I was shaking but it was being controlled by Jeff hugging me, I felt another sharp pain in my stomach causing me to wince and put my hand there.

"Do you want some more pain killers?" Jeff asked, looking concerned but I didn't want to avoid the pain I wanted to feel what I had done.

"No, I'm fine" I lied scrunching up my face as another wave of pain hit me.

"No you're not your in pain"

"I should be in pain, it's my punishment" I felt so annoyed at myself, how could I not know I was pregnant?

"Mia please stop thinking like this, you don't deserve to be in pain or be punished" He put his arm around me comfortingly, while I just ignored the pain radiating through my lower abdomen. The door burst open making me jump, it revealed Dixie looking in a rather worried state.

"Mia, what happened? Why you in here sweetheart"

"Jeff help me please, I can't say it again" I whimpered, I couldn't say what happened again it hurt me to much.

"She had an ectopic pregnancy, the tube ruptured" Jeff explained while tightening his grip,

"Mia why didn't you tell me? I could have helped" Dixie sat the other side of me, but I couldn't look at either of their faces. She did sound upset that I didn't confined in her, but I would have if I knew I was pregnant.

"I didn't know... If I did I would have I promise" I replied feeling worse, I should have realised something was wrong and told one of them preferably Dixie but I wouldn't have kept it a secret from Jeff either, but I didn't and this is why my baby was dead.

"It's ok sweetheart, I thought you were on the pill" I sniffed a little, I felt better with the two of them here but I still felt responsible.

"I was, I think I missed a couple." I admitted feeling annoyed If I would have remembered to take the pill this wouldn't have been happening. The door opened again, before they could ask any more questions, it was Zoey with another woman very formally dressed slightly intimidating me.

"Mia this is Laura she is the hospital councillor," Councillor I really didn't feel like talking, it wasn't going to do much good now was it.

"Hello Mia" I didn't reply to her fake cheery voice, or look up to the fake smile.

"We will be outside princess" Jeff kissed my head before getting off the bed, My eyes following him, then Dixie did the same.

"What… Where you going?" I asked scared, why were they leaving me?

"It's ok sweetheart we will only be outside, but you will benefit more by talking to her alone" Dixie said calmly, but I didn't believe her I didn't want to talk to the councillor or benefit in anyway. They left the room; my eyes darted to the stranger opposite. Why did I have to talk anyway it wasn't much good now was it?


Jeff POV

I shut the door behind me and Dixie before talking,

"Please tell me you knew Dix?"

"Jeff I know less than you, what were you on about in there ectopic pregnancy? Jeff I didn't even know she was pregnant!" Dixie hissed back to me that would mean Mia was telling the truth that she really didn't know she was pregnant. This was only going to make things worse, then I noticed Aaron sat on the chair that was down the hall, I don't know what was going through my mind but I just went to him standing over him.

"Did you know?" I asked, if he knew surely he would have told one of us?

"If I would have known, don't you think I would have made her get checked out?" He answered looking up to me, not looking afraid or frightened, but he did look like he had been crying.

"I dunno, would you?"

"Of course, what type of person do you think I am?"

"I dunno, what type of person are you?"

"Look can you just stop trying to make me feel bad, if you're going to hit me or hurt me in any way just get it over and done with," He stood up holding his arms down showing he was ready and wasn't going to retaliate. But Dixie came in front of him like a bolt,

"Jeffrey don't you dare touch him, he has just lost his child too you know" She didn't raise her voice, but just spoke in a way that made me step back. Not that I would have hit Aaron, I would have if he would have backed away, but he didn't he was willing to take it, that was more than what I would have done for my girlfriend at 16.

"You brought her here didn't you?" I asked him, Mia wouldn't have ever come to the E.D by choice she hated hospitals, even though she always seemed to be in them for one way or another.

"Well I wasn't going to take her home the state she was in"

"What happened?"

"She was sick really sick, she didn't argue with me about coming here, she couldn't even walk. Then we came just outside the hospital, she clutched her stomach and fell into me she couldn't stand up. Then she passed out. They weren't going to operate, they needed either of your two's permission, but I said because I was the dad of the baby could I give permission. I told them to blame me if anything went wrong in surgery, so they reluctantly agreed" Aaron said a tear falling from his eye as he sat back down in the seat, Dixie sat next to him.

"It's alright, she is going to be fine, I can't thank you enough for bringing her here" She put her arm around him, while I was thinking things through, if it wasn't for him Mia would be dead. He was the one that gave permission for the life-saving operation to go ahead. I gulped feeling so small, he done what I had made him promise to do look after Mia if me or Dix weren't there. Although I didn't expect it to happen this way.

"Thanks" I said bluntly, I was grateful but I still wasn't sure what to think, but I was sure Mia wouldn't be able to get through this without his support.

"You don't need to thank me, I was only doing what I thought was right. If you want me to go I'll understand" He looked up directly looking me in the eye, I shook my head

"Nah you can stay, Mia will need you" I looked back to the door wondering what was going on with Mia and the councillor, I knew she wouldn't be happy about talking but it really was for the best.



I was extremely annoyed at Jeff and Dixie leaving me, I moved my glance to the celling to avoid looking at the woman,

"Mia do you know what has happened?"

"What you mean that I have lost my baby that I didn't know I had, and there was nothing I could do to stop it" I replied sarcastically, wanting her to leave.

"How do you feel?"

"Why do you care what I feel?" I asked spitefully, I was never normally like this but I didn't want to talk not now.

"It's important to talk about your feelings"

"Why is it going to bring my baby back?"

"No but you…"

"Exactly, I don't feel like talking can you just go"

"Is that because you don't know how your feeling?" I knew how I felt I just wasn't going to say this to her, I felt anger, shame, guilt, sad, depressed.

"No its because I don't want to talk" What part of I don't want to talk wasn't she getting?

"You need to let out your emotions, you can't bottle them up" she sounded so fake it annoyed me, covering up her true feelings towards me.

"Why not?"

"Because It will make you ill" she persisted again.

"Maybe I want to be ill" I replied getting frustrated that she couldn't just leave me alone.

"You want to feel in pain" Why was she asking all these questions, I got annoyed and answered them without thinking as to what I was saying.

"I don't want to be ill, or be in pain, I want to die and be with my baby" I admitted looking at her shocked expression I only just realised what I said.