Hinata: Team Heart chapter 01: Coming of Age

BW: Hey everyone, BW here, with a new fanfic. I'm pretty you know this, but this is a NaruHina fanfic, and my first Naruto fic. I had this idea for while, and couldn't stop thinking about it. This story is about what would happen if Hinata was female on Team Kakashi and not Sakura. Naturally, it's a retell of the original story, and I know this probably isn't the first fanfic with that idea in mind and it's probably a very old one by now, but I felt I had to try my hand at it. To be honest, I never really liked Sakura at the beginning, and always preferred Hinata. Now, enough with this, let's get this thing started! And be warned, there will be fanservice, and language.

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At Konoha's Ninja Academy, the Graduation Exam has taken place. All of the young students have passed the exam, and now have become Genin.

Among these graduating students is a young girl with short dark blue hair in a Hime-cut, and white eyes with a hint of lavender in them. She wore a cream colored hooded jacket with fire symbols on the upper right and lift, with fur around the cuffs and hem, and navy blue pants. She more her Leaf forehand protector around her neck.

This is Hinata Hyuga, member of, and heiress to the Hyuga clan's Main Branch, or would be heiress of the Hyuga clan Main Branch. Because of her shyness, and self confidence issues, her father, Hiashi Hyuga decided to focus his attention on Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi, and make her the leader, due to being emotionally stronger then her older sister.

While every one of the graduating class is being greeted by their parents, and receiving congrats from them, Hinata waits for her father to arrive. She looked a little envious of other kids and their parents' proud smiles. Meanwhile, Hinata hasn't been so fortunate in getting her father's attention.

Although, she's generally happy that her fellow classmates are getting praise for passing the exam, she couldn't help but notice, one student in particular, sitting sullenly by himself at the swing. He had blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, and facial markings resembling whiskers. He wore a orange jumpsuit. This is Naruto Uzumaki, who happens to be the class clown.

He's known for his humorous pranks around the village, and his confident attitude, and his general loud behavior, but deep down, Naruto is truly lonely. He didn't have any parents, and no one to call friends. Worst yet, no one in the village seem to like him. The adults would look at him scornfully, and tell their children the stay away from him, especially when he did nothing wrong.

Naruto was the only one who didn't pass the exam, and now must remain at the academy.

Hinata, who is probably the only one here who understands how much pain he's endured over the years, felt sadness.

For one: he couldn't graduate, and achieve his dream, and two: she wouldn't be able to see him anymore. She actually has a secret crush on him, but due to her shyness, she's never been able to get her feelings across. That, and partially due to ignorance on his part.

He tried really hard to pass, but in the end, he failed. She wanted comfort him, as much as she could in fact, and began to walk over to him, but, "Hinata." called her father's voice. Hiashi finally arrived at the academy.

"Oh, father." Hinata said, as she turned around to face him.

"I see you graduated. Excellent work." Hiashi said, however, unlike the other parents, he didn't look particular proud, or have a smile on his face. He had more a stern and strict personality than most.

"Uh… thank you very much." Hinata thanked. Although Hiashi didn't sound nice when he said his praise, it was enough that he said "excellent work".

"Alright, let's go home." said Hiashi, and began walking back home.

"Yes, sir." Hinata complied. Before she followed Hiashi home, she took one last look at Naruto. She was surprised to see Mizuki-sensei asking him to come with him.

Though he was another instructor like Iruka-sensei, something always felt off about Mizuki-sensei. He had a nice smile, and looked like a generally nice person, but there was something creepy about him, Hinata couldn't place. Either way, didn't matter, because she hoped he'd help Naruto coup with his depression, since she can't do it herself.

"Hinata!" Hiashi called to his eldest daughter.

"Coming!" Hinata replied, and ran up to catch up to her father. The two walk home soon after.

(-Late Afernoon-)

The sunset was setting, as the father-daughter duo travel home to the Hyuga estate. It was quiet. Naturally because Hinata didn't want to trouble her strict father more then she already did, and Hiashi probably wouldn't be interested in anything to talk about.

She remember the words some of the adults spoke before Hiashi showed up.

"There, it's that boy. I heard he's the only who failed." said one of the adults, referencing Naruto.

"Well, it serves him right." another huffed, clearly satisfied that Naruto couldn't become a ninja.

"Just think would happen if he became a ninja. I mean, he's the boy who-" "Shh! We're not allowed to talk about that."

Hinata had overheard that conversation, and wondered what they weren't allowed to talk about. It definitely had something to do with Naruto, and why the adults don't like him.

It may be stupid to ask now, but she felt she had to know, "Um… father?" she called to Hiashi.

"What?" Hiashi answered, stopping to chat, not that he had any interest.

"Um… well…" Hinata began fidgeting with her figures, feeling nervous as usual. Hiashi waits patiently for his daughter to speak up. "Uhh… w-why does everyone… hate Naruto?" she finally asked.

This came as a surprise to Hiashi, but he remained silent for a short moment. His response to this question is, "That… is nothing for you to be concerned about."

"… But…" Hinata began protesting, but one look at her father's stern face told her to back down.

Hiashi was beginning to sense something. This is actually the first time that Hinata spoke of her own personal interests, something she hasn't done in some time. Not after her mother's death. "How do you really feel about that boy?" Hiashi asked his daughter, to her surprise.

With her shocked expression, her cheeks turned red. She began fidgeting again, while turning her head away.

"… W-Well, um… n-never mind…" Hinata mumbled under her breath. There was no way she could tell him that she actually liked Naruto, because she knew he would immediately disapprove.

"I see. Well then, let's get going." Hiashi orders, and marches straight, with his dejected daughter following along.

(-Later that night: Hyuga Main House-)

Later that night, in the family bath house, Hinata is bathing alone, meanwhile collecting her thoughts.

Ever since as long as she could remember, she has tried to earn her father's praise and respect. And when that failed, she tried to get Naruto's attention, but thanks ignorance being bliss, Naruto doesn't seem to realize her efforts.

Now that she's thinking about Naruto, she started getting depressed. Why did she graduate and become a ninja alone, while her first crush remains a dropout? It would have been nice if they could graduate, and become Shinobi together. That's all but a distant dream now.

"Naruto-kun…" she muttered.

"Sister!" Hanabi's voice called from behind the sliding door. Hanabi opened it, and walked dressed in a towel.

"Hanabi, what is it?" Hinata asked her younger sister.

"Can I talk to you?" Hanabi asked.

"Sure." Hinata answered.

Both sister were now bathing together.

"I heard you graduated from the academy today." Hanabi said.

"Yeah, I managed." said Hinata.

"I'm kind of envious. You got to go the academy, while I'm pretty much at home training with father." said Hanabi.

"Oh, no. You don't need any reason to be jealous of me, Hanabi. You're going to lead the clan one day, so you need father's training." stated Hinata.

"Really? I think you would make a great leader of the clan, if you put your heart in it, Sister." Hanabi said, and she wasn't lying.

"Eh? R-Really?" Hinata stuttered. Hanabi nods with a smile. Normally the older sister should encourage the younger sibling, however, Hinata doesn't mind this particular situation. Unlike Hiashi, Hanabi is generally nicer to her older sister, despite being chosen over Hinata for position of heiress to the Hyuga clan. "Thank you, Hanabi." Hinata thanked her little sister, and smiled as well.

Just when the moment was getting good, Hanabi twitch her head towards the wall.

"Hanabi?" Hinata asked in confusion of her sister's behavior.

"Someone's out there!" Hanabi yelled, as she jumped to her feet. Hinata stood up in shock as well.

Hanabi activates her family's signature ability, Byakugan to see through the wall, and to get look at this mysterious intruder. No one was there.

"Huh? That's odd. I thought I heard someone out there." Hanabi said, "Was it my imagination?" she wondered. Either her mind was truly tricks on her, or maybe someone truly was there, but quickly escaped before Hanabi had time to activate her Byakugan.

"Um… Hanabi, why would someone come here in the first place?" asked Hinata.

"Either to take the secret of our family's ability… or sneak a peek." Hanabi said, with a straight face no less.

"S-Sneak a peek…?" Hinata muttered, with a generally uncomfortable look on her face.

"Well, if someone wanted to sneak a peek at you, sister, I'd have every reason to think they'd make the right choice, since you have a more appealing body." Hanabi said, with a smile, and giving a thumbs up as well.

True, Hinata is more developed then the average girl, but it was quite embarrassing that her sister would say that, even if she had no offense intended.

"Ehh…?" Hinata didn't know whether to be happy or not, but she is glad that Hanabi has more confidence in herself.

Meanwhile, Hiashi, interestingly enough, is sitting outside, panting and breathing heavily. It would appear that he was running from something, or maybe somewhere.

"Hah… hah… ha…!" Hiashi panted.

"Hiashi-sama!" bellowed Hyuga clan member as he spotted the family head in his tired state, and rushed to his aid. "Is everything alright, Hiashi-sama?" he asked.

"I-I'm fine!" Hiashi claims, as he stood, "I'm just tired."

"I see…" said the Hyuga member, "Then, what has you so tired and out of breath, sir?" he asked.

"What? Uh… I was out jogging." Hiashi lied.

"Jogging?" the Hyuga questioned. He didn't think Hiashi, the head of the Main Branch, would be jogging in the middle of the night.

"Yes, jogging! Is there a problem with that?" Hiashi asked, with an intimidating glare.

"N-No. No problem at all." the Hyuga answered.

"Good. Now if you'll excuse me." Hiashi trots off after that.

Though he knew it was probably wrong, the Hyuga clan member stared suspiciously at Hiashi as walked away. The direction he must've came from was from the Main Branch's bath house. He if remembered correctly, Miss Hinata should be taking a bath, right now.

"Was he…?" The Hyuga member began. He stood quietly, thinking about what he's thinking of. "No, it can't be." the Hyuga member decided, and left the issue be.

Meanwhile, Hiashi is lost deep in his own thoughts, "It seems I trained Hanabi a little too well. Perhaps a break from training is in order." he muttered. After that he makes a mental note on Hinata's hidden curves, "Hinata has grown quite well."

Let's leave wherever he's been to your imaginations, shall we?

(-A few days later: Leaf Village Ninja Academy, classroom-)

It's orientation day at the Academy. The graduating students are to report back to the Ninja Academy to be notified on how they will function as ninja from now on. Iruka-sensei has yet to arrive though, so the students are waiting.

Hinata arrives in the classroom some time after a few other students. She hadn't slept well, knowing that Naruto wouldn't be here. But, one thing that surprised her was that Naruto actually did showed up as well, and he was pretty happy.

He wore the Leaf forehead protector, and that was a good sign. It was like the gloomy Naruto from the other day, has vanished. He sat gleefully at table down below where she was sitting. If she could, she'd sit next to him, but she was once again, too shy to. Or so you would think. Her happiness for him taking over, Hinata walks towards Naruto's table.

"U-Um, Naruto-kun…" Hinata mumbled. She was nervous in speaking to him, naturally.

"Huh? Oh, hey Hinata. What's up?" Naruto greets her with the same grin.

"Uh, well… it looks like you managed to graduate, Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

"Yeah, that's right! Check out the Leaf Headband! Looks pretty cool, huh?" Naruto began tilting his headband proudly.

"Y-Yeah, it's very cool." Hinata agrees, "Naruto-kun graduated too. Thank goodness." Hinata thought, with her bright smile in toe. This was the first time she talked Naruto so causally. It made her so happy.

"You think so? Hehe, guess this head gear was made for me, huh?" Naruto chuckled.

While Naruto and Hinata are chatting with each other, hard running noise can be heard from outside the hall. Two junior Kunoichi were racing each to the academy, and more to the point, their classroom, and needless to say, they were a bit too close to each other. They squeezed their way in through the door together.

"I'm first here!" they say together. One of the girls had long pink hair, and bright green eyes. She had a wide forehead. She wore a red short sleeve qipao dress, tight dark green shorts, and wore her forehead protector on top of her head. This girl's name, is Sakura Haruno. The other girl had pale blonde hair, tied in a ponytail, and wore entirely purple. This is Ino Yamanaka, who could be seen as friend, and rival to Sakura.

As you no doubt guess (and already should know) these two girls are completely opposite of Hinata. Unlike her, they have more confidence in themselves, especially when it comes to their affections.

As the two began quarrelling on who one got to class first, Naruto turns around to see the commotion. He blushes at the sight of Sakura. Disappointed that his gaze wasn't at her, Hinata brings a sad and somewhat envious expression on her face. Naruto always paid attention to Sakura, because of his obvious crush on her, and generally thought of Hinata as a quiet and strange girl, to her own distress.

Sakura meanwhile, turns her head, and seemed to look in Naruto's direction, much to his delight. He was thinking that she likes his new look, with the headband on. Amazing how he doesn't even notice Hinata. He was talking to her about it too.

Sakura, for some reason, rushes down happily to Naruto, and just as he's about to greet her, she knocks him down, not even giving him a second glance. In fact, she wasn't even look at him at all.

Hinata wrought a worried expression on her face when she saw what just happened. Naruto was fine though, thank god. But, Hinata, though not openly given her polite nature, expressed disapproval of treating Naruto like that. Then again, she is somewhat relieved that Sakura doesn't have the slightest interest in Naruto.

Sakura had spotted something more interesting in mind, and it's name, Sasuke Uchiha, the most talented student in the academy, and also the most good looking boy in the whole bunch. Sleek black and spiky hair, and sharp onyx eyes, Sasuke wore a blue t-shirt, and white shorts.

"Um, hi Sasuke-kun!" she greeted to Sasuke, who only sat one seat apart from Naruto. In response to Sakura's greeting, Sasuke silently glances at her, not even returning her greeting. In fact, he didn't even speak. Sasuke prefers not to talk with anyone, and would rather keep to himself.

Sakura has an obvious crush on Sasuke, like the rest of the girl in her class, with the sole exception of Hinata, who has more interest in the class underdog, Naruto.

"I-It is okay, if I sit next to you?" she asked, shyly.

"Hold it, who you get to sit next to Sasuke-kun?!" Ino marches towards with jealous expression. Soon the two girls were arguing on who can sit next to Sasuke, base on who got here first. Soon the rest of the girls in class, apart from Hinata got into the argument. Unfortunately, Hinata was in the middle of the chaos.

Sasuke was less then amused, because they were making such a racket. He has no interest in girls once so ever.

(-Hokage council room-)

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi, and several Jonin level ninjas are watching the chaos unfold through a crystal ball.

One of the Jonin, Kakashi Hatake, had his open eye on the students he'll teaching.

"Sasuke Uchiha. The most gifted in the Academy." said the Third.

"The only survivor of the Uchiha clan." said a female Jonin, Kurenai.

"He'll be under your watch Kakashi." said the Third to Kakashi.

"Hmm…" Kakashi stares silently at image in the crystal ball.

Not only does he have his eye on Sasuke, but also on Naruto, and evidentially, Hinata. From what he gathered about her, Hinata could serve as emotional support for the team, but he wasn't going to get his hopes up yet. For now, he'll just have to watch them and see.

(-Academy classroom-)

While the Sasuke fan girls were bickering amongst themselves, Naruto, feeling angry, jumps up on the desk, and gives a nasty look to Sasuke. This time, Sasuke returns to sentiment.

"Need something, loser?" Sasuke rudely asked.

"I dunno. You tell me, asshole." Naruto answered, also in a rude tone. Their glares at each other get electric at that point. Naruto and Sasuke never got along in the first place. Naruto always wondered why every girl in this class likes Sasuke so much. What's so great him? That's what Naruto's thinking as he glares at his rival.

The girls, especially Sakura were yelling at Naruto to get away from Sasuke. Naruto refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Hinata, who was watching the whole things, hopes that Naruto doesn't get into trouble.

"N-Naruto-kun…!" Hinata whispered.

However, in the excitement, one of the overzealous boys in class inadvertently bumps Naruto from behind, and pushes his face into Sasuke's.

There was a pause in the girls at that moment. It seems the two boys had kissed each other, purely by accident.

Upon parting their lips, Naruto and Sasuke were coughing and gagging, with pure disgust. Hinata found kind of funny to see those two act like that, but was little sad that she wasn't the first person Naruto kissed.

Meanwhile the fan girls, Sakura in particular, flipped out. Her Inner personality expressed intense anger at what Naruto had done. She preached that she was going to be Sasuke's first kiss, and that Naruto was going to pay for stealing it.

And pay, he would. He sensed bloodlust coming from Sakura and all the fan girls in the room, who gave him glares that pretty much signed his death warrant. In his defense, it was an accident, but they weren't listen. They processed to pummeling and beating Naruto to near death, and most certainly showed no sign of stopping. Hinata, not bearing the sight of Naruto getting beaten up for something that was not his fault, tried to stop them, but was powerless.

Soon, Iruka finally shows up, and breaks the fight up. If you could call that a fight. Naruto looked half dead, with bruise and scares all over his face. Hinata apologized to Naruto in her heart for not being strong enough to stop the other girls.

Sakura, like she wanted, sat next to Sasuke, with the rest of the girls jealous, although Naruto was next to her too. She doesn't seem to care. Hinata would have at least liked to sit next to Naruto, but was forced to sit elsewhere, to her dismay. She wondered to herself, why does Naruto like Sakura, even when she's so mean to him. As far back as she could remember, Sakura has never returned Naruto's feelings, no matter how hard he tried.

Now that everyone was seated and calmed down, things can finally get underway.

Iruka-sensei began explaining the road the Genin will follow from this day forward. Soon after, he explains about the how the Genin paired into teams of three, and then began announcing the teams by number.

Hinata hoped with all her heart that she'd be paired with Naruto. If there was chance she and Naruto would be on the same team, then she couldn't be happier.

Naruto on the other hand, wanted to be with Sakura, and didn't care who else, so long as it wasn't with that irritating Sasuke.

Naturally, Sakura wants to be with Sasuke, and couldn't care less about who else is there.

Unfortunately, Sasuke didn't seem too fond of the idea of being on a team. He thought it would only slow him down from his own goals.

Iruka had announced the first six teams, and is now moving on to Team 7, "Next, Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, and Sasuke Uchiha." Iruka announced.

Hinata's heart began beating rapidly. She so overcome with joy, it felt like it was going to burst. However, Naruto was quite frankly, disappointed that Sakura wasn't on his team. Seeing Naruto look so down, Hinata apologized to him again for thinking so selfishly.

Naruto wasn't the only one. Sakura was just as horrified as the other girls that she wasn't on the same team as Sasuke. He's with Hinata, the quietest girl in class. They don't seem to realize that neither Hinata, or Sasuke had any interest in each other.

Soon after that, Iruka announced the rest of the teams.

For Team 8: Sakura Haruno, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame. Didn't change matter's that Sakura was still disappointed about the assignments. She was starting to feel jealous of Hinata. Then again, she's stuck with an annoying loser like Naruto, so it wouldn't be all bad, but still, Hinata and Sasuke. She can't forgive that.

After announcing the last teams were announced, Iruka informed the Genin that their Jonin instructors would meet them after lunch break.

After this, Iruka dismissed his class, and they go off to have lunch with their teammates. But, Sasuke immediately walks out, leaving his team behind.

(-Lunch break-)

Naruto sullen walks outside.

"Man this sucks… not being on the same team as Sakura-chan…" Naruto muttered to himself as he kicks a small pebble as the walk. He wound up with Sasuke, the biggest jerk in class, and Hinata, who can barely talk to anyone, except with a mumble. How could he have been stuck with these two as his teammates?

Hinata stalks right behind him, like she usually does. She knows that Naruto is upset about not being with Sakura, but she at least wanted to get to know him. When she was talking to him earlier, she felt really excited, and wanted to talk with him some more.

She continues follow him, while gathering enough courage to speak up, "N-Naruto-kun!"

"Huh?" Naruto turns around to see Hinata, "Oh, hey Hinata. Something wrong?" Naruto asked in a bored tone. This was understandably different from before, but she still has to try.

"Um… I... I was wondering… w-would like to… eat lunch with me…?" Hinata shyly asked.

"Huh? Alright. Got nothing better to do." Naruto agreed. Hinata smiled to that, and joins him on his walk. Now they have to find a nice spot to eat.

Meanwhile, Sakura had left her team behind to hopefully eat with Sasuke, much to their annoyance.

"Geez, so much for eating as a team!" Kida complained.

"She's infatuated with Sasuke Uchiha, just like the rest of the girls in class." Shino states, "Can you blame her?"

"Yeah, I know. But what do they see in that guy? He just ignores them completely, and thinks he's better than everyone else." complained Kiba.

"Those with strength, and the looks the boast it, attract and draw others to them. Like moths, to a flame." said Shino.

"What?" Kiba is at a loss for words. Kiba's pet dog, Akamaru, resting on his owner's head, gave a confused low whimpered.

Meanwhile, Sakura is still in search of Sasuke. "This'll probably be the last time I see Sasuke-kun! I at least need to know what he thinks of me." she thought.

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