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Where was I? Oh yes, I remembered now. I was in the old chemistry lab, dark and musty with the dust of the tables, my head clouded – yes that was I how I recalled it.

My head was clouded, I had the beginnings of a headache, but at the moment, it wasn't terrible, but it still throbbed dully in the background. It was enough to be irritating. I could hardly concentrate on the thermometer long enough to take a reading. The glasses were all scratched right where I was supposed to see out of them and my eyes automatically focused on them. I desperately tried to focus on the experiment, I really tried, but it was hopeless.

'Two minutes and the temperature is?' Murmured Alex to me.

'I have no clue. I can't read it.' I sighed.

'Here,' Alex said, taking the thermometer. 'Thirty seven.' He eyed me suspiciously. 'Hay, are you alright babe?'

'No. I can't see a thing and I have a headache.' I said truthfully. Must be the first time I've ever actually told him any fragment of truth. I took my glasses off and put them – rather forcefully – on the table.

'Aw, don't worry babe, I'll do it for you.' He smiled sweetly, and went to kiss me on the cheek, which I narrowly avoided.

'Hey, guys, none of that in my class please. This is complex stuff you are doing and I'm sure a bit of acid on you would make that kiss a bit sweeter.' Mr Mason joked. My heart pounded and I felt blood rush to my cheeks within half a second. His eyes were the deepest, hypnotising blue. The contours of his body were covered by a flimsy light blue shirt. His ruffled, midnight black hair stood perfectly messy but tidy all the same. A dim smile lit his face with amusement at his own (however poor) joke. Beautiful. Gorgeously handsome, by any standards; an unusual characteristic for an A-Level Chemistry teacher.

'Think you'll find it will make it a bit sourer,' Alex joked back. I envied the way other people could joke around with him. I was just stuck as a monotonous fool around him, standing around uselessly.

'All the same, none of that in my class please. Hayley, can I have a word outside please?' My heart jumped and my pulse raced at the thought, my brain fired a million and one electrical impulses through my body.

'Yeah, sure,' I said dismissively. I followed him outside class and shot a fake What-is-going-on? look at Alex. He shrugged flippantly and continued with his practical.

'Hay, is Alex harassing you? I see you two hanging about together a lot and he seems to always do inappropriate things in school. I'm sure you know what I mean,' said Mr Mason.

'Oh no, no it's not like that. I mean he likes me and he seems to think we are going out, but we are really not. It's fine.' His eyes were locked on mine the whole time.

'Is he giving you a bit of trouble? You seem irritated by him.'

'A little. Well, kind of a lot actually, it's just irritating. Anyhow, I'm not going out with him or anything, no matter what he – or anyone else – thinks.' I smirked.

'Glad to hear it.' Was he? Why? 'Single pringle, huh?' he suggested casually.

'Guess so,' I sighed. I was never sure if I liked the idea or not.

'You're a nice girl Hayley, you'll find someone. Meanwhile, well, I could say the same for myself.' He looked to one side momentarily, and I thought I saw remorse... or loneliness there in his face.

'You're single?' I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. What was wrong with the world? 'Really?'

'Honestly, really. I'm flattered you think that, but yes, I am single.' He sighed.

'Well I hope you find someone too.' I said. Let it be me, let it be me... I prayed silently.

He straightened up from leaning against the wall so that he was a few inches taller than me. 'I hope I do too. In the meantime, you have your practical to do. Mind you, are you okay? You look a little faint.'

I closed my eyes. Why? Why couldn't I just go in and do the practical and just deal with the headache? I just didn't really want to.

'Sort of. I feel a bit faint, and I've got a headache as well. Plus that room stinks,' I laughed lightly. 'Anyone would have thought we were making stink bombs.'

He chuckled gently and smiled directly at me. I fought a full blown song and dance and grin and battled it down to a smile. I made him smile. The satisfaction wouldn't reside.

'To be fair, the solution isn't a million miles away from what is used for stink bombs, its ammonium hydrosulphide if you wanted to know, but you are right. It does stink in there, which is why I asked for a word out here.' He half smiled again and my heart stopped for half a second. I felt myself blush slightly 'Do you want to go to the medical centre?'

'Yeah, thanks,' I said thankfully.

'I'll bring your bags up there after class. Hay, you really don't look good. Do you want to go home? Sorry if that sounded rude.'

'No, it's okay, I look awful when I go pale. I'll be alright after an hour or so,' I summarised 'Thanks for offering to bring my bags up.' I smiled back.

'No problem, I'm kind like that.' He smiled yet again.

'I know,' I smiled back. I wondered if it was going to become a reflex.

'See you later then Hayley, hope you feel better later.'

I looked at the floor sheepishly, and all of a sudden nerves shook me again. 'Thanks, Mr Mason.'

I thought I saw his mouth move as if he was saying something, before I turned my back unwillingly to him and started down the corridor.

I didn't hear him go inside until after I turned the corner.

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