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I knew, somewhere in my confused mind, where I was heading. Yes, sensory memory dictated that. My feet did not follow concious instructions. They just moved, one foot in front of the other, causing my to bounce along to the beat of Maroon 5's This Love. Oh, what a beautiful old classic.

I tried to pin point my last memory. I thought back to yesterday. I was in chemistry, the smell of dust and...and ammonium...ammonium something. Something like stink bombs. Blank.

I remembered Alex. Alex...my deluded 'boyfriend'. He'd tried to kiss me and- oh. A...a gorgeous figure suddenly destroyed my ability to think and to reason and to speak. Mason. That was him.

We'd talked outside. Blank.

We'd kissed. Blank.

We'd gone some place to talk about this. Another blank in my memory. It frustrated my that I couldn't remember what either of us had said.

I tried doing the math. I had known that we'd left after school. I'd obviously gone to his house, or how else would have have found me? That must have been between 3.30 and 5.00. The time now was roughly 11.00. So... so that was 18 hours, roughly, of my memory, completely gone.

First, I had to talk to Kesley.

Need to talk to you you. Somethings happened. - HP.

Why? Why the hell would you want to talk about now. You made everything pretty clear last night. - KM.

What the hell? What must I have said to her?

Problem - I can't remember last night. -Hayley Pearson.

Yeah, right, sure. Quit acting all innocent. - Kes Mandon.

Where are you anyway. You're missing chem. - Kes Mandon.

2days Friday? Chemistry 2nd period? I was walking to your from Stanfordbury City Hospital. Just woke up there. On my way. - Hayley Pearson. FML. Chemistry, of all lessons. At least I would be able to talk to him, get some more answers.

Maybe you really do have a mental problem right now. You'd never miss chemistry if you were any degree of concious. Not like he's here today anyway. I'll talk to you later, Ms Grumpybum is approaching. Sorry for attacking you just now. - Kes Mandon.

No problem. Talk in free. -Hayley Pearson.

Holy what-the-crap.

What the hell had I said to her? Why wasn't he teaching? Had something happened to him too? How can I not remember anything?

THINK, HAYLEY, THINK. I screamed at myself. In 18 hours, so much had changed. The most important 18 hours of my life and I had forgotten them all.

Hmph. Awkward mid-street turn around.

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