Phoebe's P.O.V.

I walked through an alley looking for Paige. "Paige?" l yelled. "Paige!" Nothing. This was the fifth alley that l had checked out and Paige wasn't in any of them. "Paige!" "Looking for me?" an icy voice replied. I slowly turned around and came face to face with Paige. "Paige! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Paige had an evil look in her eye. She started walking towards me slowly. I backed up but Paige kept looking at me. Her eyes turned completely black and fire flashed in it. Was she possessed? "Paige?" l whispered. She gave me a cold, hard stare. I put my hands in my pocket and curled it around a small bottle. It was a potion. "Paige, you're stronger than this," l said. I really didn't want to do this. If she was possessed than it would knock her out but if she was completely evil...she would die. "Paige, please don't make me do this," l said. In response she charged towards me. I took out the potion and whipped it at Paige. It fell in front of her and a big explosion came from it. Paige cried out as the impact of the explosion sent her flying into a brick wall. She collapsed on a cluster of trash cans. Did it work? Was she dead? I took a cautious step forward. Paige wasn't there? What the- "Looking for me?" said a voice. Deja vù much? I turned around. "You like my illusion?" Illusion? Okay then. "Then you'll love this." Before l could react she threw a green energy ball at me. I went soaring through the air and hit the back wall. Ow! Stupid Paige. I tried to get up but found that l couldn't. Paige walked over to me. "Green energy ball," she said. "Makes the victim paralyzed." l felt my body go stiff. She took out a dagger. "That'll make my job much easier," she said. My whole upper body gone stiff. Paige was standing over me, a smug look on her face. The shadows casted over her face made her look even more evil. "Any last words?" she said fingering the dagger. I had nothing to say to that little *cough cough* "Very well then," Paige said. She smiled again. I glared at her and with all my might l kicked her. She cried out in pain and dropped the dagger. I tried to move my hands to grab it. Slowly, l began to feel my hands again. I grabbed the dagger. Paige looked at me, her face red. "You're gonna pay," she said in a dark voice. She bent down to take the dagger. I had a tight grasp on it. "Give it to me," she said in a dark, scary voice. "No," l said. I kicked her again and she slumped to the ground. I got up and started running but she tackled me to the ground, knocking the dagger out of my hand. She sat on top of me & began to choke me. I struggled and tried to pry her off of me. Somehow, she was ten times stronger now then she ever was before. I struggled harder and she only laughed. "What's the matter?" she asked mockingly. "You have enough yet?" She laughed again. I gasped for air and tried to scream but my voice got caught in my throat. I saw black spots clouding my vision and l felt myself become light-headed. Colors bust before my eyes and l could no longer see anything in front of me. "Paige," l choked out. "Please." l heard her laugh, mocking and echoing. It felt so far away. "lt was almost too easy," she said. I saw something next to her, (her arm?) raise up. She released her grip on me. I gasped and tried to catch my breath. Then l saw something sharp glint in the nightlight. Before l could realize what was going on, Paige dropped her arm quickly. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Paige just stabbed me with the dagger! I cried out in pain and Paige laughed again. "Who's gonna save you now?" she asked and started choking me again, her nails digging into my skin. Every few seconds, her grasp would become tighter and tighter. My whole body became stiff again. The black spots clouded my vision and colors burst before my eyes. "Almost too easy," l heard Paige say. "The source will be very pleased." I could barely hear her. She seemed so distant, so far away. The spots became larger and larger and l passed out.

Patricia's P.O.V.

I flew through the night sky, looking for anyone looking like a psycho killer. I was flying down a street when l saw someone walking away from an alley, a dagger in their hand. I wasn't sure, but it looked like it had blood on it. It was Paige. I started following her when suddenly she disappeared out of thin air. How did she...? I was so mad right now. I remembered the premonition that l had. It took place in an alley, at night. Paige just exited from an alley...I landed on the ground and bolted to where Paige was a few minutes ago. I looked around. There was nobody there. I creeped down deeper in the alley and looked around. Everything looked normal. I was about to turn back when l saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was a pile of junk in one corner. I saw a foot sticking out of that pile. Well, something wasn't right here. I ran over and started pulling the junk away. I pulled it away and gasped. Under it was Phoebe. She was extremely pale and bleeding on her face. I pulled away the rest of the things and gasped again. Her stomach was bleeding heavily. She was stabbed. I remembered seeing the dagger in Paige's hand. Oh gosh. "Phoebe?" l shook her lightly. "Come on Phoebe." l slapped her face lightly and I started crying when it became clear that Phoebe wasn't responding. She wasn't breathing. It was almost impossible to tell if she was unconscious or dead. I held up her arm and felt her pulse. She had one, but barely. I had to get her home. "Leo!" l screamed. "Leo!" Nothing. Phoebe's pulse became slower. I grabbed Phoebe and transported back home, into the attic. "Piper!" l screamed at the top of my lungs. Piper rushed upstairs. "What's wrong?" She looked at Phoebe. "What happened?" l was crying so hard that l couldn't speak. "l sent her out to find Paige and she attacked her," l wailed. "l can barely fell her pulse, she's dying Piper!" l broke down sobbing. Piper kneeled down next to Phoebe. "Come on Phoebe wake up," she said. Goodness. Deja vù again! First Prue now her. I stopped crying and filled with rage. If Phoebe died then l would MURDER Paige. I don't care. "LEO!" l screamed. Leo orbed in. "What's wrong?" ls he blind? For crying out loud, he's standing over Phoebe! I stomped over to him and grabbed his shirt collar. "You better heal her or the next person to die will be you," l growled. "Patricia," Piper said. I ignored her. "I'm serious Leo," l said. "She's dying." lt was all my fault. I let go of him and buried my face in my hands. Leo stood over Phoebe. Leo put his hands on Phoebe and it started glowing. Piper and l stood by, watching.

Piper's P.O.V.

I stood next to Patricia, not noticing that she was there until she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I looked at her and she gave me a small smile. I was extremely glad that she was there at the moment. If she wasn't then l swear that l would've burst into tears by now. Please don't let this happen to Phoebe, l thought. I can't afford to lose a sister. Not again. "Leo," l choked. "Why is it taking so long?" lt's been about five minutes since he's tried to heal her. I mean, it's a stab wound for crying out loud! I'm pretty sure that he could fix that. "l don't know, she's not responding. I can feel her heart beat but barely. She's too far out. I'm sorry." He gave me a sad look. I started shaking. "What are you trying to say?" l tried to keep my voice together but it cracked. "I'm trying Piper," he said. "She won't respond. I don't think l can save her." "Don't you dare say that Leo!" l cried. "Don't give up on her! Don't make me lose her. I can't lose her Leo! I just can't!" l started sobbing and Patricia gave me a hug. She was crying too. We stood there crying when all of a sudden we heard a weird noise. Patricia and l pulled away and looked at eachother. "Did you do that?" she asked. I shook my head. "You?" She shook her head. We looked at Leo. "Leo?" His face was full of concentration. "She's slipping away," he said. "No," Patricia whispered. She was silently crying. We heard the noise again. "Come on Phoebe. Don't give up now," Leo mumbled to himself. Patricia was crying on my shoulder and l stood there watching Leo when all of a sudden l heard moaning. It was so quiet that l almost didn't hear it. Patricia looked up. We heard it again, slightly louder. It was coming from Phoebe. I think. Before l could process what was happening l heard a gasp. Phoebe sat up quickly and started coughing and gasping and wheezing. "Phoebe!" Patricia and l yelled at the same time. We ran over to her and hugged her. She was shaking and so confused. "Wha-what happened?" Phoebe asked. "lt was Paige," Patricia said, her words bitter. "I'm going to kill her." She looked at Phoebe who was still extremely pale. "Do you need anything?" l asked Phoebe. She stood up and shook her head. "l just feel a little-" she stopped and collapsed to the ground. Patricia and l caught her before she hit the hard ground. Patricia transported us downstairs and we seated Phoebe on a couch. She still looked pale. I gave her some water. After a few minutes she returned to her normal self. She told us about how Paige attacked her and paralyzed her and finally how she choked Phoebe until she passed out."l have to cast the spell," she said and transported upstairs.

Patricia's P.O.V.

I grabbed the book of shadows and quickly flipped through the pages. To call upon a lost witch. To call upon a lost witch. To turn back time? To find something lost? Why is it that l can never find it when l want to but when l don't want it then it conveniently pops up? I found the spell after a few minutes. Alright Paige, l thought. I'm gonna get you. I chanted the spell. At first nothing happened. Then a small wind flew through and it became lager and more powerful until there was a mini-tornado in the room. Finally it stopped and a girl that looked to be a little older than Piper fell out of nowhere. She fell hard on the ground and didn't move. Did l just conjure a dead witch in my attic? Oh great. All l know is that it wasn't my sister. I looked at her. She reminded me of Prue. The pale skin, the jet black hair. I felt a pang in my gut but l quickly pushed it away. The spell backfired. It didn't help me get my sister. I slowly inched towards the person. I kneeled next to the girl and shook her shoulders. "Hey," l said softly. She fell face down on the floor so l turned her over. She stirred and woke up. I gasped loudly. I was seeing things. I closed my eyes and looked at the girl again. She still looked the same. Looks like the spell didn't backfire after all. I did find a VERY lost witch. I was looking at the face of Prue Halliwell, my sister who died nearly 4 years ago.