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Samantha's POV

I was laying on my bed with my hands on his back. He was kissing my neck and each time his lips touched my skin, the better I felt. One of his hands was on my side while the other went through my hair.
"Samantha." He whispered my name in my ear before pressing his lips on my neck again. It was my first time and with him, it just felt like nothing I'd ever felt before.
"Bite me." I found myself whispering. He wasted no time because I felt his fangs pierce my skin. At first it was painful, but then it was pleasurable. "Klaus." I whispered his name before he stopped sucking my blood.
"You're unique." He said as he looked into my eyes. I couldn't help but look at his lips, which had my blood around them. "You taste different than anyone else." I wasn't sure why, but I slightly smiled.
"I guess that's a good thing." I said before moving my hand to the back of his neck and pulling myself up so our lips touched. I knew he was going to kill me later that night, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy what we were doing.

I opened my eyes and I felt my hand go up to my neck. 'Just a dream' I thought before smiling. A part of me couldn't help but think that it would be impossible for the two of us to actually get together, but everything was impossible. The Vampire Diaries vampires were supposed to be only fiction but they were real now. I just let out a sigh before checking my phone, which was on my bedside table. It was a little earlier than I normally wake up, but that was fine with me. There was also a text from Elizabeth telling me that she went to the Grill for breakfast because she didn't want to make another mess. 'Elizabeth was never really the best with cooking' I thought before getting out of my bed. I pulled out a pair of black shorts and a light blue tank top and laid them on my bed before I went downstairs to make myself breakfast.

General POV

Elizabeth sat at a table while she ate her breakfast. She wanted to do Samantha a favor and not make a mess in the kitchen while trying to make waffles. Elizabeth just got a refill on her chocolate milk just before Damon slid in the chair across from her.
"Hello Lizzy." Damon said, which made Liz look at him.
"Damon." Elizabeth said almost quietly when she saw him across from her.
"Where's Samantha?" He asked her as he quickly scanned the Grill.
"At home." Liz said as she took a sip from her milk. "Probably making herself breakfast or taking a shower."
"So... since you're psychic, you already know about the barbeque."
"You mean your plan to find out if Mason's a werewolf? Why, asking me to come?" Liz took a bite of her toast while Damon tried to hide an impressed smile.
"Only if you want to come." Damon said to her.
"I wouldn't miss it." Elizabeth said with a small smile. Damon just gave a small smile before taking a sip from Liz's milk.
"Chocolate milk." Damon said in observation after putting the glass down. "Good choice." He got up and walked towards Elena. Elizabeth watched him and couldn't help but smile because in her mind, she had a date with Damon.

Elizabeth's POV

I walked into my house to see Samantha sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop.
"Let me guess, you're either watching Doctor Who or you found a way to get the TVD stuff from your I-pod to your laptop." I said as I walked towards her.
"Neither." Sam said to me as she took off her headphones. "I'm watching True Blood." I walked around the kitchen table to look at her screen to see it paused. "There are only two seasons out of it now instead of the five that there was."
"That sucks."
"Not really." Sam said to me. "I don't know a lot of what happens in the other seasons, so I'm good."
"Before I forget, I got invited to the barbeque."
"By who?"
"Damon." Samantha smiled at me.
"A dream come true for you." I rolled my eyes and gave her a playful slap.
"For you to."
"Yeah, but I spent yesterday with him. It's your turn."
"So we're taking turns now?" I asked her. "Are you sure it has nothing to do with you wanting to stay home all day and more than likely having another Doctor Who marathon?"
"Well, I can't have a TVD marathon now can I?" She asked me before the doorbell rang. "It's your boyfriend." She basically sang to me and I gave her another playful slap. I walked towards the door and opened it.
"It's only Damon." I said to Samantha when I saw Damon on the porch.
"Like I said." Samantha said before Damon started to walk in without an invitation.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him.
"Giving you a ride." Damon said to me and I looked at Samantha, who had a smile on her face.
"Shut up." I said to her, knowing what she was thinking.
"I didn't say anything." She said with a smile before putting her headphones back on. I would have said something back, but I knew that once she had her headphones on, it would be impossible to talk to her.
"Let me just get my purse from the kitchen." I said before walking towards the kitchen. I glanced at Samantha's laptop screen only to see a vampire bite into someone. "You have to stop watching vampire stuff." I said in her ear after taking a headphone off of her head.
"Yeah, that'll happen." She sarcastically said to me. I just gave her a small smile before looking back at her screen. 'Maybe I'll start watching that' I thought before I started to walk towards Damon with my purse.

During the car ride to Elena's, I kept looking at Damon. I was pretty sure he noticed but he didn't say anything. No matter what I told myself, I just couldn't believe that I was sitting next to Damon. I couldn't think of anyone else that I'd rather spend time with, not counting Samantha, Tyler as a hybrid, or Kol. I made myself look towards the trees as Damon drove us to Elena's.

I sat on the bench on Elena's porch before Caroline sat next to me. Since it was season two I knew that Katherine was threatening her. I didn't like the way Caroline acted because of it, but she made up for it after Tyler broke the werewolf curse and in season three.
"So, you're psychic?" Caroline asked me, which brought me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah." I said as I took a chip from the bowl in her arms.
"Then what am I thinking?" She asked as she put some chips in her mouth.
"I'm psychic... not a mind reader. But if I had to guess... it has something to do with blood." I knew that vampires almost always thought of blood, so it wasn't that much of a guess. Caroline didn't say anything before Elena walked around the corner and learned against the railing.
"Did you call Stefan?" Caroline asked her. I didn't really like Elena after what she says to Damon in one of the season three episodes but I would deal with her if it meant being able to be around Damon.
"Yeah, he hasn't called me back." Elena said and an image of Katherine in Caroline's room flashed in my head. "I'm trying to decide if I should be worried."
"I'm sure he's fine" Caroline said as she took a few chips.
"Yeah, he can take care of himself." I said, knowing what happens.
"God! I cannot stop eating." Caroline said as she stuffed more chips into her mouth. "Stefan says it's a great way to sublimate the cravings. It's horrible just fighting the urge for blood every minute of every day."
"I know that Stefan really hates that part of himself." Elena said to Caroline.
"Yeah and he hates that you're a constant temptation."
"He said that?" Elena asked and I looked at Caroline. I knew that she was only saying those things because Matt was threatened, but it still wasn't nice to hear.
"The desire to rip out your jugular every time he's with you? Trust me, it's there. It's why I had to break up with Matt." Before I could say anything, I could tell that someone walked onto the porch.
"Hey! Food's ready, come get it." Alaric said and I couldn't help but smile. He was one of my favorite adults on the show and I could never get over his death.
"Finally, I'm starving." Caroline said before the two of us stood up.
"I love food." I said as we walked towards the door.
"Who doesn't?" Caroline asked me with a small smile. She wasn't exactly one of my favorite characters from the show, but she makes up for it later. I was glad that despite what was going on, I was able to get along with her.

Samantha's POV

I was sitting on the couch, trying to read the book on Alexandra. I had skimmed through the Petrova book but it seemed to be mainly about Katherine. There was probably stuff about Alex and Isabella in it, but I wasn't that interested on reading that one at the moment. I was about to go to the next page when the doorbell rang. I put the book down before I got up to answer the door.
"Tyler." I said when I saw him. "How did you find this house?"
"I noticed Liz's car." He pointed to the driveway. "Is she home?" I shook my head.
"No, but you're welcome to hang out for a little bit." I said, which surprised me. "We've got plenty of video games."
"I should get home." Tyler said. "Will you tell Liz I stopped over?" I nodded my head before he walked away. I closed the door and went back to reading about my doppelganger...well, technically the person I'm a doppelganger of. The stuff I was learning was interesting and even from the first few pages, I could tell that she was different than Katherine.

Elizabeth's POV

Everyone sat in one of the rooms of Elena's house. I sat on the arm of the couch where Caroline was sitting with Alaric and Jenna. They were all trying to guess what Damon was drawing. Mason and I were the only two not trying to guess. I knew what it was but I wasn't going to say anything, especially since it was sort of a bad drawing.
"Dress! Ballerina!" Jenna said, trying to guess what Damon was drawing.
"Puppy! Puppy with a tutu!" Caroline said. 'It does look a little like a puppy' I thought.
"No, no." Damon said and glanced at me. He probably thought that I knew the answer, even though I wasn't saying anything.
"A dog! Ain't nothing but a Hound-dog!" Jenna said, trying to guess.
" 'Dances with the wolves'" Mason said, which made everyone look at him. Damon was purposely making wolf and dog references just to get at Mason.
"Mason wins…again." Damon said like he wasn't surprised.
"How is that a wolf?" Jenna asked and I smiled. Instead of saying anything, I walked into the kitchen, where Elena was.

As I stepped up to the kitchen island, I saw that Elena was taking a pie out of a box.
"Do you want some help?" I asked her and she just shook her head before I knew Damon walked in.
"Aunt Jenna is getting tipsy." Damon said in almost a whisper to Elena.
"Will you stop plying her with alcohol?" Elena asked him.
"I want her to like me." Damon said and I felt myself smile.
"People don't need to be drunk to like you." I said to Damon. Out the corner of my eye I noticed both Elena and Damon look at me. I could tell that Damon was looking at me with a small smile, but Elena looked a little jealous.
"How is operation Lockwood?" Elena asked before Damon or I could say anything.
"He's my new BFF." Damon said before I could tell Jenna came in.
"There you are." She said to Elena. "Isn't this fun?"
"Yes, thank you so much for inviting me." Damon said to Jenna, who turned towards him.
"Did I have a choice?"
"I know what you must think about me."
"No, you don't." Jenna said to Damon. "You've never dated you. I have dated many you's."
"I'm a work in progress." Damon said and I found myself giving a small smile, knowing that was true.
"These are fancy." Damon said and I noticed he was going towards a silverware collection.
"Thanks. My mother's silver set." I looked up at Damon after he took a knife from the set. There was a part of me that wanted to tell him silver won't work, but I didn't think I could bring myself to tell him. 'He'll find out' I thought knowing he was going to try and kill Mason.

Instead of having dessert with the others, I decided to help Caroline and Elena clean up. I didn't like cleaning that much, but it was only a little bit.
"Would I be the worst friend in the world if I abandoned you and went to Stefan's?" Elena asked Caroline as I handed Caroline some markers.
"You want to leave?" Caroline asked.
"It's just that he hasn't gotten back to me and I'm starting to get this bad feeling." Elena said.
"I don't think that's a good idea, Elena"
"Damon's got it under control here"
"If there's anything wrong, I'm sure Stefan's okay." I said, knowing that Stefan was okay.
"Take it from me, there's nothing worse than a clingy girlfriend." Caroline said, almost like she ignored me
"I'm not being clingy, I'm just concerned. You understand, right?"
"How about I drive you?" Caroline suggested to Elena.
"Yeah, okay, that'll be great, thanks." Elena said before I got an idea.
"Could you drop me off at my house on the way?" I asked Caroline, hoping that she could.
"Yeah." She said.
"Thanks." I said with a small smile. "Let me just get my purse." I walked into the other room to grab my purse. I couldn't help but glance at Damon, who had a small smile on his face. He looked at me and I found myself quickly going back to Caroline.

Caroline dropped me off at my house with no problem. I immediately saw Samantha on the couch, reading.
"What book is that?" I asked, not being able to see the cover.
"The Petrova book." Sam said to me.
"Wait a minute..." I said after slipping off my flip-flops "... isn't that the book that talks about Katherine?"
"Yep." Sam said popping the 'p' with a small smile.
"That means you stole it." I stepped right behind the couch. "I'm so proud of you." Samantha rolled her eyes.
"Whatever." She said to me as she continued reading. "Did Damon behave?"
"Does he ever behave?" I asked as I looked for a soda in the refrigerator.
"Good point. Before I forget, when I was at Duke with them I also snatched some vervain and I put some of it on your bed."
"What should I do with it? Eat it, put in my perfume..."
"Put some of it in your locket." She held her locked in her hand. "That's what I did. Then you are protected and you might have extra vervain for whatever happens."
"Have I ever told you you're smart?"
"No, not at all." Samantha sarcastically said with a smile. I just rolled my eyes and walked up to my room.

Samantha's POV

Elizabeth and I were sitting on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars. It was one of her favorite shows and I mainly watched it only when she watched it. I thought it was a good show, but because of all the episodes I miss, it's hard for me to stay on track.
"I should really read the books." I said as I put some popcorn in my mouth.
"Yeah, then you'll ruin it for me." Liz said to me.
"Name one thing that I ruined for you after reading the books." I said, trying to challenge her.
"Two words: Harry Potter." I rolled my eyes.
"It's not my fault you didn't read the books."
"They're too big." I rolled my eyes at Liz again.
"They aren't that big."
"Says you." Liz said before the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it." I got up and answered the door. "Elen...wait." I looked the person over and noticed the curly hair and the necklace, not to mention the clothes. "Katherine." Katherine smiled.
"Samantha." Katherine said to me.
"Katherine?" Liz asked from behind me. Without looking, I knew Liz was standing from the couch. "What are you doing here?"
"Curiosity." Her eyes looked around the doorway. "And I've heard you're pretending to be psychic." I looked back at Liz, who was looking at me before we looked back at Katherine.
"It's easier than explaining the truth." I said to her, knowing that she couldn't get in or kill me. "We're not letting you in."
"I wouldn't expect you to." Kat looked from me to Liz before looking back at me. "You both seem to have the Petrova fire." She gave a small smile. "Expect another visit." Katherine gave a small wave before speeding away. I closed the door and looked at Liz.
"That was interesting." Liz said from behind me before I turned towards her.
"You can say that again." I said, still thinking about what happened.
"That was interesting." I rolled my eyes at Liz.
"You know what I meant." I said to her. "I'm going to bed."
"Don't let the vampires bite."
"I'd rather have the hybrid bite me." Liz smiled, knowing who I was talking about. "Good night." I said before I started to walk towards the stairs.
"Good night." Liz said to me before I got to the top of the stairs.

I laid on my bed and looked through photos on my Ipod. I was mainly looking at my life before we got transferred to Mystic Falls. It was too soon to tell, but I already wanted that life back. I was pretty sure Elizabeth felt the same way. At the same time, I was just getting used to being in the world of Vampire Diaries but I didn't know how long it would last. 'Is is permanent or just for a little while?' I asked myself before putting my Ipod on my bedside table so I could fall asleep.

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