Meet the PNK Spy

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(We see a RED Soldier looking around a hallway. As he raises his rocket launcher, the PNK Spy appears behind him, and stabs him in the back. He falls over, and PNK Spy smirks. "Meet the PNK Spy" text appears. Cut to PNK Spy standing atop the RED Soldier's body and opening an air vent.)

PNK Spy: Ah, there we go.

(She pulls herself into the vent, kicking off the Soldier's helmet in the process. Inside the vent, she makes her way through, occasionally contorting herself to move better. As she does so, we see glimpses of the RED Spy smoking, the RED Engineer upgrading a Sentry, and the RED Pyro glancing around.)

PNK Spy: Hmmm. Where, oh where could that briefcase be, I wonder? Ah! There we go.

(We see the briefcase in a room below the vent. The RED Sniper is sleeping next to it, holding his Kukri. The vent hatch falls down, waking the RED Sniper, and PNK Spy drops in.)

RED Sniper: Hold it roight there, sheila.

PNK Spy: Good to see you too.

(The two fight, with RED Sniper wielding his Kukri and PNK Spy slashing with her balisong. As they fight, PNK Spy demonstrates notable agility, and at one point, bends quite far back to avoid a jab. Finally, she pins RED Sniper down, and raises her knife.)

PNK Spy: Any last words before I send you to respawn, mon ami?

RED Sniper: Tell Gertie Oi 'ope she loikes what Oi got her.

(PNK Spy nods. Cut to TF2 flourish with PNK Spy holding a plate and forkful of cheesecake. Cut to PNK Spy standing next to RED Sniper's body. She holds the briefcase in one hand, and a small seed packet labelled 'Reed's Roses: Australium Gold.'

PNK Spy (glancing at RED Sniper): I'm certain zat she will indeed like this, mon ami.

Further Info on the PNK Spy-

Name: Madeline Rousseau
Location of Origin: France
Ideal VA: Nicole Sullivan

Unlike most Spies, Madeline doesn't limit herself to using disguises and cloaking to get the job done. Before becoming a Spy, she was an acrobat and contortionist for la Cirque de Minuit, and puts those skills to superb use. A word of advice, however: never get between her and her cheesecake.