Hinata: Team Heart chapter 09: Bad blood

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It's late afternoon in the village of Konoha. On one of the many roads in the village, three Genin are simply walking home after a long training session.

One of them is a member of the Hyuga Clan, named Neji Hyuga. He is from the Branch House of the clan, and a very serious young man. He is also quite serious about his training. In fact, he's always serious. He rarely smiles, and it's because he's impressed by something, which is also rare.

He walks along side his teammates, Rock Lee and Tenten. Rock Lee is Neji's self-proclaimed rival, and Tenten, though mostly on Neji's side most of the time, cares a good deal about both of them.

"Man... I'm so beat!" Tenten complained. She hated having to train so rigorous everyday. Guy-Sensei really knows how to work somebody during training.

"Training is nothing! You just lack passion, Tenten!" Lee said, with overtly enthusiasm. For someone who likes to train and fight like Lee, he always has plenty of energy left afterwards.

"Yes, sir..." Tenten sighed, she turns her attention to Neji, "Say, Neji? Have you already grown tired of this routine?" she asked him.

"When I'm given time to train, I focus completely on that. Nothing else need be said." Neji said, walking on ahead.

"Hmm..." Tenten hummed, thinking about Neji's words. She found them completely agreeable. "Yeah, you're right. I shouldn't be complaining. If I want to be a great Kunoichi like the Sanin Tsunade-sama, I've got step it up!"

"That is it, Tenten! You have found your passionate spirit!" Lee yelled, giving his teammate a thumbs up.

"I don't really need you cheering me on, but thanks anyway, Lee." Tenten smiled to Lee, before turning back to Neji, who had stopped his advance forward. Tenten and Lee looked confused by their teammate's actions.

"Neji, is something wrong?" Lee asked. He took a few steps closer to get a look at his rival's face. He didn't seem to happy for one thing.

"Neji?" Tenten asked, looking concerned about her teammate's behavior. She noticed that Neji was looking at something. No, more like glaring at something. Very angrily. To gain a little more knowledge about Neji's glaring eyes, Tenten looks in the direction he was looking and saw another team of Genin walking home together. They were a year younger than Neji's team, and they came fresh from the academy. One of those Genin caught Neji's attention.

That Genin, is Hinata Hyuga, the heiress of the Hyuga Clan, and his younger cousin, by one year.

"That girl... is she...?" Tenten was about to ask.

"Yes. That is Hinata Hyuga. A member of the main house, and it's heir." Neji stoically replied.

"Really? If she is the heir, then she must be as strong as you, Neji!" Lee said.

"Actually, she lacks the strength I do, and is pretty much weak." Neji said, crossing his arms.

"But, she graduated from the academy, she must have skill." Tenten said.

Meanwhile, Hinata parts ways with her teammates, Naruto and Sasuke.

"I'll see you guys later." Hinata smiled as she walked in an opposite direction from the two guys.

"Yeah, see ya!" Naruto waved back to Hinata. Sasuke remained silent as usual.

Hinata walks a few paces away from them, only to stop, when she the sees Neji, standing a step few away from her. She most certainly took notice of Neji's glare at her. it was nothing new. Neji had always shown her contempt for her, and it was understandable why. The details for that is story for another time.

Hinata hesitantly advances forward. Despite her cousin's contempt for her, she at least wanted to open his heart to her, at least a little if possible, because they're family. As she approached Neji and his team, stopped in front of them, and politely bowed, "... G-Good afternoon, Neji-Nii-san."

Neji said nothing. He only stood in place for a good five seconds.

"'Nii-san?'" Lee looks confused.

"Neji, is she your sister or something?" Tenten asked. Now that she got a good look at her, she does have slight resemblance to him. Well, only in the eyes, since everyone in the Hyuga clan has the same eye color.

"Actually, we're cousins." Neji said, before turning around and walking the opposite direction.

"Hey, Neji?" Tenten called out to her teammate.

"I'm taking a detour home. I hope to see you tomorrow at training." Neji said, without turning around. He just kept walking away until he eventually disappeared from sight.

"Geez..." Tenten sighed, slightly annoyed. She turns her attention to Hinata, who stood there, looking dejected by her cousin's behavior. "So, you're Neji's cousin, huh?"

"Y-Yes. My name is Hinata Hyuga. It's nice to meet you." Hinata bowed politely again to Tenten, albeit nervously.

"It is also a pleasure! I am Rock Lee!" Lee declared, bowing as well.

"You don't have to follow her lead." Tenten said to Lee, before replying to Hinata, "Anyway, I'm Tenten. Nice to meet you too, Hinata."

Hinata lightly nodded.

"And your from the main house of the Hyuga Clan, right?"

Hinata nodded again, but seemed surprised by the fact that Tenten knew of the family system.

"Oh, you see, Neji told us a thing or two about his family. I think he mentioned his cousin before, being in the Main House."

"And that must mean you are the Main House's heiress, correct?" Lee asked.


"Wow, I was kinda expecting a spoiled heiress, but your really cute, aren't you?" Tenten chuckled.

"U-Um, excuse me...?" Hinata blushed shyly.

"Tenten, I thought you liked Neji. I did not know you were interested in girls." Lee said, misinterpreting Tenten's word. This earned him a swift smack to the head from a blushing Tenten.

"You idiot! What're you talking about?!" Tenten yelled, very much embarrassed by the motion.

"So, you like Neji-Nii-san?"

"D-Don't get the wrong idea! I just have a lot of respect for him, that's all!" Tenten stated. The blush on her face seems to suggest otherwise, though.

"I-I see." Hinata lightly smiled.

"Although, speaking of Neji, you too don't seem to get along very well." Tenten said.

"I noticed that too. Why is that?" asked Lee.

"Well... a lot happened in our family... and it's mostly my fault, anyway..." Hinata turned her eyes downward from Tenten and Lee. There's a guilt written expression on her face, to the duo's confusion.

"Your fault? But, you seem like a nice girl to me." Tenten said, "I don't see how anyone could hate you." Tenten smiled.

"Tenten-san..." Hinata gazed at Tenten. From what she had guessed, Tenten doesn't know much about the Hyuga clan's history, even if she was on the same team as Neji. This could only mean that Neji never told them of what happened to his father.

"So you do like her, do you not?" Lee inquired.

"Shut up!" Tenten yelled, smacking Lee upside the head again.

"Ow!" Lee yelped, "I did not mean it like that." he groaned, before turning to Hinata, "At any rate, Hinata-san, I would like to ask you a favor. If you would, please do me to honor of allowing me to spar with you some time?"


"You are from the same clan as Neji. And you are the heiress. I want to see the true power of the Hyuga Clan's heir!" Lee said, with a fiery determination in his eyes.


"Lee. She's a girl, you know. You can't just ask her to spar with you." Tenten scolded.

"But, I have trained with Neji, and I know for a fact he is strong. But, I want to see the Main House's strength, so I can know, for myself how strong the Hyuga family really is." Lee argued back.

"Oh, geez..." Tenten groaned.

Hinata had been quiet. Her thoughts raised about Lee's request. To think, he is asking someone like her to spar with him. It's really strange, but one look in his eyes, and she could tell right away he was serious. But, even so, Hinata's lack of self esteem continues to plague her.

"I'm sorry, but I really am weak. I don't think you'll gain much from sparring with me."

"No. I believe you can be strong if you put your heart into it. No matter how weak you are at first, you can always become strong." Lee said, "To destroy the old you who is weak, and be reborn anew with strength through will power alone is proof of that."

Just then, Tenten thought "There he goes again, with his rambling..." where Lee gets that confidence most be from Guy-sensei. No one else has that much energy besides those two. Just as she thought that, she noticed that Hinata's expression had changed. She looked amazed by what Lee just said.

Now, Hinata is thinking about them more and more, and begins to think he's right. "Y-Yes. You're right." she said, "I do want to change. I want to destroy the old me, who's too weak to fight her battles for her. So... yes. Let's spar together some time."

"Thank you. I am glad my words were able to inspire confidence in you." Lee smiled with a wink, and a thumbs up.

"Seriously?" Tenten looked surprised, before turning to Hinata "Wow. You are totally different from Neji."

"Is that bad...?" Hinata asked, feeling a little discouraged.

"No. He's really strong and confident and all, but I guess expected his cousin to be the same." Tenten answered, feeling awkward, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have expected that much from you."

"No. It's okay. I've always had self-confidence issues." Hinata said, "But, lately, things have begun to change. I have my teammates support now, so I want to change myself, while I'm still here, as a ninja." she added, "I want to become stronger."

"Teammates, eh." Tenten smiled. Sure enough, this girl is different from Neji. Neji normally prefers to work alone, and doesn't look for any help, always strong, independent, and has the confidence to do and say as he pleases. Shy little Hinata on the other hand, has less confidence, but a desire to be strong, and has her friends in mind to help her keep pushing forward.

Just as Tenten was getting a good picture of Hinata's character, the younger girl started fidgeting with her fingers, "A-And, gain enough confidence to tell... him..." she paused at the thought of telling Naruto about her feelings.

"Oh? 'Him' who? Is there a guy that you like?" Tenten smirked, teasing the younger girl in front of her.

"Eh? W-Well, that's... I..." Hinata stuttered, upon realizing of what she just said.

"Your stuttering says it all." Tenten teased further, "But, don't worry. I'm a girl first, and a ninja second." Tenten smiled at Hinata, "Anyway, Hinata, good luck on becoming stronger. A girl has be strong, right?"

"Y-Yes." Hinata answered.

"I too wish you to be as strong as you can be, Hinata-san!" Lee said, with the same wink, smile, and thumbs up, "Let your passion for strength become your guide!"

"Yes. Thank you very much. The both of you." Hinata said, truly smiling.

"Oh, there's finally a smile." Tenten grinned, "Smile more often, and I bet your man will notice you."

"U-Um... that's..." Hinata blushed deep red. Red enough for her whole face to turn red.

"Well, anyway, we better get going. I hope all goes well for you." Tenten said, placing a gentle hand on the younger girl's shoulder, asserting her confidence in her. Hinata felt it, and smiled again. Soon after, Tenten and Lee take their leave.

"Let's chat again some time, okay, Hinata?" Tenten turned back to wave goodbye to Hinata.

"Best of luck, Hinata-san!" Lee cheered back.

"Yes! Thanks again!" Hinata thanked once more. After that, Hinata again her own journey home, glad she got to know her cousin's teammates. She hoped one day to get to know Neji as well, since it has been years since they spoke on friendly terms. Not only does she want to get along with Neji, but she wants the entire family to get along. But, given the incident years ago, that is unlikely to happen any time soon. For now, she'll just hope for the best.

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