Here it is then the sequel, hope you all enjoy it ! :) xx

It had been three months since Louie had been sentenced. Jeff had made Mia go to councilling twice a week, it seemed to help, It helped him after the shootings, and Dixie after the Molones so he was sure it would help her. After a lot of protesting she finnally agreed to go, after the first session she didn't talk to either of them but after the second she calmed down understanding it was for the best.

She was back at school, and best friends with Amanda. It took a lot of courage, for her to go back but she did. Jeff and Dixie had a few phone calls about her school work being poor, they were going to speak to her about it. For now they wanted to forget about everything, and enjoy their holiday.

"Jeff can I have some Coke?" The three of them were on a plane, heading towards Tenerife.

"You are Joking princess, have you seen the price ?!" Jeff moaning at the price the drink cost on the plane,


"Ok, ok don't stare at me like that." she gave him her best puppy dog eyes, while pouting her lips. Inside Jeff didn't care how much it cost, he was so pleased with Mia he would buy her anything. She had been recovering really well, the first month was awful. He remembered the endless panic attacks, sleepless nights. She even passed out in sainsburys because she hadent eaten anything, this was when him and Dixie forced her to go to councilling. They had a massive argument with her that lasted a week, she said she was coping that she was it was quiet obvious she wasent. There was a lot of arguments during that month, but they always made up in the end. During that one, she ran off they found her with Ellie in the graveyard, this was when she finnally agreed to go to the councilling.

Jeff told Dixie they should get away for a little while, somewhere to just forget about things. So here they were mid flight, on there way to Tenerife for two weeks. They didn't tell Mia until this morning, that was a great wake up call.

It was 4am, the alarm woke Jeff and Dixie up. Jeff put his hands in his ears until Dixie stopped the clock,

"Oh Dix, why did you have to pick the early flight" Jeff groaned

"Because Jeff, that was the only flight. Anyway when else do we get the exscuse to wake Mia up at 3am" she go up immediatly going into the bathroom, splashing her face with cold water.

"Well you do that while, I go back to sleep" he yawned closing his eyes once more

"Suit yourself Jeffrey, you can always stay behind and do the paperwork" she came out switching on the light

"UP" Jeff sat up immediatly rubbing his eyes, no way was he letting Dixie and Mia have all the fun, while he was left to do the paperwork. After all, it was him who paid not by his choice Dixie took his credit card to the travel agents.

"When is the taxi getting here?" He stood up streching

"Um 5:30 I think, but we need to pack Mia's clothes, because somebody forgot to do it while she was at school yesterday" He left the room, before she moaned at him for something else at this dead time in the morning. He looked in Mia's room watching her sleeping peacefully. Jeff smirked to himself, he was going to enjoy this waking her up this early. Waking up at half seven was too much for her, he smirked knowing him and Dix would wake her up just as the taxi got there. This way she had no time to do her hair or make-up, making her look like in her opinion a zombie.

Jeff and Dixie packed all Mia's clothes leaving her a change, finishing Just in time for the taxi arriving they could now put their cunning plan into action. Jeff decided he was going to wake Mia up with water, like she had did to him the previous week after all he said he was going to get her back. He got the water from the fridge before going into Mia's room unscrewing the lid. Dixie watching on in the doorway,

"Your going to pay for that Jeffrey" She giggled, knowing Mia wouldn't let him get away with it. Thats when he tipped the bottle over her, followed by a scream causing him to laugh as he saw mia sit up dreched in water.


"Hello princess, taxi is here" He said cheerfully fully dressed and ready to go.

"What?" she looked between the both of them confused.

"Your clothes are over there, princess be ready in 5 minutes"

"5 minutes, Jeff where are we going at 5am?"

"Wait and see" he tapped her on the nose, while she glared at him, he left her to get ready.

Now they were sat together, on there way to there first family holiday that they all rightly deserved.

"Seriously Jeff, you owe me, my hair is still damp" Mia fiddled with her hair, feeling the dampness dissapear very slowley. Unscrewing the lid to her coke then drinking,

"I have no make up on or anything" she complained looking in her little pocket mirror.

"You look lovely princess" He kissed her head lightly then played with her hair,

"Blimey it is still damp" sniggering, while Mia hit him with the bottle on the leg. Jeff knew she looked lovely, he hated it in a way, he knew it would be soon when she would find a boyfriend. He had warned her about this plently of times, that he would never let her have a boyfriend she would have to be a nun.

"Jeffrey, can I have some coffee" Dixie was looking in the catolouge in the food and drink section

"Have I got a sign on my head saying bank?!" Jeff pointed to his head empathising the matter

"I can put a sign on your head saying bank, if you like Jeffrey" Dixie giggled

"Here you go" He sighed handing over the five pound note, that had been crumpled from being in his pocket. This was going to be a good and expensive holiday he thought to himself, but smilling all the same.