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I tried so hard to resist but then I read this sad fanfic where Yuri dies and I needed to write something happyhappyjoyjoy with rainbows and unicorns in it.

...I regret nothing.

Pairings: Flynn/Yuri
Warning: M-PREG which means there's gonna be a man whose oven is warm and ready to be filled. This also means that there's a man who has filled the said oven, which means that there are two men together like that and they do it behind the closed doors. Slight oocness, little swearing aaaaand Sodia is being mean to mommy!Yuri. Oh god, mummy!Yuri sounds adorable.
Disclaimer: Yes, I own Tales of Vesperia. This is actually a prologue to Tales of Vesperia 2: The dangers of having a pregnant uke. Oh wait, that was my dream last night. Forget everything I just said. No, I don't own ToV.

Summary: Something must be severely wrong when Yuri Lowell starts using doors like a normal person. Sodia's pov.


Freshly Baked Cinnamon Buns


Sodia's day had started out great.

She, along with the Commandant Scifo and the rest of the said man's brigade, had just returned from a hard mission a night before, and the satisfying feeling of a successful mission was like a drug for the auburn-haired woman. And not only that, she had also managed to get the last cinnamon bun from the castle's cafeteria!

With such a great start, it was not a wonder that the female knight was humming quietly to herself while carrying the day's report pile to a certain blonde knight. The hallways of the castle were deserted due the knights' morning trainings which meant that almost everybody was on the training grounds.

Well, everyone expect commandant, whose morning schedule consisted on reports.

Sodia turned around the corner, crashing into somebody, which send the report pile flying. "Oh gosh, I am so sor..." the female knight started, kneeling down to collect the papers. However, then she raised her head and her eyes caught the sign of a annoyingly familiar raven hair. "Lowell?!" she growled and in the matters of seconds, her great morning was ruined.

"Is that how you greet other people?" the man asked, rolling his coal eyes. "Man, and I thought that the knights were suppose to have excellent manners."

Sodia shut her mouth, refusing to answer to the man. She quickly grabbed the reports and straightened herself, eagerly trying to get as far as she could from the raven-haired man. However, to her surprised and utter disbelief, Yuri followed her.

Sodia tried to ignore him, certain that it was just another trick to get on her nerves. However, just before they reached the commandant's office, the auburn haired woman gave in to her curiosity "Why are you following me?" she hissed quietly.

"Those reports are for Flynn, right?" the man replied, pointing the pile in Sodia's grasp. "Well, I need to visit the big man but have no clue where his office is."

This made Sodia frown. "But you're always in the commandant's office-" she halted, finally realizing something. Instead of entering the commandant's office by window, the man had used the main entrance – like a normal person.

Every knight in the castle knew of Lowell's climbing – especially after someone mistook the man for an assassin. And even though it annoyed Sodia to no end, she kept her mouth as the commandant hasn't given any direct orders.

"Yeah yeah, but I never use this route," Yuri said. "Now could you keep moving, I need to talk to Goldilocks!"

Sodia didn't listen him – she didn't even scoff at the nickname. "You're not dying, are you?" she blurted out, because that was the only excuse she could think of for this change of heart.

This question seemed to surprise Lowell, as it took quite some time before he replied. "What the hell, where did that come from?"

The auburn woman didn't answer. She had a bad feeling about this, but she couldn't voice it. Instead, she just sighed and strolled towards the office.

Knocking the mahogany door, Sodia glanced quickly at the guild member. Was it just her or did Lowell look little... nervous? His face had the same monotone and little bored expression, but the way he kept tapping his hand on his thigh... yeah, there was something going on.

"It's open!" a voice called out behind the door. With one last glance at the raven-head, Sodia turned the doorknob.

"Good morning Sodia," the blonde knight greeted his second-in-command, "I assume you're bringing the day's reports," he asked with a slight pained smile.

"Indeed I am," Sodia gave a sympathetic smile as she placed the reports of Flynn's desk. "However, you also have a visitor," she stated.

"A visitor?" Flynn repeated, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "But who would- Yuri?!" he gasped when the man in question appeared by the entrance.

"The one and only!"

Sodia watched how her superior grew even more confused. It was adorable, a small voice whispered in her mind. "B-But, how, when..." the man looked between the window and Yuri. "You're not dying, are you?"

The question made Yuri groan. "Oh what's wrong with you people!" he muttered. "Anyways, I have something to tell you," the coal eyes turned to look at Sodia. "In private."

"What? Y-Yes," Flynn flinched, half of his mind still in a state of shock. "S-Sodia, if you may...?"

The woman in question just gave a nod, saluting to her Captain as she closed the door behind her.

However, she had no intentions of leaving. After the door let out a quiet click voice, the female knight paused for a second before pressing her ear gently against the keyhole.

"So Yuri, what's wrong?" Sodia heard her captain ask with such a worry in his voice that it made her swoon slightly.

"Well..." Yuri paused, almost like he was choosing the next words carefully. After a deep breath, the man continued. "I killed the rabbit." he said with a serious tone.

Silence fell over the office and it took all of Sodia's strength not to barge in and smack Lowell for messing around.

Finally, Flynn spoke. "Excuse me? You... killed a rabbit?"

"No, not a rabbit," the raven-haired man corrected. "I killed the rabbit."


Yuri let out a slightly frustrating growl. "Oh c'mon you know... I joined the pudding club!"

"Yuri, what the hell happened during my absence-"

"Good god, how can you not know this. I'm on stork watch!"

"I'm gonna get Lady Estellise to check you..."

"For fuck's sake Flynn, you put a bun into my oven!"

An absolute silence fell over the office and in the hallway Sodia had to bit her lip to prevent shouting aloud.

She almost didn't hear when Flynn spoke again, this time with much quieter voice. "Y-You mean...?"


"O-Okay..." Sodia barely registered her superior's answer, before a loud crashing voice came from the office.

"Oh great," Lowell groaned. "Flynn, wake up before somebody barges in and think I killed you! Again!"

The auburn-haired eavesdropper suddenly came to her senses, and with quiet steps she retreated to her quarters. Good god, she needed the drink and fast.


"Say Lowell," Sodia sneered when the said man came out of commandant's office. "has your guild gone bankrupt? Because it seems like you have quite a lot of free time in your hands – and it shows."

"Say Sodia," the infuriating man replied, "did you fall from the top of a tree, because it seems like there's a huge stick up your ass."

The auburn haired woman's nostrils flared and she did her best to resist the urge to flip Lowell off. 'Just what captain sees in him?!' she thought. 'Such waste!'

Okay, yeah maybe she wasn't the nicest person herself. Three months had flied like a blurry and this of course showed in Yuri's body, though so well hidden that it was almost impossible to notice. However, when you knew his situation, it was easy to locate the small changes. And, being slightly bitter and bitchy person towards Lowell, Sodia couldn't resist but to drop subtle hints about the man's swelling midriff.

At first, the dark-haired man had just brushed her off with a smirk and eye rolling. But as the weeks passed, Yuri had started to answer her, with snide and surprisingly aggressive comments. And while the comments made Sodia's blood boil, she continued to do it because she was getting under Lowell's skin. And it might give her more satisfaction than it was legal, but when commandant was involved, Sodia had the right to be little bitchy.

Of course, all good has come to an end, and it did on one rainy morning. "Sir, here are the reports concerning Mr. Gotagurd's trial." Sodia announced as she stepped in the office. She noticed that the blonde knight was looking out of the window. "A dreadful morning, isn't it?"

"Yes indeed," Flynn nodded, retuning to his work desk. "Thank you for the documents, Sodia," the commandant smiled, which made the woman wonder once more, why the hell Lowell was the man's lover. She gave her superior a nod before turning around to leave the room.

"Sodia wait!" the commandant suddenly called out, which almost made the woman in question trip.

"Say... have you witnessed any ill behavior towards Yuri?" the man asked slowly, eyes looking straight into Sodia's.

The auburn-haired woman's stomach lurched. "No I haven't, Sir," she lied, feeling like the worst person on earth for lying her captain. "Why... do you ask? I am certain that Lowell is fully capable of taking care of himself."

A small smile appeared on Flynn's face. "Yes, I am aware of Yuri's capabilities," he said gently, voice oozing of affection . "However, he has this... situation and is in a delicate state," he winced at his own choice of words. "So if you witness any form of bullying, report me immediately."

"Yes sir," Sodia saluted, still feeling horrible. Just before she closed the door behind her, Sodia could swore she heard commandant mutter.

"...maybe he'll finally stops asking me 'does this make me look fat' every single day!"


"Miss Sodia!" a gruff voice shouted behind the auburn-haired woman. Hearing this, the woman turned around, to noticed three persons jogging towards her.

"Good day Sir Leblanc," the female knight greeted the middle-aged man. " you too, sir Adecor and Boccos."

"You're heading to the hearing of Lady Aidios, I assume?" Leblanc asked. "If so, then allow us to escort you there,"

"That's very kind of you Sir," Sodia thanked. The four of them continued walking, keeping up small talk about the weather and such.

"Are you participating to the trial too?" Sodia asked as they approached the conference hall.

This time, it was Boccos who answered. "Unfortunately, we have other matters to attend," the plump man said.

"However, Captain S- I mean Raven, shall be there," Adecor pointed out. "After all, he was the one to catch the thief who dared to steal Lady Aidios' diamond necklace," he stated proudly, chest puffed out towards.

"Hmm... I wonder," Leblanc sighed. This made Sodia turn her attention back to the older man.

"Is something wrong Sir?" she asked, burrowing her eyebrows.

The man in question looked like he was struggling with his words. "Well, Captain S- I mean Raven has been acting rather oddly lately,"

"Oddly?" Sodia repeated. She knew how loyal Captain Raven brigade's knights were to this man, and to have his most dedicating men admitting Captain's odd behavior was alarming.

"Well," Leblanc scratched his chin with a thoughtful expression. "He gets unexplained laughing fits even in the most grave situations!"

"Indeed," Adecor butted in, "For example, just yesterday we were on a patrol and as we passed Mrs. Rosalie's store in the market place, he just... lost it." the slim man frowned. "I swear, he has been spending waaay too much time with the guilds!"

Sodia's auburn brows knitted together when a thought occurred her. "Isn't Mrs. Rosalie the one who owns that baby store?"

"Ah, yes indeed she does. I believe the store's name is 'Little Angels' or something like that."

Sodia sighed and kept walking.


"I came in and there he was... his fist grasped around my mother's diamond necklace." Lady Aidios sobbed, wiping her eyes with a silk handkerchief. "That necklace is a family heirloom, said to have once owned by a krityan Goddess Heket, the spirit of fertilization!"

The suspect stood up, pointing at the crying woman. "Stop kidding around, woman! It wasn't me – I was on the other side of the city, laboring my ass off!"

"Oh please, I know what I saw!" the rich lady shouted back. "It was you, and that's it!"

"No no no ," the man shook his head, eyes flaring. "I have told you, I have an identical brother – it was him! He's the culprit!"

"Are you honestly expecting me to believe that?!"

"By my unborn child's life, yes I a-"


Sodia sighed, burying her face in her hands as everyone in the room stared at certain archer.

This was all Yuri Lowell's fault.


Sodia was enjoying a cup of coffee in the knights' cafeteria when Witcher approached her. "Where have you been?" the auburn haired woman asked as the short man took the seat next to her.

The green-haired mage didn't answer, just kept staring in front of him with a little dazed look. Finally, he spoke. "I just run into Yuri Lowell and our Captain."

Ah, that explained it. "I see," Sodia took a sip of her black coffee.

"Is Lowell...?"


"And it's Captain's...?"

"100 percent sure about that."


"Couldn't say it any better."

A heavy silence fell between the knights. "Do you think we're invited to the baby shower?" Witcher wondered aloud.

A corner of Sodia's eye twitched. "I don't know."


What a horrible ending. Anyways, tell me your options about this little one-shot. I have wanted to try writing a mpreg fic for a while but been too much of a coward to do it. If I get a positive answer, I might try to do it again, because mommy!Yuri.

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