Title: Predator

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the known Characters.

Warning: This story has graphic sexual encounters. Please keep that in mind when reading. This has no connection whatsoever to Heat. References to rape in this chapter.

Genre: AU, Rape, Violence, Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Pairings: Claude/Sebastian, Eric/Alan, Undertaker/Grell

Chapter 15.

Nox was very put out as he paced inside of the abandoned warehouse he was occupying, though no humans had yet realized that he was living here for the time being. Still hungry but finding it difficult now to prey upon the Grim Reapers due to their new vigilance, something that irked him greatly. Ever since he had feasted upon that red-haired Grim Reaper, none of the Grim Reapers had been out alone.

After the surprisingly powerful Grim Reaper that Nox had unexpectedly encountered, he was wary of fighting a pair of them, just in case there were any other unpleasant surprises that he wasn't prepared for. Hunger gnawed at the Demon, making him even more frustrated and angry as he continued to pace. Moving to the window, Nox peered outside at the city, baring his dripping fangs at it in annoyance.

Had he not found the crimson reaper with the same Grim Reaper that had been, at the very least, a equal to himself, Nox would have grabbed him again. His blood had been much stronger than that of most of the Grim Reapers, though the older, scarred Reaper had tasted positively divine. The Demon wasn't foolish enough to try feeding on him, though.

He already knew that that Reaper was far too powerful to feast on properly, not with his skills. Not that feeding on him wouldn't have been wonderful, but the risk wasn't worth it. Sighing, Nox raked his hands through his hair, aggravated that all his planning seemed to have come to nothing. If the Grim Reapers continued to show such caution, he would be forced to return to feeding on humans.

That was less than appealing to him, as the blood of non humans, such as the Grim Reapers and his fellow Demons, tasted far better. The flavor of the blood he ingested varied to Nox, dependent on the strength of the person he took it from. He needed a food source quickly, before he grew much weaker.

The fact that the redhead who had fed him so well was protected by one that Nox was forced to be wary of was quite annoying. He had not known at their initial confrontation that the elder Reaper was involved with the admittedly beautiful male that Nox had sated his hunger on.

His blood had been so sweet, his body perfect for sating his lust, especially with his petite frame. Claiming him had been a delight for the Demon, who had been quite frustrated by his lack of a bed partner. The fact that the redhead had been unwilling had not concerned Nox, though the smaller male was beyond his reach for the moment.

Scowling, Nox watched the humans walking by below. Perhaps he should just go for his Demon target and use his blood to replenish his energy? If he could take the Raven by surprise and bite him, thus injecting his venom into his blood... It would have to be done soon, when Sebastian Michaelis was alone, away from that Spider Demon who had taken advantage of him.

Elsewhere, William was stunned into silence, seeing the tears that shone in Ronald's eyes when he tilted the blonde's face up, forcing the younger Grim Reaper to look at him. He had never expected to see such a look on his face; Grell was more likely to cry than the cheerful, outgoing Ronald that William had come to know.

His work ethic was appreciated greatly by the brunette; he was punctual, practical, and Ronald seemed to dislike overtime almost as much as William himself did. And he hadn't gone temporarily crazy and helped an equally disturbed human woman commit murder and disfigure other women in some sort of twisted revenge.

"Ronald?" William gently repeated, genuinely concerned by the tears he saw, wiping them away without thinking about it when they slowly trickled down the younger's face.

"I... I'm not..." Ronald choked out, still humiliated by the accusation from the golden-eyed Demon. It was even worse that it had been repeated to William, whom he had had a crush on for so long. "I'm not what he said..."

William held onto Ronald's chin, his thumb brushing the tears away as fast as they ran down his face. Angry at the Demon for hurting the blonde this much, the older Reaper held Ronald closer to him, his arm slipping around Ronald without even realizing it. "I know you're not," he seriously replied, his green eyes flashing with emotion. "It was his fault- his and Sebastian's- for doing something so personal in public. Don't let him do this to you, Ronald; that Demon is not worth your tears."

Sniffling hard, Ronald's eyes lifted as he looked up at his boss, his secret crush, choked slightly with emotion. William didn't think he was a nasty pervert and he was being so nice to him. "Thank you, William," he softly said, managing to give the brunette a smile as he took a deep, shuddering breath.

"You're welcome," William replied, his tone still gentle as he smiled back at Ronald, gently stroking his hair without thinking about it. "We're done for today, so why don't we go something to eat before I escort you home?"

His blush growing, Ronald nodded, his smile increasing as well as he looked at William. He knew it wasn't a real date, not that he ever seriously thought that William would ever go out with someone like him. After all, Grell had been rejected and Ronald personally thought that the redhead was much more attractive than him.

Even with Grell happily involved with someone else, though, Ronald held little hope for himself. William was probably just being cautious because of the Demon targeting them. That thought, though, reminded Ronald that he needed to visit Grell and see how he was doing. He hadn't forgotten what William had told him, that Grell had been attacked by the Demon that was targeting them. After all, he got along fairly well with Grell.

"Would you be able to accompany me to see Grell before I go home?" Ronald questioned softly, knowing that he wasn't supposed to go out alone. If William was too busy, then he wasn't entirely sure when he would get to go to see him.

William started, his lips parting for a moment without a word being said. He didn't think that his going to Undertaker's shop was really such a good idea for the moment, especially with how angry the mortician surely still was with him. He still had no answers as to his treatment towards Grell, yet he couldn't let Ronald go alone. What Grell had been through was truly awful and William did feel deep pain over that. His regrets were many and they were numerous, far too many for him to name.

Saying no to Ronald's request, though, would leave the blonde Reaper in danger of facing the Demon. William would be damned before he let that happen.

To be continued