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2: Mason and Chase

Chapter 1:

||Max's POV||: I wake up to the sound of a vase crashing. Melissa, by my side, still laid snuggled asleep. She's been asleep ever since last week when she first got her wings.

I decided to go downstairs, not waking her up at all. I stayed up, hiding in the staircase, watching down in the whole scenery. "What do you mean, he's back?" Mason asked, in his wolf form.

"I'm not kidding, Chase is back!" Alex said, "And it wasn't me that kissed him, it was him who kissed me! I didn't kiss him." She was already on the verge to tears.

Wait, Chase Riprock? The beast tamer from back in the dome?

All of a sudden, I feel someone tap my shoulder. I turn around to see an exhausted Melissa. She opens her mouth to yawn but I cover it, to prevent myself from being caught on eavesdropping. "Shhh," I whisper, "Something's going on with Alex and Mason!" I pointed down to the angry wolf and the terrified wizard.

"I don't care!" Mason yelled, "You didn't let go until I actually came into the lair!" He sighed, tangling his fingers with his hair, "You know what, I'm done."

Alex's eyes widened, "W-What? You can't break up with me! How can you honestly say that when this whole thing isn't my fault?!" Mason just waved it off and ran out to the terrace. He made a long howl and jumped off the brick wall, running off.

Melissa ran past me and said, "Alex! Come here," She embraced her as my sister cried tears, "It's okay. I'm so sorry for what just happened." I walked down the stairs and asked, "So... It's over now?"

Alex wailed as Melissa hushed me to keep it down. It was then, I realized her eyes are blood red. I shrugged and just went to join the big hug.

||Melissa's POV||: "And then in the morning, something was annoying my night sleep, which clearly everyone should know, I need my beauty sleep," Alex explained, "He rang the bell to the wizard door and I opened it. He then came in and saw me, talked to me, saying that he was glad to see me again, and then... And then... He kissed me. Mason came in and saw everything, took me out of the lair to the living room and had a tantrum. Then he broke up with me."

I nodded my head with complete understanding. I felt bad for her, really. She didn't have much to explain to Mason. Harper was just by her side on the big comfy chair in the wizard lair, stroking her hair.

"It's alright, Alex! There are many other, normal, better.."

"Harper!" Alex yelled. I sighed, "Well, let me see if I can talk to Mason and see if I can make things up for him, try to explain the real situation!" She nodded her head and just kept watching the crystal ball on the small table.

I walked out of the wizard lair and passed by Max. His hand clung to my arm, spinning me around to face him. "Hey, is Alex okay?" I shook my head and hugged him, "She's got it real bad, Max. Go comfort her after you're done with your shift in the subshop. Please?"

He sighed and nodded, "Fine! But only for you and because she is my sister."

I smiled and gave him a sweet kiss. Then, I left to the alleyway, slinging my art bag over my right shoulder and heading off.

As I arrive, I started howling the best I could. I heard a chuckle. I turned around and see Mason, being all laid back, with little disappointment. "Hey!" I said, trying to lighten up the mood.

He scoffed, "You call that a howl? It sounded like a dying chipmunk," We both laughed, "Anyways, what's wrong? You could've just called my name by the way."

"Just came by to see how you're doing," I replied sheepishly, "So, how are you?" Mason just shrugged his arms, "I don't know. I actually feel kind of... Free! Is that a good thing?"

I shake my head, "Mason, Alex didn't real—"

"No, save it!" Mason scowled, "I saw what I saw! With my very own eyes. It's over." I frowned. "Just let me explain, Mason!" I said. He just shook his head.

I sighed, "Do you at least want to hang out a bit? At least give me a time to explain! Maybe not today, but someday." Minutes passed by of him thinking, "Alright, fine. But now, let's go somewhere like to the park so I can relax!"

I scoffed, "I don't need to walk anymore! I got my own wings!" I looked around, making sure the alleyway was deserted. After that, I spread out my wings as much as possible, to stretch them out.

Mason was surprised. He clapped, "Outstanding! That is amazing, Melissa! Tell you what, whoever flys/runs to the park first, wins. Loser has to buy the two of them lunch. And you know how hungry I get!" He smirked with a lopsided smile.

I replied, "You're on, big wolf!" With that, we counted down to the last second, me flying off, and him running off.