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"Eeewww..." Zuo stared at his bloodied paw disgustedly. After years of killing, it still did him no good to keep cleaning his bloodied fur. Might as well drag the body somewhere out of sight, it was proper manners, after all.

Zuo took the corpse of the bandit spiders in his teeth, wrinkling his nose as the man's stench hit him. It was like elephant dung dunked in a year old laundry pile. He delicately dragged the body with him, leaving the head behind; the remaining bandits should know to mess with him. Taking care so that the little body on his back stayed on, Zuo walked up to a mountain cliff. There, he threw the man's body off without a second thought and started cleaning his paw, wiping it on the soft snow, smearing the blood on the cold ground.


Zuo turned around, "Good to see you Lucy."

A minuscule spider, black with glinting red eyes, surrounded by a strong red aura, was on the ground behind Zuo.

"It's not Lucy, it's Lucifer. Now I definitely know it's you." If you could see spiders scowl, it would now be doing that. "I sensed you using my powers, so who's flesh did you fry today?"

"Just a bunch of bandits that abused a child. Their asses got scorched." Zuo said off-handedly, watching calmly as 'Lucy' skittered up and onto his nose.

"Haha! I don't understand why you care about child abuse, after all. You house me, Lucifer, one of the seven demon princes in hell, who gives you lightning powers and is representative of one of the seven mortal sins, pride." Lucy boasted, "Where's the kid?"

Zuo glanced onto his back, Lucy following his gaze, "Oo. That kid's condition doesn't look good. You should get him somewhere warm. Come on, I know a place."

Zuo followed the way Lucy pointed, stalking up to a crack in the wall too close for any space. But as he got closer, he noticed that the crack actually hid a big entrance to an underground cave. His surrounding immediately dimmed as he entered the cave, Lucy helping him a little in navigating around.

Stalagmites hung from the ceilings, occasionally rivulets of water escaping from its grasps, occasionally letting out a drip drop sound. Definitely, inside the cave it was warmer.

"Over there. Then we can get the kid cleaned up." Lucy explained.

Zuo walked onto the edges of an underground water pond. With steam coming out of it. Wait. That isn't a pond...

"You knew there was a hot spring here? I'm impressed." Zuo exclaimed, lowering his nose to sniff at the water's surface.

"So... Boss. You know what to do?" Lucy asked uncertainly, glancing at the child on the boss' back and at the hot spring.

"Hmmm. I should just dump him in." Zuo considered, eyeing the hot spring as well.

"Huh? No, wait! BOSS!" Too late. Zuo easily dumped the child in the hot spring. Where the body began to sink.

"Do you think he died?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"No. Otherwise he would've floated up by now." True to his words. The body hadn't come up yet. Where it disappeared bubbles broke the surface, quantity increasing until finally...

"PUAHH! *Cough* *Wheeze* *Gasp* *Cough*" The boy's head broke the surace, coughing violently and splashing around, his limbs flailing.

"He can't swim can he?" Lucy asked the rhetorical question.

"He can't swim." Zuo deadpanned. He moved into the hot spring to drag the boy to the water's edge. After several moments of silence, the boy's eyes opened, black, Zuo registered the colour and looked at him in confusion. Then it turned into recognition and fear.

"So, kiddo, what's your name?" Zuo asked, trying to be subtle. Lucy was staying quite for the kid's sanity.

The boy's eyes widened. "Y-y-you can talk!"

"Yes I can and yes, you are insane now. And no, you aren't in a dream." Zuo said monotoniously, "Now, are you going to keep me waiting all day or just tell me your name?"

The boy gulped, "K-Kaiba. My name is Kaiba."

"Well, Kaiba, where's your home?" Zuo asked, lying down and tapping one of his claws on the cave floor.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed, he turned away with a huff, "You aren't bringing me back home. I don't want to go back."

A kid's a kid. Zuo thought, wrapping his tail around the boy's waist and yanking his high in the air, with a short scream on the boy's part, and held him there. Zuo watched calmly lying down, at the struggling boy held in the air.

"What are you trying to do?! Unhand me you vile monster!"

"Oh, so lil' Kaiba knows some vocabulary huh? And for correction, I'm a lion, not a 'vile monster' as you put it. And I'm going to bring you forcefully home, whether you like it or not."

"You can't do that! My... my parents hate me and kicked me out! Yeah! They did that!" He yelled, trying to lie and obviously came out with a lame one.

"Mm hmm, that doesn't bother me one bit. If they kicked you out, I'll have a little talk with them for being such asses while you live happily ever after and I'll go my way." With a tone of finality, Zuo left the cave with Kaiba still in his tail's grasp in the air.

"Let. Me. GO!" Kaiba yelled, struggling furiously against the furry limb that was curled firmly around his waist. Zuo easily ignored him, instead humming a song in his head and strolling down the mountain.

It was half-way down the mountain before Kaiba stopped struggling, instead adopting a bored expression and hanging limply in the air.

"Now isn't that so bad? So tell me, where is your home?" Zuo asked, bringing the child next to his head via tail.

"Why should I tell you?" Cue a violent shake of the tail and turning him upside down, "Fine, fine I get it! It's a few day's travel from here to the West!"

"Good." Turning Kaiba back upright, Zuo asked another question, "Where's West?"

That question was however directed at Lucy, who pointed a limb ahead, "You are heading West, Boss."

"Who was that?" Kaiba asked, curiously looking around.

"Yo! That was me!"

"Oh... hello."

"You're not scared of me?"

"Compared to kitty here, you not that scary."

"Oh shucks." Lucy fell into gloom, sulking back on Zuo's snout.

"Kitty? I'm a lion, idiot. Kittys are somehow close to our species." Zuo explained, miffed at the sudden nickname.

And so the arguments lasting several days begin.

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