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This chapter is just highlighting the aftermath of everything.

Here's To Us

I'm a player, I'm a hater but I swear you would never know

Here's to the Mondays watching all the cars on the free way

Cat Valentine


She giggles as she watches Sikowitz jump around on stage. Not because she thinks it's funny but because she can imagine Jade's reaction to it all. She would roll her eyes and say something insulting. Sikowitz would say something about her bitterness and so on.

The thought of Jade immediately quiets her up. It's been a year and she still misses her as much as she did the first day Jade left them. Suddenly she doesn't want to be at school anymore. She raises her hand and asks to go to the bathroom, only she never goes.

Instead, she walks straight out the school's door and let her feet carry her wherever it is they want her to go. Eventually she finds herself at Jade's house. She hesitates for a few moments before biting her lip then knocking on the door. As usual no one answers. No one has answered in year. Sliding down the door and onto the floor Cat giggles. Then she laughs. Big, loud laughs that turn into sobs. After a while, no more tears come and she pulls herself together and prepares to head home.

Only five more days until graduation. The[n,] she'll be free. She'll be able to go somewhere that isn't covered in memories of Jade.


Here's to raining on your own parade

Andre Harris


He winces at the big F on the corner of his paper. Not that an F is an unfamiliar sight. Since the incident, he barely remembers how to put words together and make a song. His notes always sound sour and his hands fall clumsily over the piano. And during times when he can pull himself together long enough to write he can only imagine her voice singing his songs, because she can no longer be the one to sing his songs, he tears his up and tries not to think of them anymore.

He sees Jade whenever music is playing. It doesn't matter what type of music because no matter what, in his mind Jade and music mean the same thing.

He stuffs his failed paper into his backpack and ignores his teacher's disappointed looks. Instead he pulls out his PearPad and browses around his SplashFace then types in a new status.

All I can write is songs meant for her.


Here's to never winning first place

Trina Vega


Trina smiles as she finishes the finishing touch on her new apartment. It's basically a shoebox but what more can you expect from an apartment in New York? For once she's glad to be away from everyone. This feels like a new start. It feels like what she needs. She's just about finished when she hears a knock on the door. Who she finds standing there is not who she expects.

"Dad? I thought you couldn't take off work this week." He's standing there with a wry smile on his face and for the life of her she can't imagine why he's here.

"I took time off. This is important. You're important." She slowly nods before letting him in.

A fresh start indeed.


I ain't got a thing to do can I sit here next to you?



Lunch is always awkward. Cat never sits with them anymore, while Tori tries to start conversations but never succeeds. Andre always spends it scribbling words on paper before he balls them up. And Beck? Beck just sits there. He never says anything, never does anything. Just sits. For the first few weeks Robbie tries using Rex to lighten up the mood but he stops trying when it doesn't work. Instead he works on his homework. He knew since that night that nothing would be the same but he didn't realize things would be this bad for this long.

He kind of hates Jade. Because she's the one who did this to him, but the rational part of him realizes that it's wrong. He just wants things to go back to the way they were. He would gladly take thousands of Jade's insults if she would just come back and fixed everything. But he'll settle for moving on from all of this after graduation.

Maybe it was time to leave them all behind.


Here's to showing up anyway

Tori Vega


Tomorrow is graduation. It's a hard concept for her to grasp. She has a difficult time accepting that today is her last day at this school; that she will no longer be surrounded by these familiar hallways again. But in a way, it's a relief for her. College will be a nice new start. She can be whoever she wants to be in a place where no one knows her. She'll no longer be constantly reminded of the people she's hurt.

Because whenever she looks at Robbie, she remembers how she never let him come out on top. Or when she sees Cat and remembers that she had taken away her boyfriend. She remembers the times she's convinced Andre to write songs for her yet she never gave him the credit he deserved. And when she looks at Beck, she can't help but see Jade. But Jade and Beck have always been a packaged deal until she came along. Now there's no Jade and Beck. Just Beck. Because she's taken Jade away. She's been selfish but she knows she can change.

Just not in this town.


Here's to every single heartbreak

Beck Oliver


"And lastly, John Wayne." Beck watched as the principal announces yet another person in their graduating class.

"Congratulations, Class of 2013. You've made it."

Only Beck knows that isn't true. If they had truly made it then one more person's name would've been called. Jade would've been the last person to receive her diploma.

"But she isn't here anymore." He reminds himself. He's been dreading this day for months. Before Jadeā€¦before everything went wrong, he and Jade always talked about going to school together after graduation. Now he would be going to school alone. His parents are thrilled by the idea. They told Beck that college is his chance to put the past behind. They told him how college would be full of new people and he would have a chance to meet plenty of new g... his dad never did finish that sentence but he knew what he was going to say. Girls. But they all knew Beck didn't want to meet new girls. He only wanted one girl but he couldn't have her anymore. Doing these all felt wrong without Jade here. Why was he allowed to move on with his life while she couldn't. If anyone deserved that kind of fate it was him.

He must've been deep in thought because the next thing he knew, the ceremony was over and Tori was shaking his shoulder.

"Ready for Nozu? We even convinced Cat to come with us."

He nodded

And they had a pretty good time. They talked and laughed and for once everything seemed okay until Jade's name slips out of his mouth. Her name had been avoided the entire night and the second it was released the table grew quiet. Being here and acting like everything was okay was taking a toll on him. And he meant what he said.

"I miss Jade."

Here's to us