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The Avengers got along quite well. Usually they met at least in the morning when they were all in the kitchen for breakfast. Clint would be the first one to be there. He always ate cornflakes and drank coffee and sat on the fridge, half sleeping. After him Bruce would enter, greeting him shortly. The doctor would get his tea and make waffles. Usually Clint would take some. After that, Bruce would take the newspaper, his tea and his waffels and sit at the table. After him Steve would enter, having already sparred with Natasha. The captain would drink either hot chocolate or coffee, sometimes tea, make new waffles or pancakes, and then he would sit on the couch breakfasting and reading some book with his kindle, the only modern technology he was able to use without breaking it and still liking it.

Soonly after him, Natasha would fall from the ceiling, making coffee for herself and eat bread with cheese, or, on rare occasions, waffles. She then would sit on the counter chatting quietly with Clint.

Then Pepper would come in, dressed perfectly, and asking if anyone had seen Tony. But nobody ever had, so she would also make coffee for herself and thank Bruce and Steve for saving her some of the waffle dough. She would sit at the table and work with her laptop or read the newspaper. Then she would try to make a nice conversation, but the only one talking with her would be the ever-polite Bruce, sometimes Steve and on rare occasions Natasha.

Exactly when Pepper was about to leave, a still half asleep Tony would stumble in, make a beeline for the coffee machine and be surprised of how many people there were in his kitchen. After making a remark on that, he would vanish into his workshop,

Pepper would go to work, Natasha usually got Clint down for a round of boxing and Bruce would go to his lab.

Pepper usually was away the whole day or at least in her office, Clint and Natasha had enough stuff to do and Bruce was also researching things the whole day, maybe coming up to the kitchen when he was hungry every now and then. And Tony would sit in his workshop and eat the pizza he kept there. When he ran out of it, the genius would come into the kitchen, stock up on food and vanish again.

And Steve? Well, the super soldier hadn't really anything to do. Pepper had helped him to download some books on his kindle, but he was afraid of the day he had read them all and didn't know what to do now.

Said day had come. After breakfast, he had read the last pages of a novel called 'The Neverending Story' which had truly been nice. But now?

He put the kindle down and looked around. The living room was empty, looking unused.

Well, it almost always was. Tony and Bruce would hang around in their labs, Natasha and Clint used to be in SHIELD HQ, and Thor hadn't returned. Pepper was doing her work, and Steve was the only one who didn't do anything at all.

He sighed. He didn't belong in this time, he wanted to go back. He missed his friends, he missed the sound of his time, the smell, the surrounding, the everything.

This time was so confusing, so fast, so noisy, so flashy... Even the movies were only about explosions, about war, about people getting shot on secret missions, about blood being spilled everywhere.

And so was the music! You couldn't even call it music anymore! Steve had enjoyed listening to music back in the forties, but today music was either electronic, with lots of beats and morphed voices, or it was women crying theatrically into the mircrophone, or it was the music Tony liked so much: rough screaming combined with noise from an electric guitar and drums that sounded like all the metal in the world would be thrown around and some crazy banshees were singing to that. It was horrible.

Also the people were just so... different. Everything had to be fast, cheap, enjoyable, the right temperature. If it wasn't, people would complain. They totally ignored everybody else, they were so egoistic today! True, people in the forties had of course also been egoistic and stuff like that, but it was worse in the 21st century, Steve thought.

It seemed as thought the whole world was trying to turn into his personal hell. Clearly Tony's idea; the man couldn't stand Steve.

It weren't big rows, it was just a mean remark every now and then, even worse when Steve tried to operate some of the gadgets at the tower. JARVIS took pity on him and simply asked for the floor he wanted to go in the elevator instead of making him push the button, or he helped him with the breakfast. Though Tony had told the AI over and over again that the only person JARVIS would help like that would be Tony himself, he was ignored. That made Tony furious and apparently gave him the permission to make Steve's life a hell when he felt like it.

So sometimes, the water would turn ice-cold when Steve was showering, and he would jump out of the shower because he hated cold water. His clothes sometimes vanished, or his kindle.

Sometimes his shield would be replaced by a giant frisbee, or all punching bags would vanish. Sometimes the super soldier would wake up in the middle of the night because Dummy poured a bucket of ice cubes over his head, looking guilty.

Or when Steve couldn't sleep and wanted to wander around in the tower, there would be alarms who were set of the moment he walked past them, waking the whole tower and being an excuse for Tony to yell at him.

The only thing the billionaire didn't dare to touch yet was the bike. And that was good, because Steve loved the bike. It was the only thing he could forget which time he was in when being with it. But how long was it going to last? How long until he would go crazy in this time? How long until Tony touched his bike? How long until Steve got like the other people in this time? How long until he didn't miss his friends anymore?

He dreaded that day, the day he would learn to get along with the pain that was always there, that reminded him of who he was. The pain Erskine had started when he had died, tipping at Steve's chest where his heart was. It had been such a sweet pain actually, but when Bucky had died, it had become really bad. Still, it had always been there and reminded him of what he fought for. And when he woke up in this room, when he had run on the street, when Fury had told him he had slept for sixty-eight years, the pain had been intensified, had given him something to hold on in this time. And Steve dreaded the day he would become used to this world and start to forget his friends from his time and Peggy, and all the other people that meant something to him.

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