***Thirty six weeks

My parents had been incessant. I loved them to bits, but daily phone calls were too much. How many times could my mum ask the same question and expect a kind answer? Twice. By the third phone call I was jumping down my mothers' throat telling her to pick a new line or I was hanging up.

I was on bed rest, I had been on bed rest for three weeks. The babies got a bit ahead of themselves and wanted to come out too early. I went into labour and managed to dilate almost a whole centimetre before they were able to halt progress; but it lead to bed rest, very minimal movement and damned phone calls from my mother.

Alice was over a lot, she would let Bubba out, or would help her up on the bed with me, she even did what Edward did with me on Sundays, whenever I was down; she thought it cheered me up—and it did.

Edward and I had expected Bubba to become a little bit out of hand by now, but as of yet we were able to avoid damage to things; never in my life had I been happier for breeders who hand raised and potty trained, they were really a godsend.

"Bella, I think you should have a baby shower." Alice announced as she flopped down on my bed next to me. Bubba sniffed at her hair before curling up against my side and drifting off to sleep.

"Why on earth would I want something like that Alice. Edward and I don't need anything, we don't want anything, especially not a party. Besides, I'd be irritable and grumpy all day." She seemed to be considering things, but didn't voice her opinion before I stabbing pain had my breath catch—not again.

I breathed it out as best as I could and tried not to let Alice onto things, but Bubba's whine caught her attention and she could see the strain on my face.

"Is it…?" Alice asked, I nodded my head, in a flash she'd pulled at her phone and hit someone on speed dial.

"Edward, yes—no time for pleasantries, get out of whatever you're doing, Bella's going into labour." She hung up on Edward quickly and was rubbing my lower back until the contraction passed. I knew I probably had a little bit of time to wait before anything major would happen, so as I waited patiently on my bed with an anxious Bubba, Alice was like a cyclone. She grabbed the baby bags from the hall closet, my prepacked baby bag and she started picking me out an outfit to wear to the hospital.

"Bella?!" I hear Edward call ten minutes later, 'My room!' I'd replied before he was at my side and kissing my forehead. Alice nodded her head when we got there and Edward took that as time to go. Edward and I knew that I wouldn't carry to full term after our earlier mishap so we'd been pretty much just waiting for this. Doctors assured us though that they would be fine to be delivered this early, in fact it was very common for twins—especially when their mothers had physically smaller frames, because there really wasn't that much room for two.

Twenty minutes later I was at the hospital, huffing and puffing my way through contractions. I was shocked at how fast they were moving. I mean on TV these things take hours, but within hour and half I had dilated a whole five centimetres, and they told me it would be ten in no time at all.

They hadn't even broken my waters yet, and it hadn't broken naturally and as I sat there huffing and puffing, I was informed they were going to try and have a natural birth, which meant I was going to have to push out two babies.

"Edward, I hate you! You dick head, this is all your fault! You and your little swimmers. They have another thing coming if they ever think they're coming anywhere near me again!" I shouted as a nurse tried to act unaffected by the outburst. Edward did, everything I shouted, every insult he took in stride and helped me breathe and push, he stroked my hair and whispered my song in my ear. He kissed away tears and gave me his hand as I cursed a blue streak and heaved a massive push, he was everything if not perfect and I was a tyrannical bitch.

"Congratulations, Momma, it's a boy." Smiled a nurse as my son was quickly placed on my chest, a towel under him as Edward was allowed to cut the cord. Seconds later he was whisked away by nurses to be cleaned and tested, but I was only half way there.

The last bit was excruciating. Pushing one out was hard, he was biggish too. Seven pound, all things considered, he'd probably have been eight or nine pound if I'd carried full term. My stomach muscles ached and my vagina felt raw and stretched and all around weird, but four and a half minutes later, another cry broke the room and our baby was born. Twin two. A healthy, six pound one ounce, baby girl.

Practically identical twins—but technically not, Seth Carlisle Cullen and Emily Alice Cullen; with brown hair, grey—but soon to be green eyes and perfect peaches and cream complexion, I finally felt whole, and I was finally able to say the words I'd been too afraid to say, the words I knew I was ready to say.

"Edward, I love you." I fell asleep after my confession, but it was the happiest state of sleep I'd ever been in.

Four weeks later (3 ½ weeks home)

Life after the twins birth was difficult. Sometimes the lack of sleep affected my moods beyond the normal and triggers the past traumas I'd been through. The doctors assured me that with a routine and normalisation in my sleep habits there was a chance that could pass, but I didn't truly believe them.

Shouldn't I have already been over all of that? I'd done rehab and intensive therap. Shouldn't I have been able to sleep in the same bed as my husband? I wanted to be able to do that so badly. But I just couldn't.

I thought before the babies were born that he and I had been getting somewhere, making progress. I silently hoped the progress would mean that I would be able to sleep in the same bed as my husband. But I couldn't.

I was a crying heap by the time Edward found me. He'd been checking on the twins and probably just watching them sleep. "Shhh." He cooed into my hair as he drew me into his lap. I tried to fight him, I'm not sure why, but I did.

He just took it and cooed into my hair; promising me that everything was 'okay' and that he 'loved' me. I knew he loved me. I really did, but a foreign part of me didn't trust love. The small part of me remembered how much love hurt and ruined a person. It had ruined me before.

What if he was another Jacob?

"I'm not Jacob!" Edward spat, making me shrink further into him. Normally, I'd have wanted to get away from the man yelling at me, but I didn't I burrowed into him. Ducking my head as I cried harder.

Edward. Edward. Edward. My Fiancé. The father of my children. Not Jacob. Not Jacob.

"I won't ever hurt you, Bella. Never! You are my love and my life. Without you, I am nothing. You make me a better man. You made me a father. I would hand you the world on a platter if you'd let me Bella . I love you. Not for your past, not because of your past, but in spite of it. I would love you if you'd never have been through what you've been through and I would love you if you'd only come back half the woman I know you are. Please love, come back to me."

I don't know how long Edward just held me while I cried, but eventually, I stopped crying and just looked up at Edward. He looked so tired, content, but tired. We both were.

"Thank you." I whispered, planting a kiss on his collar bone. "I love you."

"I love you too, Bella. So much." He smiled, leaning down to brush a kiss against my forehead.

Our bubble was burst as we heard a fuss over the baby monitor. The twins were currently sleeping in the same crib, they weren't quite comfortable unless they were together, which was okay. Until one started fussing, because they normally woke their sibling; especially Seth. He was going to be a little hell raiser, I could already tell.

Edward held me chin as he looked at me, "Are you okay?" I smiled, because I liked to believe I was fine. I had too many people counting on me now to be anything else but fine.

"Yeah." He kissed my forehead as he helped me stand and lead us into the nursery. For a change Emil was the one up and kicking her feet, Seth was sound asleep, unfussed by his sister. Typical male.

Edward quickly picked up Emily and changed her diaper, before he'd even really finished she was nodding off. So Edward settled her into the crib quickly while I watched. He was so good with them. He was such a natural, that was the main reason I knew he'd be nothing like his father.

He was good. Too good.

Edward and I had a lot of demons to face, I knew that much. My demons were ever present, but I was sure Edward's were still there too. I mean, he never had closure. Ever. I did. It pained me, but I managed to testify and Jacob was going to be away for a long time, but Edward's Father. He vanished. Up and left after beating Edward's biological mother to death. He'd still not been found twenty-five years later and though we all secretly wished him dead, we couldn't bank on that.

We just didn't know. And there was nothing I feared for more than my children and as far as I knew, that man was the greatest threat out there for my whole family. Not just my babies.

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