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Jason raised an eyebrow at Dick.

"Will you ever stop admiring yourself in the mirror"

"No" Dick giggled, he turned around to smile at Jason. "But you've got to admit, I am hot like this"

"I'm more concerned over why Zatanna decided to turn you into a woman, not that I'm complaining"

"Ofcourse you're not" Dick said, rolling his eyes. "I did see the way you were staring at these things" Dick continued, pointing at his breasts.

Jason narrowed his eyes, crossed his arms and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What other should I stare at? Your butt? I see that every day"

"Is that a compliment or not?" Dick asked, while trying to hide a smile as Graceful jumped onto Jasons lap, demanding to be petted, purring as Jason did so.

"does it matter? you take everything as a compliment" Jason snorted

"You're no fun, Jay" Dick pouted.

"Yeah, but I can show you fun" Jason smirked

Dick shook his head slightly, smiling.

Then suddenly he looked down and cupped his breasts.

"These things are really fun"

Jason groaned.

"Those are called breasts, Dickie" He said as Dick kept touching his breasts.

"I know what they are, but I never knew they were so fun"

"Stop playing with your breasts already!" Jason exclaimed as Dick kept on playing with them.

Dick stopped and smirked at Jason.

"I bet you want to play with them instead"