Title: Predator

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the known Characters.

Warning: This story has graphic sexual encounters. Please keep that in mind when reading. This has no connection whatsoever to Heat. References to rape in this chapter.

Genre: AU, Rape, Violence, Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Pairings: Claude/Sebastian, Eric/Alan, Undertaker/Grell

Chapter 11.

With everything that was going on for the last two days, within the main building where the Reapers worked, Ronald Knox found himself in rather a quandry as he stood still, his Reaping list in hand. The blonde was trying to find someone to partner with this night, though he had been searching for over an hour without success. The younger, newer Reapers had paired off with each other during the current crisis.

The majority of the Reapers that he personally knew who worked out in the field were still recovering and not capable of returning to work just yet and Grell was nowhere to be found. Sighing slightly, the usually cheerful blonde rubbed his temples before he went to go find his boss. The confirmed Demon being after them, the Reapers, left Ronald quite unwilling to disobey the rule about partnering up, though it wasn't his style to disobey rules anyway.

Not knowing what else to do, Ronald went to the infirmary again, this time looking for William. He couldn't go out alone and since there was no one else, the younger Reaper decided to see what his supervisor would tell him to do. William was his boss and he might know where Grell was, since no one else seemed to know.

There were rumors, of course, but Ronald knew that rumors could be greatly exagerated from the truth. Some gossip said that the Demon had killed Grell, which Ronald doubted, but a few of the older Reapers claimed to have heard that Grell had been attacked by the Demon and survived, but that he was staying hidden to recuperate. Surely somewhere in there was the actual truth, the blonde mused. All he knew for certain was that William, of all people, was nervous and even more withdrawn than usual, though he was working to train the new Reapers to defend themselves against the Demon in case they needed to.

His shoes somewhat quiet as he walked through the empty corridors, Ronald suppressed a shiver, not liking the lack of noise. It was so unusual for it to be so quiet, when it was usually filled with the sounds of Reapers talking and laughing together as they readied themselves to go out on their assignments. Normally, this particular walkway was crowded at this time of day. Now, Ronald hurried through to get away from the silence, his smile disappearing completely as he arrived at the infirmary.

William was in there, checking on the patients and writing upon paper as he spoke to those who had regained consciousness, trying to hard to find a weakness for this Demon that plagued them. Studying the older male, Ronald saw the dark circles, though he wasn't surprised. Sleep was something for the younger, more innocent Reapers right now. His own eyes were red with the lack of sleep, as he walked up to the brunette, waiting for a pause in the conversation before he finally spoke.

"William?" Ronald interjected quietly, pushing his glasses up as he gazed seriously at the older male, determined not to yawn despite how tired he was. The older a Reaper was, the less they needed things such as food or sleep. The blonde was younger than the others who worked under William's direct supervision and he didn't want his supervisor doubting him, especially now.

Taken by surprised, William blinked, it taking a moment for him to recognize Ronald standing there, holding a list in his right hand. "Yes, Ronald?" he replied, pausing in what he was doing to focus on the younger Reaper.

Licking his lips, Ronald showed his list to William, letting him read the long list of names. "There's no one here for me to partner with," he stated seriously, his green eyes devoid of the happy mirth he usually showed. "They're either already partnered up and out in the field or in here... Except for Grell, no one seems to know where he is."

William swallowed hard at the mention of Grell, not really wishing to get into what had befallen the redhead in great detail. Deciding to tell Ronald as little as he possibly had to, he finally said, "Grell was attacked by the Demon, so he's in no shape to be in the field right now." Brushing his bangs back, he stifled a yawn that threatened to escape from him. "Let me find Eric and get some coffee and I'll go with you, Ronald," he added, wanting to make sure that someone experienced was here just in case the Demon somehow found his way into their headquarters.

Not too far away, another supernatural being was trying to figure out why his master was acting so peculiar. For the first time since the contract had been formed, Sebastian found himself himself with nothing to do. Ciel Phantomhive had, quite unexpectedly, ordered him to take some time off, a strange look within the eye that the dark-haired Demon could see.

It was quite puzzling to the Demon, though he had sensed through the contract that his master was serious about him doing so. It had been an order, in fact, that he go out and enjoy himself, something that Sebastian was a little uncomfortable with. But an order was an order and he was obliged to obey it, no matter how odd it seemed to him.

For the moment, he was simply walking through the streets, finding himself enjoying it despite his initial misgivings. Here, Sebastian could go anywhere and do whatever he liked without his master interfering. Oh, he did have a great deal of fun on the many cases that Ciel had brought him along on, acting on the Queen's behalf, but the freedom was quite nice.

Sebastian did fail to notice, though, that he was being watched as he passed through another street, hands coming out to catch him by the waist, pulling him into a deserted alley. Stilling immediately, the raven inhaled the scent of the one who held him fast, his face turning up towards Claude.

Smirking down at his smaller lover, Claude pressed Sebastian against the bricks of the building they stood next to gently, kissing him passionately and enjoying the delicious moan he heard, touching him through his clothes, his golden eyes bright with desire. "You have traveled far from your Master's home," he whispered, nipping the raven's neck gently before licking it.

"Master ordered me to take some time off," Sebastian gasped back, closing his eyes as he felt Claude rubbing against him, whimpering at the hand that had made its way between his legs. "C-Claude... Not here..."

"Why not?" Claude purred, fondling Sebastian through his pants as he felt the smaller male shivering, kissing him once more. "I can easily put a ward up again and I'm eager to have you once more, Sebastian..."

Sebastian flushed brightly at the idea of having sex in the alleyway, the hands upon him slipping beneath his clothing now and he groaned Claude's name as he was stroked again. Subconsciously spreading his legs, the raven found his mouth covered once more in another heated kiss, beginning to pull Claude against him more as they kissed even deeper.

To be continued