Patricia's P.O.V.

I sat in the attic, the book of shadows in my hand. My sister Piper entered the room.

"Paige won't answer her phone," she said worriedly.

"Yeah well if l was a psycho killer, answering my cell phone would be the last thing on my mind," l replied.

Phoebe, my other sister strolled in. "l tried scryning for Paige but nothing came up," she said.

Okay let me pause. In case your lost, let me fill you in. My full name is Patricia Halliwell. I have three sisters. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. I had four sisters but the oldest one Prue died. Since then it wasn't fun to me. I was just waiting for it to backfire on everyone else. I eventually snapped out of it though. My sisters need me. Plus l had to move on with my life so l did.

I looked over at Piper. She seemed sad, she barely spoke all day. Then just like that our youngest sister decided to be a (female dog). I don't know if she had PMS or something but she was so ignorant and wanted to have a fight with everyone. Then she went on total rampage mode and turned into a wreck. Then she turned into this random creature and stormed away starting a little reign of terror. She injured about 6 people and then now we can't find her. Piper was even more upset. The first reason was because it was Prue's birthday tomorrow. In exactly three weeks she would've died. Prue's death was hard on all of us but Piper the most. Her brilliant solution was to block all emotion and pretend everything was okay. That didn't work out too well for her. It's a long story.

Piper's P.O.V.

I caught both of my sister's looking at me. "What?" l asked. I looked at both of them. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

l saw them give a quick glance to each other. What was that? Phoebe walked over and leaned on me.

"Piper, honey are you okay?" Okay hold it. When someone says honey it means that either

A) They are trying to comfort me.

B) They are worried about me or

C) Both of them which was even worse.

I looked at Phoebe. She met my eyes and smiled warmly. Worried. Definitely worried.

"Yeah," l said absently. "Why?" Phoebe looked at Patricia for help.

Patricia walked up and put her chin on my shoulder. "lt's just that you've been a little quiet lately," she said.

I had a sinking feeling that l knew where she was going. "I'm fine, really," l said.

She looked at me but I had to look away. She had the same green eyes that Prue had. I missed her so much. She was like a mom, since our mom died. I was allowed to feel sad about my sister wasn't l?

I turned away from them. "Stop worrying about me and try to find Paige," l said quietly.

Phoebe sighed then turned to Patricia. "Did you try the calling of a lost witch spell?" she asked.

"Yeah but this child is more than lost," she replied. "Try it again."

l walked out of the attic and into my room where I opened the closet and picked up a leather jacket that l haven't touched in over 2 years. I sat on the ground curling up and draped the jacket over my shoulders. It was my sister's favorite jacket. I moved a little and something fell out of the jacket. It was Prue's necklace. That was it. I started sobbing.

Patricia's P.O.V.

Phoebe looked at Piper as she left the room. "I'm worried about her," she confessed.

I was too. "Don't worry she'll be fine," l assured my younger sister."Just look in a bunch of dark alley's, that's where most people tend to get attacked."

Phoebe looked uncertain. "Go on, I'll talk to her."

Phoebe nodded and hugged me. "l love you!" she called.

"l love you too, don't get jumped!" l called out to her.

Phoebe made a face before heading out the door. I looked at the Book Of Shadows. This thing really needs an index, I thought as I walked out of the attic. I walked past Piper's room on my way downstairs when l heard sobbing. I peeked my head inside and found Piper on the ground, curled up and crying her heart out. She was wearing Prue's leather jacket.

That explains it. I silently crossed the room and sat next to her. She was still crying, probably not even noticing that l was next to her. I leaned over and gave her a hug. She lifted her head, clearly surprised and looked at me but didn't pull away. Unlike Prue she didn't shut down her emotions completely. Not that well anyways. I held her while she cried on my shoulder and she calmed down eventually. I looked at her tear streaked face and realized how small she looked. Even though she was only a year older than me, she looked like the younger one.

I pushed some hair out of her face. "You feel any better?" l asked. Piper nodded and gave a small smile.

I got up and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll be in the attic," l said. Then, out of nowhere, the room filled with bright blue lights and Leo orbed in, seeing Piper and I hugging.

"Did l interrupt something? I'm sorry I'll just go," he said turning away.

"No," l said grabbing his arm. "lt's fine, really. I was just leaving," l said walking quickly out of the room.

I went downstairs and got a bottle of soda before transporting upstairs. I was too lazy to take the stairs. I know that has personal gain tattooed all over it but whatever. Plus, it's not like we have much to do anymore. We had the ultimate battle, we saved the world and any demon that was stupid enough to strike would get his sorry ass kicked. I sat in a chair and called for the Book Of Shadows. It disappeared from the table at the front and reappeared in my hands. I flipped it open and looked for the calling of a lost witch spell.Found it.

I saw Phoebe's sweater on the floor. I picked it up and was suddenly thrown in a premonition. Phoebe was walking down an alley looking for Paige when suddenly she appeared behind her and started talking to her although l couldn't hear what she was saying. She advanced towards Phoebe and Phoebe threw a potion on the ground. You go girl!

Paige went flying through the air and got up, brushing herself off. She hissed at Phoebe then -get this- a green energy ball came flying out of her hands and hit Phoebe sending to flying into a wall. She tried to get up but Paige jumped her and started choking her.

That was it. Oh no, what am l supposed to do? I should've known better then to have Phoebe go in an alley in the middle of the night! Was was wrong with Paige?! I had to save Phoebe.

Ooh when l get my hands on Paige...I opened the attic window and jumped out and flew in the night.