don't eat all my lollipops." Jennifer smiled as another man entered the clinic. As John turned to look at the new entrant the earlier one pulled a weapon and shot the Colonel. Before Jennifer could react she was also taken out with a single shot.

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