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Onward with Docward and Bella!


"What do you want me to say Bella? That I'm sorry? Because I am! I thought of you every day for seven years! Wondering if you were okay…the baby…if it was a boy or a girl…. The only reason I survived Iraq was because of that kid in the other room…and you." Edward declared vehemently, "I knew I had to come home. To look you in the eye and tell you 'Bella Swan…I love you…I never stopped. And I love our kid too, even though he's just as much a stubborn ass as his ma." Bella made a noise between a snort and a laugh, "But I love you both and that will never change; even after I'm long gone and cold in the ground. I love you Bella Swan! And just to let you know, I plan on changing both Matt's and yours last names."

Bella looked at the ground and a hint of red graced her cheeks at hearing Edward's declaration.

"You don't have to change Matt's; his birth certificate already states that you're his father and his last name is Masen." Bella informed him softly. She and Edward might not have ended on amicable terms, but she made sure that her son would carry a piece of his father with him always.

"Out of all of that, the last name part is all you got!?" Edward asked bewildered. He was looking at Bella cautiously; as if she was a snake coiled and ready to attack him at any given moment.

"That's not all I got out of what you said. I just wanted you to sweat for a few minutes. I might still love you, but you know I'm not one of those easy girls Edward. It took you six months just to get me to go on a date with you, and then another year to sleep with you. It's going to take a lot more this time around just to get me to kiss you on the lips."

Bella was determined to guard her heart carefully this time around. Just because she was going to give Edward another chance to prove that he really loved her didn't mean he was going to get another shot at breaking her heart.

"Believe me, I know you're not easy. I thought you would give me premature grey hair from how much chasing I had to do just to get you to smile at me once. Just once. I sat with you for hours in the courtyard at school reading Jane Austen to you while we curled up under a blanket. You had announced that Mr. Darcy was your soul mate and no other man could ever come even close. I replied to you by saying-" Bella cut him off.

"'Darcy is an arrogant prick. He always expects to get what he wants and doesn't care if he breaks your heart. In my opinion, he must have never slept with a woman before, because all of that coldness is really just sexual frustration.'"

"You remember!" Edward exclaimed while laughing.

"Of course I remember. I laughed so hard that I fell backwards and hit my head hard against the tree we were sitting up against. I still can't read Pride and Prejudice without thinking about that day." Bella smiled at the fond memory. They had some fun moments when they were teenagers.

"That was the first time you ever gave me a romantic smile. It was always 'the friend smile' before. That was the moment I knew I had your heart and you had mine."

Edward walked towards her, lifted her chin with his right hand and stared into her chocolate orbs.

"And that was one pretty big smile too. That one smile gave you a son."