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1. Compromise

No!" Sebastian says as he flings Santana's hand away from him, "We're not doing this!"

"Why the hell not, you were the one that started this."

"And now I'm ending it. I'm sick of being used by you then you go back to her!"

"You never said no." She said defensively as if that justififed the whole thing.

"No, I didn't." Sebastian admitted, "Why would I, when I was getting even a little piece of you... But I can't do this anymore it makes me sick, you won't even talk to me all you do is leave as soon as you're done, and I'm sick of it."

Santana can't even make a quip about how he was acting like a girl right now, all she feels is terror about him actually leaving her forever. Sebastian is serious and she doesn't want to let him go.

"No please!" Santana says flinging herself at his back hugging him tightly. "Sebby," Sebastian's anger quells a little bit at her soft voice and her usage of the nickname, "I didn't know you wanted to talk more, I didn't realize I was hurting you. Please, don't leave, I don't want to lose you."

"You really mean that?" Sebastian askes, his back still on her, his tone less harsh, but he stills refuses to meet her eyes because one look at those deep brown eyes he knows he'd be lost.

"Ofcourse I do." She says moving forward and taking his face on her hands, before kissing him. Santana looks back at him seductively before dropping to her knees tugging down his pants. "I don't want to lose this."

Sebastian moaned while pushing her head forwad his fingers getting lost in her dark silky hair, "You won't baby."

2. Baby Mama

"So let me get this straight, you want me to be you and your boyfrend's baby mama?" Santana asks Sebestian who hesistated before nodding his head.

"Ugh," He begins uncomfortable, Santana raises a dark eyebrow, when was Sebastein ever not self assured? Appearently right now. "We can artificually imseminate you."

Santana pretends to think about it before she gets out of her chair and wraps her arms around his neck. "Or we can make it the old fashioned way." Santana says sedutively into her ex's ear, "If I remember correctly that was a lot more fun."


"Chad-" She begins but Sebastein cuts her off correcting her with his real name, like Santana cares what his boyfriend's name is. If she has anything to say about it, whoever he is will be out of the picture soon enough. She'll have Sebastian all to herself and they will be a real family him, her and their child together. "Brad, whatever, he doesn't even have to know." She said temptingly into Sebastian's ear and running her nails along the sculpted planes of Sebastian's chest.

A memory forms in his mind about seducing her years ago much the same way years ago, he had told Santana the exact same thing about her then girlfriend. 'Britney will never know.' Sebastian would find the situation hilariously ironic if Santana wasn't distracting him laying soft kisses around his neck. He missed how her smooth cheek felt rubbing against his face, in comparrison his boyfriend's unshaken prickly face.

"Tell me Sebby." Her old nickname for him, the one he never lets Brad call him, "When was the last time you had really good sex?" Since you, his mind answers automatically before he even had time to think about it. Then Santana is licking that spot she knows he likes, the one Brad doesn't know about. "Sleep with me Sebby." She says enticingly straddeling him.

"No." Santana moans but Sebastian adds quickly "Not here. I want to fuck you properly, baby." He whispers in her ear, Santana moans breathly and he thinks its been too long since he made her moan and takes her in his arms. Carrying her to bed, noticing how light, effortless and right she felt being back in his arms.

Sebastian lays her across his bed and watches as Santana looks at him before posing for him. Arching her back and moving her body in such a sexy way all he can do is stand the motionless, looking at her admiring her tan, curvavious body and the long black hair fanned out around her.

It's been way to fucking long, he thinks while crawling over her body on the bed like a predator. Wondering what she'd look pregnant with his baby marking her forever as his and almost losing it right then.

3. Mr. Rabbit

"You have a fucking stuffed bunny!"

"Put Mr. Rabbit down or loss a hand."

"Mr. Rabbit?!"

"Just because your a heartless evil spawn doesn't mean I am." Santana said grabbing her stuffed bunny and turning her back on him.

"Mr. Blanket."

"Huh?" Santana asked turning around.

"What are you deaf?! I have a baby blanket I used to sleep with I named, Mr. Blanket."

Santana pointing her finger at him and laughed, "Mr Blanket! I am going to tell everyone!" She said before running for her phone.

"No you aren't unless you want to see Mr. Bunny decapitated!" Sebastein said chasing after her.

4. Power Play

Santana was even more crazy than Sebastein originally thought if she thought she was going to be the one on the top here.

Sebastein doesn't do bottom, plain as that.

He's dominated two hundred pound men, he sure as hell not going to let this little girl have all the power in their relationship, even if she is a little spit fire.

"I know lesbians like to pretend that they're the man." He says in a taunting voice, circling around until he's clutching her from behind, "But as you can feel," He says thrusting Santana bites her lip holding back her moan, "I'm the one with the dick here." He says moving her hair over to her left shoulder and kissing the nape of her neck his hands running along her curves.

"Fuck you asshole."

He actually laughs at her, the bastard, "No I think I'll fuck you."

He bend her over the table, keeping her arms restrained, "Tell me you want this." He says teasing her, never giving her the satisfaction of entering her.

"Screw you!" Santana says refusing him, even though she does want him, she has her pride.

"Tell me." He repeated his voice low, demanding, manly and oh so sexy.

"I want you! Happy?!"

"Tell me, who's the fuckin' man?"

"You are!"

5. Bad Timing



"Ahhh, yessss?"

"For the love of fashion, don't tell me you two are going at it again?!"

"Uhh! Yes! I mean no!..."

"You two are sick!" Kurt shouts before hanging up. Sebastein laughs as Santana punches his arm in aggravation.

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