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"Zuo. Finally here I see." The leader of the eight heads of Orochi sneered with hate as it saw the shadowed figure of a lithe cat stepping out of the shadows.

"Zuo! Zuo is here!" The light head screeched with glee.

"Huh? Zuo is here? Where?" The lightning head asked idiotically, swinging his head to and fro, looking for his said enemy. As you know the lightning head is ignorant as it is situated directly opposite of the fire head at the back, where it doesn't know anything.

"Kill..." The dark head muttered darkly. Pun not intended.

"I'm looking forward to see you finally gone." Spat out the poison head, voice venomous and deadly.

"Sssss. Zuo. Dead." The water head hissed, speaking on one word sentences.

"Betrayal is not accepted in our army." The earth head said firmly, solid dissaproval in it's eyes.

"Fuuuu." The wind head made a swishy sound, but obviously looking pleased at the situations as it's other heads.

The cat, mini compared to the monster infront of it, looked unaffected and gazed at the treacherous youkai with a bored gaze. Then, it eye-smiled. Sick and mocking, hiding it's grey irises with a loud, snick.

"Thank you for the welcome party. I knew you guys loved me and all, but don't you think you overdid it?" The voice, undoubtly male, rutted evenly out of it's throat, voice pleasant and with fake happiness in every word.

All the eight heads recoiled distainfully, hissing and narrowing their eyes, "What barbaric words are you spewing?!" The fire head snarled.

"If I might imply Ho-kun*. These collars are awfully annoying, they itch and are constricting." Zuo addressed the fire head, using it's nickname, knowing it'll rile the serpent up. He clawed the iron collar around his neck, the chains dangling from it jingled in the movement. The chain end was held by crimson beast, flames as it's body and armour giving it shape tightly studded around it. It stood on four legs, and it's shape resembled a centaur, four legs and two arms. In it's hand it held a large katana, while the other hand it held Zuo's chains. It's head was an exact copy of the fire head's, completing the look.

The leader of the eight snakes glared at the tiny cat, and as if on cue, the guard holding Zuo's chains gave his chains a harsh yank, the spikes on the inside of the collar digging into Zuo's neck. The black cat inwardly flinched at the pain.

"You know better Zuo. That collar restrains you in that pitiful form and with my shadow as your guard, you have no escape of your fate." The fire head explained patiently and easily.

"Tenka-san** is fairly weak, and having the title as the crimson helm is a bit decieving." Zuo commented. The crimson helm showed no signs that it heard that, only shifting slightly as it heard it's name. Of course, the crimson helm is just a shadow, with only hatred as it's emotion.

"San. San? Of all the -kun I heard from you calling us, why call that lesser being san?" The poison head asked spitefully, albeit abit exasperated.

"Well, Doku-chan***, I think Tenka-san looks a whole lot cooler and bulkier than all of you." Zuo stated matter of factly.

"ENOUGH. Execute the traitor." Whispered a very omnious voice, quiet but somehow everyone in the chamber heard it.

"Hai! Yami-sama!" Every youkai/monster in the chamber yelled, all falling to one knee to the command. The crimson helm harshly dragged, if not quickly, Zuo to the platform where he stood up infront of all the other monsters. Zuo was dumped ungraciously between the two muscled imps that had two spears that were made of ink black metal. Sign of corruption.

"Any last words, scum?" Zuo stared, unimpressed, at the hidden evil.

"Just a word of advice. You should have killed me before asking questions." With that, the two imps raised their spears and moved to pierce Zuo's heart. Said cat easily moved slightly so the spears hit on his collar instead. The collar, under the simple pressure of two muscled imps with abnormal strength, and two sharp, and shiny, spears... cracked. And crumbled. And broke.

It was a long time before everymonster watching got over their shock. "HE ESCAPED!"





Panic. Panic. Shock. Panic. Wao. In their panic stupor, they missed the escaping assailant, disappearing in a cloud of dark mist.

"Trash! He escaped! Search for him!" At least the evil overlord is smarter than an average youkai. The big crowd finally calmed down enough to search and obey their lord's orders. Unfortunately for them. The cunning little cat is untraceable by scent, and unseeable by eye, like nothing really.

"Lesson trashes. Kill before asking." Zuo chuckled from far away, looking smugly at the demons that are desperately looking for him, but with miserable results.

*Is Romaji for fire

**Is Romaji for fire caused by lightning

***Is Romaji for poison