Title: Past Tense

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Characters except for the unknown ones.

Warning: This story has gender bender and is AU. Set as a prequel to Heat, Undertaker is called Uriah in this fic since it takes place before that time frame and he had not changed his name yet. Mention of prior sexual assault between two characters who are half brothers.

Pairing: Undertaker/Lucifer (omc)

Chapter 10.

Lucifer paled slightly, gazing at Emerald wordlessly. He wondered what she knew, considering the way she was looking at him. Clearly she suspected something that their father had not and the younger Demon knew that he owed her for saving him from Michael. He might have passed out but he did remember hearing her voice when she had confronted their older brother. What questions could she have? Did she know about him going out to visit the Grim Reapers?

"Y-Yes?" Lucifer replied, somewhat nervous about what she was going to ask him. He wasn't particularly good at lying, so he knew she'd know if he didn't answer her honestly. All of his siblings knew he couldn't tell a full lie, not even to save his own life.

Seeing how nervous her little half-brother was, Emerald forced herself to remain stern and unyielding. If she was supposed to protect him, then she had to know the truth. "Why were you outside of the castle by yourself?" she demanded, looking at Lucifer seriously. "You know it's not allowed, Lucifer."

Looking down, Lucifer swallowed hard, closing his eyes for a moment. "I wanted to be outside," he softly said, a partial truth in his words. "You, Shale, and the others- none of you want me to be with you when you leave the castle..." He lifted his gaze, looking directly at his older sister. "None of you like me because I'm so frail. You always leave me behind when you go outside."

Emerald's lips opened and closed, flushing at the entirely unexpected rebuke, whether he meant for it to be one or not. Lucifer did not possess a cruel streak in his frail body, she knew, but for him to speak so bluntly and truthfully of the way she and the others felt, it made her feel something that Emerald had never felt before- shame and guilt.

She couldn't deny that it wasn't true, for it was. The resentment had only grown since the very first time that they had learned that Lucifer was frail and would certainly need someone with him to protect him outside of the castle, even inside of it at times. Only Jadrek had been willing to take on the burden and those younger than him but still older than Lucifer had been obliged to relieve their oldest brother when he was away on a contract.

"That..." Emerald cleared her throat, feeling as though she had lost control of the conversation she had meant to have. "Regardless of whether or not we wanted you there, we've never forbidden it. Besides, that doesn't excuse you going out there alone." Anger flashed in her eyes as she remembered the awful sight of Michael on top of Lucifer; if she hadn't gotten there in time... "What Michael did- that's exactly why you are never supposed to go out alone!"

Hearing the painful truth as Emerald confirmed what he had known in his heart, the purple-eyed Demon's lower lip trembled only once as he exhaled slowly. Seeing an opportunity to ask something that he actuallty wanted to know, Lucifer blurted it out without thinking. "What was he doing?" His eyes held sincere confusion, making Emerald realize that Lucifer really had no idea of what Michael had wanted from him.

Disbelief warred with her own question; why had their father not told Lucifer anything about sex? Lucifer was, after all, contracted to be given to a male Demon as soon as he went into heat for the first time and according to their Healer, that would be sometime in the next two years. Shouldn't he be told before then?

Seeing his expression at her hesitation, Emerald coughed for a moment. She was currently in their father's favor and she intended to keep it that way, especially since she had seen what he had done to Michael. There was no way she wanted to go through that.

"Lucifer... I don't know if I am allowed to tell you what he wanted," she finally told him, her voice more gentle than he could remember. "But because of Demons like Michael, you cannot be outside alone." She paused for a moment. "Regardless of your weakness, Lucifer, you are special and that's why Father is adamant that you never be alone."

More confused now than before, Lucifer slowly shook his head, not knowing what made him so special to his father. What he did know, though, was that he was going to have an even harder time going to see his friends. Emerald was never supposed to leave his side if they went outside- how was he supposed to go see them now without her finding out?

She knew he had been sneaking out on his own, though she did not know he had made friends with the Reapers camping nearby. And since Emerald's new status was dependant on obeying what their father said, Lucifer knew better than to tell her about the Reapers. What was he to do now?

To be continued