TITLE: After the battle


GENRE: Friendship/General

SUMMARY: What do the Avengers do after the battle in Manhattan (and after eating Shawarma)? Here's what might happen. Sticking closely to the movie.

NOTE: I am not english, so if there are word/grammar mistakes, please let me know so I can improve my english! Also I don't own the Avengers. Sadly.

As they stepped outside the Shawarma-restaurant, Tony realized that they all looked as if they could fall over and start sleeping at once.

"Shit.", Clint said and earned a curious look from his partner.

"What? I just don't like sleeping on the street, but no way I'm making it back to the Helicarrier alive."

Natasha smiled. "I thought of Stark inviting us to Stark-Tower, you know."


"You know, the big tower the Tesseract was on. It now says A-Tower, which isn't altogehter bad, because I think it stands for the Avengers."

"Huh. I always thought it was a coincidence, the tower named Stark, just like he.", the archer muttered.

"Actually, why are you talking about my tower?", Tony asked.

"Because I think we'll stay the night." Natasha smiled sweetly at the billionaire.

"We? Like, Clint and me, or more like we, the Avengers?"

"Last one. Don't start blustering, 'cause I'm in the mood for shooting people who don't obey me right now. And by the way, Clint, you're going to be the one to call Fury an' tell him we're at Stark's", she said and headed off towards the Tower.

"Yeah. Just accomodate yourselves in my tower.", Tony murmured. And then, more loudly: "Cap, Doc, Thor: get moving. You guys look as if you could need some sleep."

They had just started following the two master assassins when both of them stopped, a look of horror on their faces. In front of them was an army of reporters, paparazzi, newsmen and

-women, radio reporters etc.

One woman in the front row immediately started asking as all the avengers were standing in front of her.

"You just saved the world – why do you all look like you lost?"

"Because" Tony recognized the angry glares of his team, who really didn't want to get involved in a press conference just now. "because all of us have been awake... let's say at least 24 hours non-stop. And, ya know... saving the world is quite exhausting, which is why I'll repulsor-blast anyone who stands in my way between me and my bed. Ask Loki, it's quite hurtful."

Sir, you got no energy left to repulsor-blast the whole crowd. JARVIS informed him.

"Yeah, well, we don't need them know it, do we?", Tony asked under his breath.

No, but you should consider shutting the suit's functions down to a minimum. This would also include to shut me down temporarily. Also, you should charge the ARC-reactor as soon as possible, otherwise it may be it can't power the electromagnet properly.

"Thanks, I guess. Speak ya later, JARVIS."

"Anyone got any death-wishes?", Natasha asked from Tony's left. "'cause, you know, still got some bullets left." She pointed towards her hip, where one of her guns was.

Slowly, the crowd started to make way.

Steve just went first, exspecting the others to follow him. He knew they would.

"So, we're heading to Stark-Tower?"

"Yep." Tony said.

"You sure there's 'nuff room for all of us?", the Captain asked.

"Huh, Capsicle ain't talkin' properly? You must be really exhausted. Why shouldn't there be enough room?" Tony sped up to walk next to the taller man.

"Because I think the doctor smashed some tiles."

Natasha popped up on the Captain's other side.

"You know, when Stark builds a tower, it won't be impossible to live there, just because of some smashed tiles. And then there are still the other levels." She smiled. "And by the way, I think we all would sleep on whatever there is."

"Umm..." Tony looked worried. "Surely not on my silken linens, I hope. At least not until you guys have been in a shower for at least a month."

"You got silken linen?" The Captain frowned.

"Who got silken linen?" Clint asked from Tonys right side.

„I do.", the billionaire said.

The master assassin furrowed his brow but didn't ask. Instead he yawned and nearly unhinged his jaw.

„No silk for me, I'm allergic.", he said and half-smiled. „Just joking, will sleep on anything soft enough..."

"Fury's gonna be mad."

"Not our problem, Capsicle. We saved New York, so that man has to let us fetch some sleep. I mean, come on! He can't call us all in now. As I said, we're just going to call in sick tomorrow. After all we did today, nobody can seriously be angry with us."

"Fury can." Natasha said.

"Well, yes. I don't care, by the way. All I wanna do is getting some sleep and showering. Maybe the other way round, but still."

They walked in silence the whole way to the former Stark-Tower, now just the A-Tower.

When the automatic doors opened and the light was switched on, JARVIS greeted them:

Sir, Agent Romanov, Agent Barton, Captain Rogers, Doctor Banner, Thor. It's a pleasure meeting you.

Steve jumped backwards and crashed into Clint. The super-soldier looked scared out of his wits.

"Stark, what is that?!", he asked, terrified.

Tony boxed him on the arm. "An AI, stupid. His name's JARVIS, he's my sort-of butler or something. No need getting afraid, he won't harm you, you can speak with him, ask him things, you know? Oh, and: Welcome to the 21st century."

With that, he headed off to the elevator.

"You comin'?", he asked.

In the elevator, Tony chose the 73rd floor and went on talking with his pet AI.

"So, JARVIS, tell me: what does it look like? I can't show Pepper a half-destroyed tower, seriously. I mean, it's her baby."

The biggest damage was done to the 86th floor, where the glass is shattered, the tiles are broken and also the walls have suffered damage. Also, the glass-fence is partially broken. The light-strips look bad, too, and the letters S, T, R and K have been ripped off. Apart from that, the main ARC-reactor is at 100% capacity, the labs are untouched.

"That's... nice, I guess. Maybe Pepper won't kill me after all."

I hope so, sir. JARVIS answered.

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened with a light beep, the captain nearly jumped again.

Exactly thirty seconds after they had stepped outside the doors, Bruce remembered Thor. When he turned around, he found the God of Thunder sleeping on the floor, snoring softly.

"Just leave him there.", Tony said. "Ain't going to do heavy lifting right now. Just-" He yawned. "you know, make yourselves comfortable, and JARVIS, I'd like to take this suit off."

For a man who rarely or never had guests, Tony Stark did have a lot of spare rooms.

Bruce and Steve were gone only seconds after he had told them to make themselves comfortable and Natasha and Clint stumbled across the floor to vanish behind another door, after looking at Thor in a should-we-pick-him-up-or-should-we-let-him-sleep-because-he-is-too-heavy-way.

JARVIS was busy taking off Tonys suit, and after that was done, the genius also stumbled into his room and directly got into the shower, leaving a trail of dirty clothes.

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