Decided to write a non-Pokemon fic! Finally!

It's GrayLu/GraLu, though. But, hey, it's my favorite ship right now. 3

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The One

Lucy's P.O.V.

I kept on running to where ever my feet took me. I didn't care about the down pour of the rain, the darkness of the night, the touch of the ferocious cold wind on my skin. I didn't care about anything. The only thing on my mind was to run. Run from the somber house behind me, run from the pain, run from him, run far away from society. I needed to escape from the world and be by myself.

At some point I reached a clearing far from town. The trees around swayed with such great force. The raindrops landed on my face one after the other, mixing together with the tears that were already rolling down my cheeks. I felt so cold. So cold and helpless. I hugged myself trying to keep warm, but failed. My whole body went numb; my legs felt weak. I started to lose consciousness as I fell to the wet grass. I could hear my name being called from within the trees. It was probably my imagination. No one would be crazy enough to go out into the inclement storm. No one but me, that is. What has gotten into me? Why am I hurting so much? I looked up at the grey sky, the dark clouds, and the thousands of droplets for the last time. Is it really going to end this way?


The urgency and loudness of the voice assured me that it wasn't in my head anymore. Someone was actually calling my name. But who could it be? I used the last of my energy to keep my eyes open for a little longer. Even with the tears and raindrops obscuring my vision, I was able to glimpse at a pair of dark blue eyes approaching me. Next thing I know, I'm enveloped in warmth, my face buried on the person's hard chest. Unable to move, I laid there wrapped in his arms. It felt so nice, and I wanted it to last forever. At least for now. But as any great thing, it has to end at some point. As soon as the hug ended, I could feel the cold air once again on my body. The sensation of fainting came back as well. Luckily, two hands supported me by the shoulder.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt, right?"

I wanted to say 'yes, I'm fine', but that wasn't the case. Although I wasn't physically hurt, my heart was, my feelings were. I could only shake my head slightly before a hand touched my cheek and my forehead.

"You're burning up. I have to get you back home."

I was lifted up from the ground and carried away from the field. I grabbed the person's shirt and held it as tight as I could. I decided to finally look up and see the face of the person who took the time to look for me, who knew something was wrong. I ended up staring at spiky onyx hair and sharp eyes. I looked down to his neck and saw the necklace containing the sword pendant. All my doubts on who it was vanished.

"G...Gray..." I managed to let out in a soft whisper. Who knew he would come to my aid out of all people.

"Shh. Try to rest for now." He replied while smiling down at me. It was a warm, yet sad smile. I leaned against him even more and closed my eyes, hoping the pain I felt would leave soon. I focused on the sound of the falling rain as well as the steady beating of his heart. For once, I felt at ease even if I was drenched in cold water by now.

Gray's P.O.V.

I never realized something would go wrong when Lucy decided to visit Natsu. It wasn't until Mirajane informed me that Lisanna was with him that I knew something might go wrong. I don't know why, but I just had this bad feeling growing inside me. About 20 minutes had passed when I reached the fire mage's house. By that time, there was already a downpour of rain outside. It didn't bother me. I had been through worse cases while training up in the cold mountaintops along with Ur. It had seemed Lucy didn't even come to his house, at least that's what Natsu had told me. Without even saying goodbye, I left.

The premonition I had felt earlier started getting bigger to the point where I started to frantically search for Lucy. If she had changed her mind, then she would have gone back to the guild since she had promised to help Levy with something after visiting Natsu, and Lucy never breaks a promise. But if that was really the case, then we would have crossed paths along the way. After all, there's only one possible route to take between the guild and his house*. I started getting worried especially with the raging storm now. Lucy was not one to stay out in the cold for long periods of time; everyone knew that.

As I ran, something caught my eye. It was shining like a light among the darkness of the city. I approached it and came to find out it was her celestial keys. I froze. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. I looked around to see where I was. In front of me was the thick forest. Lucy, please be safe...

The trees' thick branches and huge leaves shielded me from the rain. I felt like I was in a labyrinth, turning every which way shouting the spirit mage's name without any response in return.

I made it to a clearing where I saw something, or should I say someone, laying in the dead center of it. It had to be Lucy. It just had to be. My heart beat faster than ever as I yelled her name as loud as I could. The only response I got was a slight turn of her head.

I ran as fast as my legs could go and hugged her with all my might. I didn't want to let go for fear of her somehow vanishing if I did. I was filled with relief but knew we couldn't stay out much longer especially after knowing she had a fever. I carried her back to her house, wandering what happened, how she ended there, why she recklessly decided to run into the forest instead of going home. One question after another popped into mind. Confusion filled my head.

I somehow managed to reach her small house with the downpour. As much as I wanted to enter through the window like I always do with Natsu, I decided to use the door for once. It was a small cozy place, big enough to house Lucy at least.

I laid her down on her bed while unintentionally brushing a strand of hair off her face in the process. It felt awkward but right. I stared at her as she slept. Her perfectly combed hair was now in a mess, her face was red from the fever, yet she still looked lovely to me. The only thing that worried me was the sad look on her face she still had on from when I found her. What the hell happened, Lucy?

I surrounded my hand with ice and laid it on top of her forehead and kept it there, trying to ease her burning face**. I looked out the window, but just ended up facing the wall of the building next door.

It was evident the rain wasn't going to let up for a few more hours. The thought of going to Fairy Tail and informing everyone about Lucy crept into my mind, but I didn't want her to be left alone. Not after what happened. There could be a crazed person waiting outside ready to attack for all I know!

I will stay until the next morning. I told myself. I will protect Lucy until then.

So there I was, sitting next to her bedside, my hand placed on her forehead, dreading to fall asleep for the rest of the night...

Ugh! I didn't know how to end this, so the ending, I admit, is bad.

I'm thinking about making another chapter for it, but I won't promise anything.

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* I'm sure there are many possible routes between Natsu's house and the guild, but saying there was only one kind of helped with the story.

** I actually saw that in a doujinshi before and found it pretty cute, so I added it. I don't know who made it though. :(