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~ This chapter is more of an intro to Samantha and Elizabeth. It will include their views on the first three seasons of TVD. It took be a little bit longer than you'd think to write these first two chapters.


General POV

Samantha and Elizabeth were best friends since they were little. They did everything together and shared almost everything. Like any friends, they had their fair share of fights, but they always made up. Sometimes they would have playful fights, which would always make them laugh or just smile.

They considered each other sisters. They weren't biological sisters, but they often acted like it. Elizabeth would be over at Samantha's house so many times that she had her own key and space for clothes.

It was safe to say that Samantha and Elizabeth were as close as two non-related people could get, especially when they started watching The Vampire Diaries. Ever since then they would spend every thursday night in Samantha's living room with the lights off and the tv tuned into the show.

At the beginning of season 1 they watched it in hopes that the guys would be hot. They were blown away by the bad boy Damon and the good boy Stefan. All throughout the first season Elizabeth became a member of Team Stefan while Samantha because a member of Team Damon. Elizabeth liked how Stefan was the good guy and Samantha like that Damon was the bad guy. It was safe to say that they had some arguments about who was hotter. Not to mention they also started to have debates about who was better for Elena by the end of the season.

By the beginning of season 2 they stayed on their sides of Team Damon and Team Stefan. Despite being on opposite Salvatore sides, they would come together at times. When Katherine came into the picture, trying to break up Stefan and Elena, Samantha would want Stefan and Elena to make it through the tough times, even though she was a huge Delena fan. Elizabeth was a Stelena fan and she couldn't help but enjoy it when Samantha would betray her Delena side for Stelena. Sometimes they would go into debates that went on for at least an hour, at the most 3. They were always playful debates.

By the middle of season 2 they were anxiously awaiting the end. They had been introduced to the new villain, Klaus. It was too early for them to decide if they liked him or not, but one thing was for sure. They both thought he was cute, from what they've seen.

When Season 2 came to an end Elizabeth was still on Team Stefan, despite that he was going to the dark side. Samantha was deeper into Team Damon and Team Delena. They both wanted Stefan to turn back good and get away from Klaus.

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries changed the two of them. They remained best friends and still had an obsession over the show, but their teams slightly changed. Elizabeth started to become a combination of Team Stefan, Tyler, and Matt. Samantha became a combo of Team Damon, Klaus, and Kol. The two of them would often have little playful arguments about what Original was better and of course the question that they never stopped asking themselves. Who is better for Elena?

By the middle of Season 3, Samantha had moved on from Damon, but not completely. Samantha became a huge fan of Klaus, even though he was the villain. Elizabeth sort of liked Klaus, but mainly because of his accent. She didn't really like him as much as Samantha did, but that's because he brought out Stefan's ripper side and she didn't like it. Samantha on the other hand actually liked it, with the exception of when Stefan but people in danger just for revenge. Elizabeth started to dislike Stefan's dark side. Despite being on opposite side for Klaus, they could agree with one thing. They liked Klaroline. They don't know why they liked all the Klaus and Caroline scenes, but it was nice for them to see something other than the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle.

When season three ended, they could not shut up about it. Samantha and Elizabeth kept talking about all the possibilities that could happen since Elena was in transition and Klaus was in Tyler's body. Samantha was going into full Delena mode since Elena would remember the moment that Elena was compelled to forget, while Elizabeth stayed faithful to Stelena. They would often go over multiple scenarios of what: would happen when the Originals would find out that Klaus isn't really dead, would happen when Elena would inevitably complete the transition, and a whole bunch of other stuff that they would talk about for hours.

Samantha and Elizabeth were in Samantha's bedroom getting ready for a Vampire Diaries marathon.
"Season one, two, or three?" Samantha asked, holding the season's DVD's in her hands.
"Well you'll go hormonal over season three." Elizabeth said, which made Samantha blush. Elizabeth would always describe Samantha's obsession with the show as 'hormonal'. "Season one Tyler is a jerk." Samantha slightly nodded.
"And not to mention he doesn't show up in many episodes." Samantha said with a small smile towards Elizabeth, knowing that Liz was a fan of Tyler. "So that leaves season two." Samantha picked out the season two disc from her hand. She was a wiz with technology, so she was able to put all the episodes on one disc, for occasions such as this. "And my Nik shows up at the end." Samantha said with a smile as she put the season one and three discs away.
"Yeah, only to kill Jules, Jenna, Elena, and by extension John." Sam rolled her eyes, even though Liz couldn't see it. "And he starts to turn Stefan evil."
"That doesn't matter." She turned to Liz. "The season finale has the only shirtless Klaus scene so far, so that wipes out the bad things he does within the episodes before it." Liz just shook her head, knowing where the conversation was gonna go if she added anything. "I'll put the disc in and then I'll make some popcorn."
"Don't forget the drinks."
"You get the drinks. I'll get the popcorn."
"But that would mean leaving your comfy bean bag chair." Liz moved her hands down the bean bag chair, showing how comfy it is.
"Fine." Samantha said as she put the disc in the DVD player. "Then the next TVD marathon we have will be season three."
"Season one and I'll pay for pizza."
"Season three, you'll pay for pizza and I'll get a case of Monster." Liz smiled.
"Deal." Samantha smiled in victory before going downstairs to make popcorn.

Ten minutes later, three bags of popcorn and multiple trips up and down the stairs, Samantha was finally bringing up a giant bowl of popcorn. She placed it right were both her and Elizabeth would be able to reach it. Before Samantha even started to press play, Liz took a handful of popcorn.
"Save it for the marathon." Sam said to her.
"Just press play." Liz said with a mouth full of popcorn. Sam rolled her eyes before taking a couple of pieces of popcorn and pressing play.
"Remember, we only get up if we need to go to the bathroom." Samantha said, which made Liz roll her eyes.
"Or if there is a part that we've seen one too many times and we know it by heart." Liz said just as it started to say 'Previously on The Vampire Diaries'
"But I know everything by heart and I still sit through entire episodes, paying attention to nothing else."
"Like I said, 'hormonal'.' Liz said in a singing voice. Samantha playfully hit her with the pillow that was on her bed.
"Now sush, Damon's kissing Katherine." Sam said when she saw the scene playing in the intro. "Jeremy don't take the pills."
"He can't hear you."
"Shh." Samantha shushed Liz just as the episode actually started.

Almost twenty hours later Samantha and Elizabeth were nearing the end of season two. They took a break half way through to have a meal and make more popcorn. When they took a break for the meal, all they talked about what happened in the first half of the season. They would talk with their mouths full, just to save time. When they were done eating, they just left the dirty dishes in the kitchen, because they didn't want to take time away from their marathon.

Elizabeth was now using the bean bag chair as a pillow, but she was facing the TV. If she didn't give into her sleep, she would be watching the season finale. Although she was playing the season in her head, but there was one difference. She was inserted.

Samantha gave into her sleep a few minutes after Elizabeth did. She was still in a position to where she could watch the finale, if she had her eyes open. Sam was doing the same thing that Elizabeth was doing. She was replaying season two in her head, but with a self insertion. Samantha had this thing where if she would watch a show before falling asleep, her dreams would be based from that.

On the TV screen, the scene was playing where Klaus let a girl run for Stefan to chase.
"Stefan don't." Elizabeth said in her sleep. That was just when Stefan plunged his fangs into the girl. After the next scene, where Jeremy starts to see the ghosts of Anna and Vicki, the credits started to roll. When they were done the TV screen became a pure white, like something could have gone wrong. Both Elizabeth and Samantha were in deep sleep so they didn't notice. The white lite from the TV started to get bigger, like it was swallowing the whole room. Soon enough, Elizabeth and Samantha were enveloped in the white light.

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