Chapter 2:

||Max's POV||: "Alex, where's Melissa?" I asked anxiously, "Did mason eat her or something, because if he did, I'm blaming this break up on you!"

Alex turned around with a glare on her face. "No, he didn't, well at least I think!" My face darkened and I thought, Maybe this wasn't such a great idea!

All of a sudden, the double doors opened and in came Melissa and Mason, wet from the rain. They were laughing and out of breath. Where have they been?

"Melissa!" I zapped up a towel with the wave of my wand and ran to dry her up. I engulfed her at the same time with a hug. "Where have you two been?"

She chuckled, "Calm down, Max! Mason and I were just having some fun at the park. no need to fret or anything!" I huffed and looked at Mason, who was smiling his wolf grin.

"That was fun, Melissa, we should do this again some other time!" He said cheerily. He then laid eyes on Alex and his smile dropped, "Oh, hi there, Alex."

"Mason, didn't Melissa have something to tell you?" Alex asked, trying to hide her anger.

He shrugged, "I told her to tell me another time! I better go, you guys, okay?"

"Bye, Mason!" Melissa said. Alex incoherently mumbled a "goodbye" to him as he turned around. Just as Mason's hand was gonna touch the knob, he turned around and waved to Melissa.

I waved and smirked, "See ya later, Wolfy!" Mason then closed the door behind him.

As the doors closed, Alex turned to Melissa and asked, "I thought you were going to explain everything to him!"

Melissa surrendered my hands in the air, "Sorry, I tried but he said some other time! Besides, Alex, he kinda did need the time to relax; he was feeling a bit angry. Next time I meet him, which will probably be around lunch time tomorrow, I'll tell him!"

Alex sighed and buried her hands in her face while I just stood there dumbfounded. I was planning to take her out to lunch, since she has just woken up this morning.

"You're going out with Mason again tomorrow?" I ask, narrowing my eyes, "How about us? We haven't gone on a date ever since before you went to sleep."

Melissa cupped half of my face and gave me a kiss. "I'm sorry, Max, but your sister needs my help right now! How about we just have dinner together right now?"

Mom came downstairs and stopped in her tracks, "Oh, Melissa, you're back! How are you, sweetie?"

She nodded, "I'm doing super, Mrs. Russo!"

Mom waved the name off, "Oh please! Call me, Mom, okay?" She nodded and took my hand to walk upstairs. "Dinner's ready!" Mom called out from below, "I'll talk to Alex first."

I murmured, "Good, I need to talk to you, Melissa."

Once we reached our floor, I opened the door for her and she asked, "About what?"

"About you and Mason." I answered. She then started laughing. She said, "You seriously worried about me and Mason? Like what, are you jealous?"

My cheeks started turning red like a tomato, "No! Pfft, why would I be?"

She scoffed, "Because you sound like you are."

"But I'm not."

"Sure!" She said slowly. She turned around and went to grab two plates and two pairs of utensils, handing one to me. We started scooping up the enchiladas on the our plates and sat down on the table next to each other.

"Just promise me you guys aren't doing anything behind my back." I say, narrowing my eyes.

She tilted her head and said, "Of course! Max, I'm always yours. If you need me, just call me, text me, anything!"

I nodded and whispered to myself, "If only I can find my phone..."

Melissa rolled her eyes and took out her phone, dialing someone's number. "Who are you calling?" I ask. She raised her hand and signaled me to wait just a little.

Seconds later, I hear a phone ringing. I then realized that it was my own phone ringing! Melissa and I stand up to search for it.

After looking around, I hear someone coming down the stairs. "Looking for this?"

Our eyes wandered up the staircase to see Harper, holding one of her self-made hats and my cell phone, lying on the top. I pointed to it, "There it is!"

I went to go get it and Melissa started laughing. Harper shot me a mean look, turning around to go back to Alex's room.

I looked at Melissa and waved my hand in the air, saying, "Found it!"