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Chapter Four

Too Bright

Morning light streamed into Buffy's room, illuminating everything but the two sleeping figures now entwined on the bedroom floor. Tangled within a mess of sheets and clothes, Buffy and Spike slept on completely unaware of the world waking up around them, utterly content with living in the moment. Buffy's head was rested on Spike's chest whose arms were cradled protectively round her, shielding her from the night. Every time Buffy woke in the night, tossing and turning due to terrifying nightmares Spike would stroke her hair gently until she relaxed once more and fell back to sleep. Early in the morning before dawn Spike had covered Buffy's petite frame with his long black leather coat to ensure she stayed warm and to make sure he didn't have to move from her side to reach for a blanket.

The sun crept slowly across the room as Buffy began to stir. The first thing she registered before she opened her eyes was how unexpectedly happy she felt. Within a second and a slight movement she realised that he was still there, still laid sleeping next to her. She opened her eyes and moved her head to look into his face. In sleep Spike seemed more human. The worried crease he usually wore between his eyes in waking hours was no longer there. His mouth was curved in a small smile; Buffy wondered what he was dreaming of that made him smile that way, so innocent and kind.

"Buf...fy" Spike mumbled in his sleep and tightened his arms slightly around her.

"Should "a known" whispered Buffy leaning in and kissing him very gently on the cheek. She suddenly noticed how hot she was and looked down to see Spike's coat draped around her body. Smiling to herself she shuffled down so her toes poked out and she felt the cool air on her feet. She also saw the sunlight reflect of the polish on her nails and wiggled them around, interested by the movement of the light.

Spike suddenly began to groan, moving his head agitatedly in his sleep. Buffy wondered if he was having a bad dream until she saw the sunlight cross over his exposed skin which began to smoke. Alarmed Buffy leapt to her feet, jumped over to the window and yanked the curtains closed shutting out the light. Spike's eyes fluttered open as he registered that Buffy was no longer laid beside him.

"Are you OK?" Buffy asked him in a breathless tone.

"Why, Buffy what's wrong?"

Buffy crossed back over to him and knelt down, placing her hands on his arm. He winced and looked down at the angry red burn now etched into his skin.

"Well, OW!" he said prodding the burn with his finger.

"Sometimes I forget your not all together human" said Buffy with a small laugh "We should get that under cold water or something."

"Ah its nothing, look-" said he pointing to his arm "It's not even deep and I'm a fast healer. Besides-" he carried on with a mischievous smile playing about his lips "I'm not letting you go anywhere"

"Is that so?" said Buffy laughing as he grabbed her wrist and she fell into his lap. The kiss lasted only a few seconds before Buffy unwillingly broke it off.

"Well we can't say here all day, as much as I'd wanna" she said, attempting to sit up.

"Well I bloody well can't go outside, the suns out. No walkies for the vamps remember. Anyway what else do you have to run off to ay?" said Spike

"Hmmm I see your point, unfortunately." said Buffy, a flirtatious tone in her voice.

"Come here you" growled Spike as he crushed his lips once again against hers, knotting one hand in her hair to pull her closer and letting the other rest lightly on the small of her back.

The feel of Spike's cold and muscular body was making every nerve in Buffy's body spark like a live wire. She ran her hands down his arms and felt the hard muscle ripple under her touch. She closed her eyes as Spike moved his lips to her neck, kissing down her collar-bone to the base of her throat. There he rested his head, breathing hard as he always did after kissing her. Buffy took his head in her hands and looked into his eyes.

"I love you, you know that right?" she said with pure conviction. Spike looked back into her eyes, searching for any hint of uncertainty. When he found none, he answered her.

"I'm beginning to."

"Don't tell me you need convincing again?" said Buffy placing her hands on his chest and pushing him to the floor, a determined look on her face.

"Maybe just once more." answered Spike grinning guiltily

Just then there came a knock at the door and Spike rolled his eyes "You gunna get that?"

Struggling to her feet Buffy grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped it tightly around her before proceeding to the door. She quickly tidied her hair up as much as she could in the mirror and then went to the door. As Buffy poked her head round the door, Spike quickly grabbed a bed sheet from the floor and covered himself in it.

"Hi can I help you?" asked Buffy in a polite voice.

"Erm good morning Miss Summers" said the young woman eyeing Buffy in her blanket "I er have a Miss Rosenberg at the counter, claims you know her. Long ginger hair, ring any bells?"

"Oh Willows here, yeah, I mean yes I know her."

"Should I send her down or-" the woman spotted Spike standing behind Buffy in his bed sheet and trailed off. Spike smiled awkwardly at her and moved out of sight "I could come in and clean if you like?" finished the woman peering round Buffy to get a better look.

"NO." said Buffy with a bit too much force "No that's fine." she answered moving in front of the woman and blocking her view "Tell Will- er Miss Rosenberg we'll be out in a few minutes and tell her to sit in the bar or something."

"I um, yes I'll do that, thank you Miss Summers. I'll leave you to-" she coughed, smiled and shuffled off down the corridor.

"She gone?" asked Spike emerging from around the corner as Buffy closed the door.

"Yeah. God what a pain in the ass. She was literally straining her neck trying to get a look at you." replied Buffy a very slight frown on her face.

"Ooh pouty" chuckled Spike "I've not got a jealous Slayer on my hands have I? Cause I tell you, there's nothing I'd love more."

"Oh get over it" said Buffy rolling her eyes a grin unfolding on her face "All I meant was-" she continued beginning to advance on Spike "She can't have you."

"And whys that luv?" asked Spike as he ran out of backing up room and bumped into the wall behind him.

"Because your mine now, "luv"." replied Buffy running her hands over his chest.

Spike shuddered in contentment "Mmm now that I can work with."

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