Here is chapter 7 of my story.

Special thanks to my beta "London Bai" for editing it! Sorry for the long wait, this chapter was difficult to get just right!

The playful sound of a bell jingling from one end of the living room to the next could be heard from within Brandon's apartment. True to his word he had purchased his normally recluse tabby some new toys, and to spur her on, they were smothered in catnip. Laying on the floor, watching his cat run back and forth on the smooth wooden floors to get the toy but failing miserably, brought a big smile to his face.

All in all, it was quite a pleasant evening. He had paid his rent earlier that day and, to his land lord's surprise, he paid the rest of the year off to avoid anymore late rent phone calls. His car insurance was paid in full, as was his credit card bill. For the first time, since he was discharged from the Army, he hadn't a care in the world... except for Demona. And all of this was possible, thanks to Demona, so thinking about her was hard not to do. If the truth was known though, Brandon had actually been a little hurt by her early departure last night. A simple goodbye would have made her leaving nicer.

Lost in thought, he was brought back by his cat pawing at the toy still in his hand. "Sorry, Snuggles. Go get the toy!" He said as he threw the feathery ball onto the sofa. The cat playfully dove after it but was quickly scared out of her fur. The annoying sound of his oven buzzer going off alerted him that his tuna casserole was done and managed to scare his playmate away and into the bedroom. Quickly getting up off the floor, he grabbed his oven mitt from the counter-top and retrieved his heated dinner.

"How come every time I cook something, it doesn't look anything like the picture on the damn box!" Brandon said while looking at the meal from the oven. He was sure it tasted fine, but it didn't look like what it was supposed to.

After letting it cool for a few minutes, he pushed a serving onto his plate and put the rest in his fridge. It wasn't the healthiest thing in the world, but he had always been diligent in his workouts, he felt as if he could have his cheat meal every so often, a very cheesy tuna casserole cheat meal. Digging in, he was elated that the food actually tasted good. "Looks like ass, but it tastes great." He said to himself.

"Can you hear me, Goliath?" Elisa said as she spoke through the two-way communication system that her and Goliath always wore while out together.

"Yes, Elisa. Is everything alright?"

"It's fine. I just got up to the apartment. Are you on the building across the street?"

"I am. If anything happens I can be there quickly."

Elisa, being the careful police officer she always was, just wanted to make sure she had backup in case this encounter went south. She pulled her badge from her red jacket and knocked on the apartment door. A few short seconds later, the door opened as Brandon stood there wiping his hands with a cloth.

"Yes? What can I do for you?"

"Hi. I am Detective Elisa Maza of the NYPD and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?" She said as she flashed her shiny badge for him.

Brandon looked at her badge carefully, then back to Elisa. "I don't mind answering any questions. What is this about?"

"Well, this might seem like a strange question but you wouldn't happen to know any gargoyles, would you?" She very bluntly asked.

"Gargoyles? You mean the things from the television?" Brandon, giving a confused smirk, asked before continuing. "I can't say that I know any personally, but I certainly have seen one or two out at night. Scary looking things."

Elisa, knowing that that was a lie, further questioned him. "Look... Mr. Brown, I know who you are and I know more than you think. I know about Demona, so why don't you cut the bullshit and explain to me how an ex-Special Forces guy like yourself has been hanging around with a very dangerous gargoyle?"

Brandon was caught a bit off guard by her obvious knowledge of the facts. "Well, it's obvious that you know a great deal and have me at a disadvantage, detective. Umm, please come in, if you would like."

Accepting the offer, Elisa walked into the apartment and quickly got a lay of the land as any good cop would do. "You have a pretty nice place here, Mr. Brown." She said, looking around for any visible weapons or anything out of place. Normally, that line of having a pretty nice place was just that, a line, but his apartment was actually very well kept. The artwork around the walls was very pleasing to the eye.

"Thanks." Brandon said as he carefully watched Elisa, knowing exactly what she was doing. He just smiled to himself. "Looking for anything suspicious, I'm sure. I keep a holstered Beretta under my kitchen table and the rest of my old firearms are locked up in a gun vault in my closet."

She turned and saw his knowing smile. "Just being cautious, you know. And I assume you have all your paperwork for the guns?"

"You know I do, detective. You know who I was, so you know the paperwork comes with the job. Please, have a seat if you'd like." Brandon said as he motioned towards the living room chair and sofa. "So, you are obviously aware that I know of Demona, but what is it to you exactly?"

Taking a seat on the over-sized chair, Elisa turned to face Brandon as he sat across from her on his sofa. "Let's just say that I have had a few encounters with her before."

"Oh? Which Demona are you referring to? The human one or the gargoyle?" Brandon asked.

"You know about her human form? I didn't think that was something she made very public."

Laughing at the comment, thinking of how he found out as he gave Elisa a very shortened version. "Well, honestly, it was accidental. She lost track of time was all."

"Hmm... Anyway, she has tried to kill me, among other people, on several occasions in both forms, so you can understand why I am curious to know what she is doing with you. Demona has a long history of carrying out plan after plan to destroy humanity."

"I do understand your concern and I appreciate it, but she hasn't tried to kill me, nor shown any signs of wanting to in the future."

"Why don't you tell me how you two met, then?" Elisa leaned back into the seat, crossing her legs, but still very alert just in case.

"Pretty simple, really. She was hiding on my balcony from those Quarrymen people. I heard a noise and checked it out. To my surprise, I discovered her out there cold and wet. After she spoke and told me she was hiding, since I harbor no ill will towards her or any other gargoyles, I let her inside to dry off and hide."

"Okay, but what about last night? She was seen gliding away from the Brooklyn Bridge with you and back here."

Brandon raised an eyebrow at that last comment. "How exactly did you know about that? Did you see us?"

"I have friends that know Demona and saw you two gliding around together."

"Friends? More gargoyles?" Brandon said looking slightly annoyed.

"As a matter of fact, it was a gargoyle. She followed you two back here. You mind telling me about the little romance she witnessed?"

"That isn't for you or anyone else to be concerned over! What I do or what she does is our business."

Standing up, Brandon motioned to the door. "I'm sorry, but I have entertained your questions for long enough. Now, if you would please leave, I would greatly appreciate it."

Getting up to be on equal footing with him, Elisa continued. "I don't care about the kiss thing, but you should know that Demona is notoriously manipulative. She has ways to get you to do things, to get in your head!"

"Look... from what I've seen, she hasn't tried to manipulate me or get me to do anything. In fact, she has been nothing but nice to me ever since we first met!"

Seeing this was going nowhere fast, Elisa decided it was best to bring in some help. "Would you mind if we stepped outside on the balcony for a minute?"

"What for?" Brandon said, thinking that was an oddly absurd thing to ask at this time.

"I have someone I think you should meet. Someone who has known Demona for a very long time."

"Fine. Whatever." Brandon said, letting out a huff as they both walked over to the balcony doors and slid them open, letting in the cool night air.

As they walked outside, Elisa spoke into a microphone clipped unto her jacket collar. "Goliath, I need you to come over to the balcony for me."

In just a few short moments, a large shadow-like figure was seen coming closer in front of the moonlight.

Landing next to Elisa now stood a rather large and very imposing figure. "This is Goliath." Elisa said introducing Brandon to the gargoyle.

Goliath extended his large taloned hand outward, gesturing to shake hands. Brandon accepted and could feel the power behind the grip.

"You are Brandon, correct?"

"Uhh, yes. I see you are also well informed. So, the detective tells me you've known Demona for some time? Are you one of the clan that was caught in the stone sleep for one thousand years?"

Goliath looks sternly at Brandon before answering. "How did you...?"

"Demona told me. She told me everything that happened, actually." Brandon interrupted.

Goliath and Elisa gave a puzzled look to each other for a moment. "I'm sure she didn't tell you everything." Elisa informed.

"She told me enough. About the Guard Captain who betrayed you and her immortality. I also know she speaks Latin and can use magic."

"Did she tell you that she was also the betrayer along with the Captain!?" Goliath angrily said, trying to keep from attracting too much attention in case there were Quarrymen around. "She was the reason we slumbered for one thousand years."

"What about the fact that she turned everyone in Manhattan to stone for two nights and almost killed everyone?" Elisa added. Seeing the look on his face, she knew that he didn't know about that little incident. "She has constantly tried to destroy humans for as long as I have known her. Don't be a fool, Brandon. She is most likely finding a way to use you to do her dirty work! Who else would be better then an ex-Special Forces member!?"

"That's enough!" Brandon shouted, finally fed up with the lecture in why Demona was so bad about should be avoided. "You say she is an awful person, but she has shown me nothing but kindness. In fact, she has gone out of her way to help me on several occasions."

"Of course she has." The large gargoyle said, speaking low in his throat. "She is an expert at playing games with people."

"No! She wasn't playing games when she listened to the story of my past, nor did she have to explain hers! I have sat down with her and talked with her, and part of my job was knowing when someone was full of shit or not, so I think I have a pretty god-damn good idea that she isn't playing a game! I get the fact that she has done some bad things, and, yes, nearly killing everyone in Manhattan tops a few lists, but if you had lived her life, could you say you would be different? Is it a fact or not that she has been alone for almost ten centuries? Yes or no?! Fact or not?!"

"She has been mostly alone, yes, but that doesn't excuse..."

"No!" Brandon said, quickly cutting Goliath off. "Can you tell me, without a doubt, that if either one of you were alone for that long, you know how you would turn out? You know for sure what you would do? And if you tell me you know, you're full of it! Nobody knows what events will transpire from one day to the next and being alone for that long can play hell with someone's emotions. Sure... you can assume you know what will happen. You can assume that you won't turn out bad, or do bad things, but you know what they say about assumptions, right? They are the mother of all fuck ups! When I was a kid, I assumed I would become a cowboy astronaut, but look how my life turned out. I am a legal bringer of death! And even then, it's all relative to what side you're fighting for. Sure, to the United States I am the good guy, but when I was out fighting in Bosnia, I was the enemy and the Serbs were the good guys according to them. It's all relative and for Demona, she is on her own side and has been for so long! Maybe all she needed was someone to talk to, to listen, to understand where she was coming from. I believe in second chances and maybe I can give her that second chance. Who's to say I can't? You? Or you!?"

''We should go Elisa..." The gargoyle rested his hand on the detective's shoulder.

"But Goliath!"

"No. It is obvious this conversation will not be productive. Come, let us go. I am... sorry to have bothered you this evening." Goliath said to Brandon.

Still looking highly annoyed, Brandon stiffly nodded. "Don't worry about it. Just know that I am not a fool. I can most certainly take care of myself, but also know that Demona might not be as bad as you think anymore."

Goliath turned and picked up Elisa before jumping off and gliding between two nearby buildings before disappearing from Brandon's sight.

As soon as Elisa and Goliath left his view, Brandon turned round to walk back into his apartment when he heard a heavy thud from behind him. "Oh, what the fuck now?!" Turning, he was quite surprised to see Demona standing on the balcony before him. "Demona! Sorry, I didn't think it was you."

"I saw you with Elisa and Goliath. " Demona sadly said, her wings drooping to the floor.

"Yes, they were asking me all thes.."

"I also heard..." She quickly said, cutting him off. "I was on my way over when I saw the three of you on your balcony, so I quietly landed on the roof above and listened in." Brandon noticed that Demona had quite a melancholic look about her and was about to ask her inside when she voiced the question first. "Can we go inside?"

Lightly nodding, Brandon let Demona inside before shutting the glass door behind him. Turning, he saw that Demona had already taken a seat on his sofa, so he walked over and sat down next to her, still keeping his gaze on her face. "What's wrong, Demona?"

She slowly looked up at Brandon and locked her eyes with his. "Did you mean everything you said to them?"

"I meant everything that I said, though, I must admit, when you said you had done some bad things, I didn't exactly know the severity but... as I said I don't know what I would have done if I had been in your place. They certainly don't either. You know that I won't judge you because of it."

"No one has ever defended me like that before. Nobody has taken the time that you have given me to understand... me..."

Deciding that now was the time to act, she let go of any inhibition she had. She leaned into Brandon, gently taking a hold of his shirt with her talons to pull him close as she pressed her soft ruby lips to his. Naturally, Brandon inched his arms around her waist and hips, responding to the kiss with his tongue. Before he could react any further, Demona had gotten up from her seat with her eyes now filled with exuberance, locked deeply with his. She took his hand in hers as she pulled him up off of the sofa, their lips met once again as Brandon rested his free hand on the small of her back to bring her tighter to him, the lust he held for Demona finally starting to become released.

Demona, breaking the passionate embrace, whispered, almost purring into his right ear. "Come, my love..." She, then, pulled him by his hand down the hall towards his bedroom, turning to look behind her every other second with a genuine smile lighting her beautiful face, one that Brandon would love to see over again. He darted ahead of her once they passed the bedroom door, studying her wonderful smile as her eyes looked over him until she leaned forward again to kiss him. He wraped his arms around her waist, picking her up off the ground, delving deeper into their heated kiss as he walked backwards to the bed. Demona pulled up from the embrace as she glanced at the bed for a breath's moment before sliding down and out of his grasp with a mischievous smirk playing upon her lips.

Pushing him onto the bed, the seductive look that she was giving Brandon at that moment was enough to let him know exactly what she had in store for him this night. As Brandon inched his way up to the pillows, Demona crawled onto his bed like a cat stalking it's prey, her eyes softly glowing red in the pleasant dark. Behind her, her wings were tucked into her back and her tail obviously quivering with the pleasure coursing through her body. Now over him, she straddled his waist with her legs and bent forward to kiss him again. Not being one to miss a beat, Brandon slid his hand back and through her crimson hair as their lips once again locked. As one kiss ended and another began, the once contained lust between the two steadily grew. As their kisses deepened, their tongues swirled around one another, wordlessly fighting for the upper hand. Sliding her hands under the bottom of his shirt, Demona sat up as she pulled the fabric upwards and over his head to expose his finely developed torso, flexing ever so gently with his bated breathing. Blindly throwing the shirt over her shoulder, she placed her hands on his chest to gently run them over his prominent muscles and down his abdomen, taking her time to feel and enjoy all of the ripples and dips separating each muscle under the warm flesh.

Leaning down for another kiss, Demona felt his hands run up along her back and under her top. Sliding his hands from around her back, Brandon cupped her firm breasts in his palms. A small groan slipped out of her mouth as she felt the warmth emanating from his hands ever so gently massaging her chest, her hips slowly twisting against Brandon's lower stomach pulling a low groan from him as well. He moved to sit up, bringing his lips to where his hands teased and caressed, small perky nubs clearly showing through the fabric of her top begging him to kiss and suckle them. Short hisses of lust escaped her throat just from this different adoration upon her body. Not knowing what to do, but loving the feeling of her rising want, she lightly ran her talons along his back and shoulders up to his neck and hair and back down again feeling him respond to her touch with a slight arching of his back or flexing of his muscles.

Unnoticed by her, one of his hands had slipped from her breasts to trail along her taut stomach, over her belt, and played with the skin on her thighs so tantalizingly close to her wanting warmth. Brandon pulled his lips from her bosom to look up at the most wonderful woman in the world with her eyes half-closed and her mouth slightly open. He swept his other hand to her neck, pulling her into another heated kiss as one of his fingers upon her thigh delved into the moist warmth of her sex, his other fingers twisting themselves into the red curls he remembered seeing the other night.

Demona cried out around his lips in a surprised wave of delight, her hips already pushing against the daring digit within her until she pushed him back down on the bed, though his fingers still stroked the soft, wet center of her being that drove her insane with lust. Unable to hold back, several moans tore through her while she grabbed both of his hands and pulled them up to his head.

"Keep them there." Demona whispered. "I want to try something."

Brandon complied, nodding just enough to let her know that he'll stay his hands for the time being. Demona had always been curious of some human rituals when it came to sex. Her hands did away with the belt on his person as she recalled that time she spied on several humans during sex. For the most part, it was similar to how gargoyles mate, but there have been some differences that Demona wanted to try right now. During her thinking, she had pulled off Brandon's pants and started to don away his boxers. Once the clothes had been tossed behind her, she stared at the quivering limb erect in front of her, marveling at the size differences between humans and gargoyles. Glancing up at the quiet man laying before her to see that, wordlessly, he told her to not be shy nor scared. He could somehow tell that his lover was anxious. Looking back at his member, she lightly trailed a single talon along the shaft, stopping just below the shell of the tip. It was his soft moan that dared her to do more. She placed a gentle kiss upon the crown with her ears meeting a louder groan.

Suddenly, she took in just the tip in her mouth and popped it out releasing a glorious sound from him that she wanted to hear again. Being mindful of her fangs, she took him in and pulled him out again, each time, taking in a bit more until she had engulfed most of his member in the warm recess of her mouth. His hands flew to her hair as a long groan hissed out passed his teeth.

"Oh... Demona, please..." His hands helped guide her motions up and down at a pace that Brandon felt was slow enough for Demona to get her bearings yet fast enough to pleasure him. After a few moments, she took the lead, adding her hand to the lower part of his shaft and moving along with her full mouth. As she came up to the tip, she gave a quick flick of her tongue just to hear her lover moan. She took a moment to work him just with her hand so that she could look at Brandon's face twisted in pleasure. He took the opportunity to reach out and grasp her beautiful mounds, lightly pulling at the firm nubs peeking through her top. Racked with a sudden pang of lust, she took him back into her mouth with a heated passion, still being careful with her fangs, listening to him gasp out that he's so close.

Then, his hands flew back to her hair as he moaned in short loud bursts as his filled her mouth with his load. With her lips still around his member, she could feel the muscles spasm and twitch as he reached the rise and fall of his climax. As she came up when she felt that he was done, she inadvertently swallowed all that was in her mouth, grimacing at the bitter taste, but also taking note that the stiffness had all but gone yet the lust was still in Brandon's eyes.

"Demona... that was purely wonderful, but I feel that it needs to be your turn." Brandon softly breathed as he moved off of the bed.

Questions flared in her mind at first until she remembered that oral sex could also be for females, but something about that made Demona shy, which she realized was very uncharacteristic of her.

"Come on, love. Move yourself right here." He said, pointing to the edge of the bed. She complied, sitting with her legs around his as she could see that his member was slowly, but surely, growing again. He placed a hand upon her shoulder and pushed her unto the mattress, taking his other hand to unbuckle Demona's belt and take a hold of both her halter-top and loin cloth to slide them down her long legs, past her feet, and off the bed. There, laid out before him, was a very beautiful woman, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, ready and willing for him. Running his hands along her thighs, he could feel the muscles within her tense up as he got closer to his goal.

"You're gorgeous, you know?" He said as he crawled up to kiss her delectably red lips. Slowly, he planted soft kisses from her lips down her jaw line to her neck all the while sliding his right hand slowly up her thigh until his fingers met with the inviting curly hairs hiding her sex.

What was to come Demona had never experienced before, she had only read about such pleasures or seen them when she occasionally spied on human couples, but none of them had fully prepared her for this. She let out a gasp as Brandon parted her legs and began to introduce her to her first oral pleasure.

"Oh, that's amazing!" Demona cried out as his tongue caressed her most intimate flesh. His warm breath both soothed and inflamed her very core, her breaths became shortened and ragged as her button was pushed in such a sensual way. Very soon, she felt a surge of tightening pleasure followed by a release, but his tongue continued its work. He felt excess fluids drip around his mouth, sticking to her beautiful red curls and decided to push in a finger. He coated it with her juice as he focused on her swollen nub and entered her, bit by bit. One of her hands clung unto his hair as the other wound itself in the tangled sheets, her talons running across his head and twirled around dark locks, her voice lost in a din of moaning and uneven breaths. Brandon added another finger into her depths, pounding his hand into her while teasing and testing the sensitive flesh of her thighs and abdomen with his other hand.

Demona tried to speak, but Brandon won't have any of that. He left his spot to kiss her and squeeze her flushed breasts, still furiously hammering into her center. Her tail wrapped tightly around one of his legs, the tip ever so lightly touching the awaking member just as he found a spot that sent the both of them moaning into each others' mouths, their lust taking a higher level than ever before. Under him, he can feel her writhing body slowly tense with an oncoming orgasm. He pulled up and away from her lips to watch as she gained yet another release, her face so heavenly free of the outside world and her tail tightening its grip on him sending him well on the path to pleasure. With his free hand, he picked up a stray red hair from his tongue and smiled as Demona quickly recoverd from her cloud, ready for more than simple teasing from playful fingers.

"Please, Brandon..." Demona huskily whispered, her tail stroking his now throbbing member.

Brandon groaned in reply. "I agree. We've put this off long enough." He pulled himself over his blue-skinned lover and positioned his wanting limb over her beckoning cavern. "Tell me, Demona..." He whispered over her lips. "Who is it that you want?"

Her legs pull themselves around his hips and waist while her tail trapped one of his legs in a snake-like vice. "You, my love..." Her hands brought his head to hers, their lips crashed together in a moment of raw lust. Taking his cue, Brandon slid right into her, marveling at the warmth and pulsation of Demona's sweet walls. Demona, on the other hand, had reached the gargoyles equivalent to cloud nine, only glad to have such tension fall from her body with one swift move from her lover. Tightening her legs' around him, she drew him farther into her to feel so blissfully full and complete until Brandon gave out a breathy laugh.

"You'll have to relax, love." Brandon whispers to her, trying his hardest not to disrupt the moment.

Demona, a blush curling up on her already flushed cheeks, loosens her hold, but continued to keep him close to her. He began to pull out, his hands busying themselves upon her breasts, and slammed right back in, loving her growling moan. He did it again, just to hear her silently beg for more, but he could only hold back for so long. He quickened his pace of pounding while he kissed her still ruby yet swollen lips every now and then, suckled her perky breasts, and joined her in a duet of their own music. Demona's hands and talons constantly found themselves holding back from clawing at Brandon's skin yet twining into his hair to keep his lips locked on hers as she glided up and down on orgasm after orgasm.

So lost into their combined dance of the ages, Brandon suddenly felt the build-up of his own release as he unconsciously picked up his pace faster than he ever could have with a human girl, their long moans both shortening and turned into gasps for more. Words could no longer form upon either of their mouths as one last push into her soaked center sent both bodies into a single climb to the heavens and a gentle fall bringing to end one eventful night.

Abruptly, exhaustion overcame Brandon as he fell over to one side, catching a much needed breath. Demona, feeling better then she ever had before, curled up next to him to give him one more kiss of the night. Pure bliss described the scene as they laid silently together. Beads of sweat cooled on their bodies as Demona's head rested on Brandon's chest, their legs entwined, both contentedly exhausted from their extravagant sexual escapades. With a reassuring squeeze from Demona, Brandon knew that she would stay with him as they both drifted off to sleep together in the dead of warm night.