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Cooled down Blueberry Muffins


"How do you think it goes?"

A blue-haired kritya turned her wine colored eyes on the blue-furred dog next to her. The canine just snorted, not even flickering his gaze from the castle's main entrance. Judith chuckled, giving a pat on Repede's head. "Don't worry about them, I am sure that our beloved commandant will be happy about the news!" she tried to sound certain of that, but a small part of her mind wasn't so sure. After all, this was a life changing matter, and a one that wasn't easily brushed aside.

Repede let out a quiet whine as he stared at the castle, looking like he was ready to lunged into the grand building. The bluenette couldn't blame him, they had been waiting for Yuri for a quite some time.

"Patience Repede, patience," Judith comforted the canine with soft voice. It was touching how much he cared for his masters. "He is fine, they both are fine and Flynn's gonna take care of them," she smiled mischievously, the words sounding so adorable when spoken aloud.

Because of course Yuri Lowell had little kritya blood in his veins, enough to give him slightly alternative version of human anatomy – but not enough to give him snazzy antlers. It really wasn't all that rare in Terca Lumieres.

Sadly, Yuri hadn't been aware of this – being an orphan as long as he could remember – before it was too late, even with all the hints. Honestly, had he really thought that his talent of understanding Repede was normal? Judith herself have had her own suspicious of Yuri's heritage, and the moment he started throwing up three weeks ago had sealed her theory.

Suddenly, wine colored eyes caught a sight of a very familiar raven-head. "Look there he is!" Judy smiled, pointing at the man who was approaching them. Repede had already noticed Yuri and was waggling his tail.

"So...?" the female kritya started speaking as soon as Yuri was close enough. "How did it go?" she asked.

There was a slight, almost unnoticed frown, on Yuri face as he ruffled Repede's fur. "He fainted."

Okay, that was not what Judy had expected. With raised eyebrows, she asked: "Really?"

"Yeah," Yuri laughed and Judy could swear there was a bitter edge in his tone. "He can face a horde of monster alone, won't flinch when a poisonous snake bits him, is able to keep his head cool in any tight situation – but apparently being knocked up by him is too much for our golden boy!" the man paused, taking a deep breath. "I had to leave before somebody rushed in and thought I killed him, but I left a note."

"What did you write?" Judith asked.

"Told him to come at Red Comet. Do you think that Ba'ul won't mind waiting couple more hours before setting sails towards Dahngrest?"

"Of course he won't mind!" Judith smiled as they started walking towards the inn in lower quarter. Neither of them noticed a knight who looked between Yuri and the castle entrance with a puzzled look – nor heard him mutter "Is Lowell dying?"

After telling her huge scaled friend of the change of plans, Judith turned to look at he friend. "Done – now we have some extra hours to think how you're gonna tell Karol that you need maternity leave," she chuckled at Yuri's expression. "Oh, and not to mention Raven, Rita, Estelle, the people of lower quarter, and the guild union..."

Groaning, Yuri rubbed his temples. "Can't I just wait until it becomes obvious?" he suggested weakly.

"You want to keep it as a secret from Estelle?" Judy pointed out. Despise her sweet personality, Estelle did have a temperament which easily showed up in the most surprising situations.

"Good point."


She was the first one to notice him.

"Flynn came," Judy whispered to Yuri, looking at the blonde man and feeling a boulder being lift off her chest. Judging by his red and sweaty face, he must have ran all the way from the castle to the inn – in that heavy commandant's armor.

The raven-head didn't say anything as he raised his hand – which Judy noticed to shake a little – to signal Flynn of his whereabouts. The knight noticed this and the azure eyes were soon focused on the pair.

"Yuri," Flynn said, still slightly out of breath as he approached the guild members. Judith studied the knight's face, trying to find what he was thinking. It was free of expressions, safe a hint of something in the blue eyes that she couldn't quite figure out.

"Let's go into my room," Yuri said, his tone monotone as he stood up. "You two wait here," he said to Judy and Repede – whose presences Flynn hadn't noticed, judging from the way he turned to look at the said pair with surprised eyes.

A small smile was plastered on her face as the bluenette watched two childhood friends leave. "They will be okay," she told to Repede, who let out a series of whines as the door closed behind his masters. "If Flynn didn't care, he wouldn't have run all they way from the castle dressed in his commandant's outfit as soon as he could," Judith smiled. "It would look bad in public's eyes if the very image of Imperial knights ran across the city like a mad man, but Flynn did – for Yuri."

Ah, those two really made her romance vein come alive, Judith mused. She was little ashamed of herself for not noticing the attraction between those two before – though in her defense they have had a world to safe.


"So, are you ready?" Judith asked.

Sighing, Yuri shrugged. "I just want to get over it," he said while opening the door.

The moment they stepped inside the tiny attic apartment – previously Karol's home but now also the headquarter of Brave Vesperia – their guild leader's head whipped to their direction. "Thank god you're here!" he shouted. "You need to make them stop!"


Just when Judith was about to ask what had happened, the reason became obvious – as Raven lunged towards them from another room. "It was an accident, I swear!" he shouted as a vase went flying towards his direction, almost hitting the old man.

"Yeah, and your vows are so believable, you frigging pervert!" A certain brown-haired girl yelled, her face red with anger. "Ugh, I just want to-" she halted as soon as she spotted the newcomers. "Finally decided to come back?"

"It's so nice to see the friendship blossoming between you two," Yuri laughed.

Judith chuckled to the joke, surprised how relaxed Yuri was. "What are you doing here?" she asked, looking between the glaring scientist and archer.

"Well, Judy dear..." Raven started, leaning against the wall with his most charming smile as he addressed the kritya. "I got a vacation from revealin' the sinister plots of corrupted knights. Now ya guys have the loveable comic relief under yer service for the next three months!"

"That sounds nice," Yuri stated dryly. "And you Rita...?"

The girl in question was about to answer when Karol – who couldn't contain himself – spoke. "Rita has a mission for u- ouch!"

"Don't interrupt me, twerp," Rita glared at the boy, her fist still raised as the boy rubbed his head. "But yeah, he's right. I need you guys to investigate a theft and break in."

This made Judith curious. "Something has happened in Capua Nor?" she asked. After saving the world, the mage had settled in the quiet port city, where it was easy to travel in both Dahngrest and Zaphias.

A flame of rage appeared in the girl's eyes. "Oh yes, something happened," she hissed, "some fucker stole my research!"

Someone must have a deathwish, the female kritya thought. "Well that not good."

"No shit," Rita snorted. "Not only that, but they have also made a huge mess out of my home! I'm gonna kill that bastard!" she cracked her knuckles with a murderous look.

"Well," Yuri said, "This all sounds very nice and dandy and I would love to see how Rita beats the ever loving crap out of some dudes, but..." he took a deep breath. "Sorry Cap, I can't come with you," he sincerely sounded apologetic.

Karol's eyes widened into the size of plates. "W-What?" he asked, frowning. "Why?"

Judith smirked, noticing that Yuri's declaration had gained the others' attention as well. "Who are ya, and what have ya done to real Yuri?" Raven asked.

"Yeah!" Karol stared at Yuri with big brown eyes, looking like a kicked puppy. "Wait, you are not dy-"

"No, I am not dying – and have no intention of doing so anywhere near future," Yuri cut the boy off before he could finish, sounding little annoyed. "But I need a vacation, for about nine months."

"Oh Yuri, you need more that nine months," Judith chirped, gaining confused stares. "After all, you also need to take care of the baby after it has born," she said sweetly, enjoying the horrified faces of her friends.

"Crap, you're right!" Yuri groaned, ignoring the stares he was given. "and shit, my place is too small for third person, or do you think that I could make the kid sleeping in the cupboard?" he suggested before glancing at his canine friend. "or maybe with Repede here – his bed is large enough and he can act as a blanket!"

"No Yuri, you can't put babies into cupboards and/or with a large dog – no offense Repede," the dig in question just snorted. "Sorry hun, but the only option is you to move into a bigger place with daddy and spend the rest of your lives as a picture perfect family."

Yuri paled little and Judith realized that the man hadn't even thought that far. – probably hadn't even let the news sink fully into his mind. The kritya couldn't help but to feel sorry for him.

For Judy's surprise, it was Rita who recovered from the shock first. "Y-you two... what? Please tell me I heard wrong, because no way that..." she gulped, looking between her two friends. Something in their faces must have shown the truth, as the girl soon groaned. "Oh god, oh my fucking god."

"Is that a good reaction?" Yuri wondered, looking at the shocked mage. "Well, at least it's better than fainting." he stated while approaching his guild leader. "Yo Captain, anybody home?" he asked, waving his hand in front of the boy's face. The motion seemed to have effect, as the boy started blinking rapidly.

"I-I..." the brown-haired boy stuttered. "When? Why? How?"

"Well Karol," Judith started, chuckling at the gaping boy. "When two people – in this case two little boys – like each other enough, the other shoves his little captain winky in the other person's as-"

"Stop that Judy!" Karol shouted, covering his ears. When the blushing boy was certain that the bluenette wasn't continuing, he dared to speak again. "I just... If you like that..." he did a weird hand signal, blushing even more. "Then... who is the dad?"

"I'll give you a hint," the swordsman answered, "He is blonde with blue eyes."

Karol's eyes widened. "Harry?!" he gasped, looking like a goldfish.

"What the- Are you serious?" Yuri made a face. "Hell no! He is currently in Zaphias!"

The brown-haired boy looked thoughtful for a moment, before the suppose realization dawned to him. "Holy macaroni, you slept with Ioder!?" he yelled.

"Oh god, I'm having disturbing images," Yuri groaned, rubbing his temples.

Judith's shoulders were shaking as she quietly laughed. Yuri gave her a glare while Rita had realized the truth. "Holy hell, Flynn knocked you up?!" she blurted out.

"Aand we have a winner, folks!" The raven-haired man anounced. "And it shouldn't have taken that long for you to realize."

"Well, how were we suppose to know that Flynn has such a terrible taste?" Rita snorted. "Well congrats, I suppose."

"Aw Rita, that's so nice of you," Judith cooed. Karol started asking tons of questions at Yuri and Rita gave the kritya a heated glare. Suddenly, Judith realized something. "Raven?" she said aloud, turning to look at the man in question. He was unmoved, like a stone status which expressionless face. Confused, the bluenette approached him, noticing that the archer's face had a bluish color on the normally tanned face.

Now she was getting worried. "Raven?" she repeated, poking the man gently. To her surprise, the touch made him fall onto the floor with a loud thud.

"What happened to him?" Karol asked worriedly as he and the others rushed to Raven. Rita grabbed the man by his chin, turning his head right and left before snorting. "Looks like the news were so shocking that the pervert forgot how to fucking breath!"

"Seriously?" Yuri asked, studying the unconscious face. "Hell, and I thought Flynn was bad."

"C'mon Yuri, it's Raven – everything he does is worst."


'Am I enjoying this more than I should?'

"C'mon Yuri, let's try that shop!"

'Oh yes,' Judy snickered at the look on Yuri's face as a certain bubbly princess dragged him into a clothing store. "Seriously, Estelle, you don't need to-" the man tried to resist for the fourth time in the last half an hour, but the pink-haired girl ignored him.

"Hello!" Estelle chirped as they entered the small boutique. The salesman gave them a nod, eyes following the possible customers like a hawk.

Green eyed bright, Estelle rubbed her palms together as she looked around the shop. "Let's see..." she muttered, before rushing to one of the many shelves.

"She's not gonna listen," Yuri groaned. The bluenette only chuckled, giving a pat on his shoulder. "Well, she has a point hun, those clothes won't fit you any longer." she pointed out, looking up and down on Yuri's usual outfit – minus the brown sash around his waist which left his clothes hanging shapelessly. And if Judy looked closely enough, she could see how the shirt looked slightly tight around the swordsman's midriff.

They watched – one with a frown and the other with an amused expression – as the princess squealed, apparently having found something. "Yuri, come and take a look at these!" When the man in question approached her, along with Judith, she took something from the shelf. "What do you think about this?"

"Estelle..." the raven-haired man started slowly, staring at the piece of clothe in her hands. "It's a pink shirt. Like, so pink that Cumore would run away, screeching."

"But Yuri, don't you know that real men wear pink?" Judith chuckled.

Estelle frowned. "But real men don't get pregnant, do they?" she asked aloud, which made Judith burst out of small giggles, which was quiet out of character for her – but the look on Yuri's face was absolutely hilarious!

"Yes Judy, do continue questioning my manhood," the raven-haired man said dryly, studying the clothes and trying to look like his pride hadn't taken a huge hit.

"What... did I say something odd?" Estelle frowned as she glanced between her friends with a confused look.

"Just... forget it," Yuri muttered absentmindedly as he looked the clothes, clearly wanting to get it over as soon as possible. "These look okay," he stated, grabbing a pile of clothes.

"But Yuri, they are all so dark and... gloomy," Estelle stated, eyebrows knitting together as she looked at the man's choices.

Ignoring the princess and their pregnant friend, Judith started to look around the shop, wondering if she could find something for herself. Her eyes landed on the swimsuit section, where she noticed a cute looking bikini.

After walking to the shelf, she examined the swimsuit. It was black without any tacky adornments – just her style. Picking up the bust piece, she read the size and frowned. "Do you have bigger size of these?" she called out the salesman.

The man's face turned to her direction. "Unfortunately those are the biggest size we have," he said slowly, eyes trailing down on the kritya's chest while Yuri had bumped a pile of clothes on the counter.

Judith sighed, putting the bikini piece back to its place. "That too bad."

"Yeah yeah, too bad and shit – no offense man but I'd not rather spend here any extra minutes," Yuri said. While the salesman was setting the price, Estelle sneaked to the shelf with the bikini and glanced at the size paper. Her eyes widened as she read the size and turned to look at Judith. Nobody heard her muttering "They are bigger than that?!"

"Thank you, come again!" the salesman said monotonously as he gave a brown paper bag to Yuri. The raven-head basically shot out of the shop, followed by his friends.

"Well Yuri, how was your first time for shopping maternity clothes?" Judith asked when they entered the busy street.

"Stop saying the m word, they are just normal clothes and nothing else- oh hi Ted."

The green-haired boy ran towards them with a bright smile. "Hi guys!" he chirped after catching up the trio.

"Running an errand for Hank, aren't you?" Yuri asked. Ted nodded viciously, messy hair flying all around. "That old geezer, he always made me and Flynn run all around the city because of his legs or something bull like that."

"Really? Because nowadays he complains about his hip-" Ted cut off, eyes trailing to the brown paper bag Yuri was carrying. "What's that?" he asked curiously, pointing the said object.

"Clothes," Judith said before the raven-head.

"What – really?" Ted asked with big, shocked eyes. "But Yuri... you don't shop clothes – you just darn them over and over again!"

"Well..." Yuri scratched his chin, ignoring the shocked and slightly scolding look on Estelle's face. "Things change, time goes on and whatever – just a change of pace, you know?"

"Oh," the green-haired boy stated thoughtful. "Is it because the baby?"

Judith eyebrows raised high enough to be hidden by her hair. She had thought that Yuri hadn't told yet to the people in Lower quarter – for whatever reason he had. However, one look at the said man's face told her enough. "How do you know about that?" Yuri asked with a perfect poker face.

"That friend of yours – that ex-knight whose name used to be Swan or something – came to the Red Comet yesterday evening. He drank lots of that Hank's special wine and somewhere around the midnight he started babbling about you and a baby." the boy paused. "The next day everybody knew about it."

"I'm gonna kill him," Yuri stated calmly after a moment of silence. "Or even better, I'm gonna burn Rita's research, framed the old geezer and lock them into a closet. That should be a fitting fate for that fuc-"

"Yuri!" Estelle exclaimed. "There are children here!"

"Wow, so it's really is true?!" Ted gasped with shining eyes. "That's so cool, but..." the boy paused, staring at Yuri's torso with a thoughtful look. "you never told us that you were a girl."

Yuri's eyebrows shot up. "What the- let me assure you Ted, I am not a girl."


"Ugh, I'm too young to start this conversation, Judy you do the honor," Yuri sighed. The kritya gave him a smile, kneeling down on the same eye level as Ted and explained how the kritya anatomy worked and assured that Yuri – despise his condition – was indeed a male.

After the explanation, Ted's expression wasn't as confused as it was before. "Okay, that makes sense." he stated before adding. "It makes much more sense than Andersson twins' version."

"What did they say?" Estelle asked kindly.

"Well, the older sister claimed that Flynn has a magical cock, but he doesn't own a rooster – a magical one no less, right?"

Judith looked up at the sky, mouth tight as she tried her best not to laugh. "Erm..." the pink-haired princess stuttered with bright red face.

"You'll find out when you're older," Yuri managed to say, probably having some interesting images in his mind.

Ted pouted. "You always say that!"


Judith opened the wooden door and entered the HQ of Brave Vesperia. "Anybody home?" she called out, placing her spear against a wall. She walked into the office and to her surprise, found Yuri lying on the worn-out sofa. The man turned to look at the kritya, giving her a slight nod before turning back to the book he was apparently reading.

"What are you reading?" Judith asked, noticing that the book looked unfamiliar.

"One thousand and one baby names and their meanings," Yuri replied with a bored tone, shifting his position which was quite hard as his belly now resembled a small watermelon.


"Estelle," the raven-head confirmed, turning a page. "I tried to tell her that there is still four months to think about but apparently it's never too early to decide," he said with an amused tone. "She also took the liberty to circle the Estelle-approved and recommended names here but sadly our tastes don't go hand-in-hand."

Becoming curious, Judith approached her friend and looked behind his shoulder at the pages. There indeed were circles made of red ink around some names. "But that one has pretty nice meaning," she chuckled at one circled name. "A tragical man who changed from a noble into a servant of the man who killed his family. Known for his azure eyes and golden hair – sounds like Flynn, doesn't he?"

Looking at the name the bluenette had pointed at, Yuri let out a snort. "Woman, no kid with half of my DNA is gonna have a name that sounds suspiciously like Gay Lard."


To be continued... maybe


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