Title: Predator

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the known Characters.

Warning: This story has graphic sexual encounters, some of which are nonconsensual. Please keep that in mind when reading. This has no connection whatsoever to Heat.

Genre: AU, Rape, Violence, Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Pairing: Claude x Sebastian

Chapter 1.

The fighting was over for now, more or less, as the two butlers drew apart. Each had been summoned back to their human masters' side, though neither was particularly happy about the fight being stopped. There was nothing like the thrill of fighting with someone of equal speed and strength, knowing that even a tiny distraction could prove to be fatal. In fact, had they not been ordered to cease their battle, it could have continued for hours without respite.

Standing there silently, a pair of golden eyes glinted behind a delicate pair of glasses, a slight smirk on his thin lips as he wiped blood away from his cheek with his thumb. Trailing his tongue over it slowly, Claude watched Sebastian with a knowing expression, seeing how he stared before turning away. For all his experience and knowledge, it really was too amusing to see how innocent the slightly smaller demon could be sometimes.

Who would have thought that the high and mighty Sebastian Michaelis would have been so easily embarassed by something so simple as fingers trailing across his chest? The first time that Claude had done that, Sebastian had responded to it so well that he felt almost obliged to keep doing it, simply because he knew that it flustered the other demon. When their young masters were otherwise preoccupied, Claude had begun teasing Sebastian further, if only to draw out that adorable blush and anger that lay beneath his calm yet proud personality.

With Alois not being suitable for his desires and with Claude being a demon, it was only natural that he look elsewhere. Humans were too fragile and while amusing, getting involved sexually with a Shinigami was not really a good idea, lest one bring William T. Spears' wrath upon himself. Oh, Claude wasn't afraid of him by any means, but angering that particular Grim Reaper made for loads of trouble as William could send out the rest of the Reapers against them. The thought of that invoked no concern in Claude, either, but it would be a significant annoyance to have the Shinigami constantly watching his every move and interfering in whatever he was trying to do at the moment.

Sebastian did not particularly care for the way Claude was smirking at him, gazing at him so intensely whilst licking the blood from his thumb. He really had no idea of what had gotten into the other demon lately, but it was somewhat unexpected when the one that you were fighting with suddenly groped you. It was lucky for him that his young master had not been able to see just where Claude's hands had been on him when Ciel had called to him to desist. Why in the Devil's name did Claude seem to enjoy touching him like that? More importantly, why had his body responded to it?

The feel of Claude's hot breath against his neck with one hand gripping his throat tightly as a large body pressed against him from behind, his heart beginning to beat faster as Sebastian felt that other hand inside of his trousers, playing with him so intimately. The initial shock and anger had faded as something far different, heat building within his groin as he was fondled, experienced fingers teasing him into an arousal despite himself. The fact that he responded so wantonly to Claude's was shocking enough, but the way the spider had wrung an orgasm from him with their masters just close enough to barely see them... The only gratitude that Sebastian could feel towards Claude right now was the way he'd clamped a hand over his mouth when he began to moan, pressing back against him in need as he grew further and further aroused.

The low chuckle had not helped, nor the tongue that tasted his bare skin, trailing up his neck. When Sebastian had finally succumbed to Claude's fingers, a rather embarassing moment that he did not wish to recall at the moment, he had felt the other's erection pressing against him from how tightly Claude was pressed against him. With the way Claude had held him in place with one arm since his own legs were shaky from his orgasm and those long fingers beginning to undo his trousers, there was no doubt in Sebastian's mind of what might have happened if Alois Trancy and Ciel Phantomhive hadn't ordered them to return.

Never before had Sebastian been touched like that by another male; Grell didn't count, since the red-haired Reaper proclaimed himself to be a girl despite the lack of certain physical assets. Demons saw nothing wrong with two males having sex together, but until this night, Sebastian had considered himself to not be one of them. And then, there was the fact that it was Claude! The very spider demon who had stolen his prey, who might have cost him Ciel Phantomhive's soul for good!

Sebastian had done his duty and fulfilled the contract, only to be thwarted by Claude Faustus when he attempted to devour Ciel's soul. With things the way they currently were, since Ciel did not remember that he had, indeed, gotten his revenge for the death of his parents, Sebastian was now forced to wait further. The amnesia that had befallen Ciel in regards to the truth about his vengeance had rendered their contract to still be in effect for the time being. Forcing the human to remember would do no good if he did not believe it to be the truth, for the contract words were binding.

He was truly stuck for the present time but he was still Ciel's butler and the human his master. Sebastian would continue to serve him until he could gain his payment; the delicious, carefully cultivated soul of Ciel Phantomhive. As such, he could not afford any distractions, particularly since it was Claude's fault that he was forced to wait until his master regained his memories. The arrogant look that Claude had given him as he'd licked his finger clean; Sebastian knew that it had been meant as a silent reminder to him of what Claude had done to him when they'd been fighting.

Sebastian was certain that the whole thing was just a game to Claude, that the other demon had touched him like that because of the way he'd blushed the first time those fingers had trailed across his chest. His nipples had hardened beneath his shirt and jacket, drawing an arrogant, knowing smirk from the taller demon. So what if his body betrayed him like that? This particular form he had taken was not experienced in being dominated, though until recently it had been of no concern to Sebastian. He simply wanted to finish his contract and get away from Claude Faustus, who clearly enjoyed humiliating him.

Ciel Phantomhive, a dark-haired teenager with one piercing blue eye, studied his butler carefully, noting how the demon was making a point of not looking at Claude Faustus. He had no idea of what had transpired between them or who had won, but what he didn't like was the fact that Sebastian had gotten into a fight with Claude without his permission. It was all well and good if he'd given the demon an order to do so but the fact that Sebastian had taken it upon himself to act was a little annoying.

Judging from the half pout, half scowl on Alois' face, it was obvious to Ciel that Alois hadn't ordered Claude to attack, either. Clearly the two demons needed to be kept apart when not under orders to fight. Otherwise, Claude might end up seriously hurt. There was no doubt in Ciel's mind that his demonic butler would win, though had he seen what had transpired, he might have reconsidered.

Claude himself was feeling both satisfied and hungry. He didn't even bother pretending that he was listening to his young Master; something about not fighting without an order or some such nonsense. Claude was a demon, after all, and he had his needs. He'd come so very close to gratification; if not for Alois and Ciel interfering, Claude knew that he would have had Sebastian in every possible way.

The feel of that lean body pushing back against him, hips brushing against his sensitive groin as Claude fisted Sebastian's erection, enjoying every little sound that escaped from those parted lips. He had seen the crimson-eyed demon lose control of his own body, hungry, needful moans filling the air despite the anger in those eyes, the shame and need that stained the cheeks of that beautiful face. Sebastian looked positively edible when he was turned on. Regardless of the fact that he had protested, it was clear to Claude that Sebastian was simply meant to be dominated by him.

Why else would he respond so wantonly to his touch? First with his chest, then fingers brushing over his nipples, and now Claude had breached his defenses once more, touching Sebastian deliberately in such a way. Part of him had enjoyed the shock on Sebastian's face when he'd slid his hand inside the other's trousers and encircled his arousal, though a deeper part of Claude loved the challenge that Sebastian was. It would make his victory all the sweeter, when he would claim the smaller male as a sexual partner. Claude knew it was inevitable, though Sebastian had not yet conceded full defeat. And just when he'd begun to slip those tight trousers off to finally take what he wanted, their masters had put an end to the game for today.

But Claude knew that he'd get another chance again soon, knowing that his Highness was rather obsessed with Ciel Phantomhive. He would have to plan carefully; it wouldn't do to get Alois' suspicions raised by acting differently. But sometime soon, Claude was certain that he'd get to have his way with Sebastian, no matter how much the other Demon protested. Challenges like Sebastian were rare, but this was the first time he'd been turned on by another male Demon. And Sebastian could not deny the chemistry between them, the way he reacted to the simplest of touches between them.

From Sebastian's response, there was no doubt that in this, at least, he was innocent; Claude could tell from that adorable blush. Just the mere memory alone made Claude hunger more, increasing the urge he felt to couple with Sebastian until they both were satisfied. It couldn't be helped this time that their masters had stopped them, but Claude would not let anything or anyone interfere next time. Sebastian would be his.

Unfortunately for Claude, though, he did not know that he was the only one who was attracted to the smaller Demon. Another Demon, unknown to both the spider and the raven, had already decided upon new target for his own hunger. Unlike most Demons, however, this one enjoyed a strict diet of lust and blood.

And as the large Demon left his previous victim's corpse in an empty ditch, he scented a raven nearby. It had been a long time since he'd taken one of them as his prey, a feral, evil smile appearing on his face as he saw the demonic butler standing next to a dark-haired boy. Yes, that one would do very nicely for his next meal. Scent alone told him that the Raven was not marked or claimed so there'd be no one to interfere.

Fangs emerged from those thin lips, a tiny bit of venom dripping from them. Just a single drop would be enough to render his chosen prey helpless for the taking. All it would take was a little time and planning and the raven would be his.

To Be continued