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Chapter Four

"Let's go to my office, so we won't be over heard." Edward says to Bella as he walks to the room across the hall.

Bella nods and tells him that she needs to tell Matt where she'll be if he needs her.

Bella opens her son's exam room door and pops her head inside, "Honey, Dr. Cullen and I will be in his office directly across the hall if you need me, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." Matt replies and smiles at her from the examination table across the room.

Bella quickly closes the door and walks the few feet to Edward's office and closes his door behind her.

Edward turns away from the window, where he was looking at anything but the purple elephant that was currently fuming in his direction from the other side of his desk. He contemplates how one is supposed to start a conversation such as this one, and decides that it is much like ripping off a Band-Aid; one must do it quickly and hope for the least amount of pain as possible.

Edward walks around his desk and stands in front of Bella.

"Bella…." He puts his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner, but it has the opposite effect.

"No! Don't you dare touch me!" Bella's voice holds such malice that Edward almost fears that she might actually do him bodily harm. How right he is.

"If you as much as accidentally bump into me, or graze my hand, I will choke you with your own stethoscope." She threatens him and Edward has no doubts that she will come through on that promise.

Edward puts his hands up in the universal sign for surrender and then places them into the pockets of his lab coat.

"What do you want Edward?" Bella sighs. She is so emotionally exhausted from the last seven years of hating him that she is on the verge of not feeling anything at all for him anything. When she looks at him all she sees is a big black hole sucking up everything that was/is good in her life.

"I just want to talk." Nope! There it is. And the anger is back!

"How dare you! How fucking dare you! You just show up out of the blue after seven fucking years and you want to talk!? You have to be fucking kidding me!" Bella throws her hands up in the air. "Where were you when our son was making me vomit throughout my whole pregnancy like I was fucking bulimic!? Or what about when I had to stay up half the night for the first five months for his feeding and diaper changes!? Or when he said his first word, which was Ma by the way, or learned to walk!? Don't even get me started on the anxiety I felt the day Dad put Matt on the back of his first pony. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! So don't you for one fucking minute think that you have the right to just TALK to me you prick! As far as I am concerned you were just a sperm donor that I happened to pick out among other swimmers in the big fucking pond of my so called life!"

Edward stands there with his mouth gaping and his eyes wide as saucers. In all the years that he has known Isabella Swan, not once can he remember the word "fuck" ever crossing her lips; even at her most furious of times.

"All that Matt needs is a check-up and his shots administered and we're leaving. I don't want you to even talk to Matt unless it is about the examination. You have no business in Matt's life. He doesn't even know who you are to him, and I expect it to stay that way. You'll just end up breaking his heart too." With that last statement Bella storms out of Edward's office and into Matt's room, leaving Edward flabbergasted at the turn of events his day has taken. He knew the minute he told his mother that he was coming home that Bella would be on the war path.

It's time to load up on body armor and word repellent because he knows there's a lot more that Bella has yet to unleash on him. Her words could slice a grown man in two; and they did.

Edward moves behind his desk and sinks into his leather chair; his body no longer up for supporting him.

"Edward! Look at what Daddy got me for my birthday!" A six year old Bella squeals in excitement as she runs towards her best friend on his front porch.

"What is that ugly thing!?" Ten year old Edward says in disgust as he eyes the poor creature that has the misfortune of resembling his great Aunt Tilly, whom also looks like the reject of the manure pile.

"It's my new puppy! He was the runt of Daddy's new litter so he said I could keep him. His name's Riley!" Bella giggles in excitement. Even though Edward's disdain for the ugly creature is completely noticeable he manages to give her a small smile when he sees how much she's in love with the poor creature.

"I guess he's kinda okay when you get use to his different looks." Edward does his best to compliment the rodent looking dog, but fails, "Bring him inside, Ma might have some scraps when can feed him and I'll get him a bowl of water."

"Oh thank you Eddie!" Bella squeals as she bolts into the house behind him.

"Don't call me Eddie!" He growls back at her.

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