Meet the PNK Team Intro

Disclaimer: I don't own TF2, but I do own the PNK Team.

You've heard the story, haven't you?

You've heard about how the Mann brothers-Redmond and Blutarch, controllers of almost half the financial world-set up two teams of mercenaries to fight in a war over the land left to them by their father. You've heard stories about those mercs, and about the world. Well, things have changed since then.

Sometime in the 1980s, the Administrator succumbed to lung cancer. Miss Pauling took over the position, and set about making changes. The most significant change was converting the war into something more akin to a televised competition. After all, with the respawn technology, actual deaths were rare, so the fights just kept going on and on. Another major change was the addition of new teams. One of these teams was the all-female PNK team.

Allow me to introduce them to you.