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(By the way this is an AU)

I sighed, lifting my tired body of the couch; discarding my chipped phone in the general direction of the floor. I pushed a stray, wild strand of hair behind my ear and falsed myself in the direction of the stairs, heading for my bedroom.

Pushing the door open, I stepped in; kicking random objects that adorned the floor, to create a pathway to my closet. My room was littered with everything, snippets of my childhood; my life as a show jumper. Ribbon's hung proudly of the wall, cut out's of newspaper articles adorned the walls, each one saying something similar to the other. 'Amy Flemming does it again!' or 'The Flemming's are back!', too 'It's in the genes!'. Every single article marveled by her performance.

Pulling open the door, I leant against the worn frame, inspecting the array of contents that spilled out in front of me. Frustrated, as yet another strand of hair fell into my face; I reached for a stray hair band; lying anywhere in reach. My fingers clasping a thin band I pulled my hair into a high pony tail. Satisfied, I dived back into the mounds of clothes.

Finally finding a suitable outfit, I threw it on my bed and headed for the bathroom. After a quick wash, I pulled on my clean clothes. Quickly glancing at the mirror, I decided to leave my hair as it was. It was too much effort to do anything else. I added a small amount of mascara and left.

Everyone was out, so I said I'd meet Soraya in town. Pulling myself into the truck, I backed out the drive.

Finally reaching town, I searched for an empty parking space. Finding one I pulled into it, glancing around for any sign of Soraya. Deciding she was probably at Maggie's, I slid out the truck; my feet landing with a soft thud on the bare concrete. I grabbed my purse from the passenger seat and locked up the truck. Spinning on my heels, I headed for the little shop.

I smiled at the passers-by, each one whizzing past me; just enough time to smile a hello. As I rounded the corner, my eyes glued to the floor; I collided with someone. Fantastic.

I looked up shyly. Wow, this was embarrassing. My face was literally in his chest. I muttered a sorry and hurried back a few steps. The boy smiled softly, "Nothing, don't worry." His deep brown hair, falling over his eyes. The emeralds, still shone through; holding me there. Trapped.

I opened my mouth to speak and shut it again. Blissfully aware of the great gold-fish impersonation I was performing. He chuckled softly, I immediately relaxed. I felt so comfortable in his presence. He spoke again, his voice softer this time. "Don't worry, it was nothing." He looked at me intently, I turned my head, shying from his gaze. "Are you okay?"

I nodded dumbly, seeing as I was lost for words. He rested his hand on my shoulder, "Where you going?" I pointed in the direction of Maddie's. "Want me too get you a drink?"

I was taken back by his offer, he seemed to know me like no one I had ever met. Although I had literally just stumbled over him. I smiled, "Sure."

He smiled softly and started to walk forwards. I followed him, falling into to step beside him. "What's your name?" I asked, intrigued by this incredibly good-looking man beside me.

He chuckled softly, "Ty, you?"

"Amy." I replied simply.

He nodded, "So what you doing in town?"

"I'm meeting a friend."

"Ah." He hummed softly.

"You?" I asked.

"Meeting my cousin."

"Your cousin?" I repeated. I knew everyone round here, I would know if they had a cousin.

"Hmm. Soraya Martin." He added.

I stopped dead, opening my mouth and shutting it again. He was Soraya's cousin.

He frowned, "What? You know her?"

I nodded.

"Your friend?"

I nodded again.

He chuckled again, "Cool."

I shook my head, this guy was crazy. Kinda liking it though.

He held open the door, gesturing me to step in. I smiled a thanks and walked into the busy shop, welcoming the warm air. Soraya saw me and waved, shrieking she ran over.

"So good to see you!"

Soraya had been with her Nan for 3 weeks, and had only just got back yesterday. She gestured to Ty behind me, "Who's this I see?"

I rolled my eyes, and grinned, "Your cousin."

"Shame." She smiled, happily and introduced herself to him. Turns out they've never met.

"So... Details..." She smiled as she slipped in beside me, her elbows propped up on the counter. I laughed, thanking Ty as he handed us our drinks.

I took a quick sip and rolled my eyes. "Nothing to report."

"Hey, I'm just gonna go say hi to Caleb."

I gaped again, he laughed. "Yes I know him, and do you like being a goldfish?"

I blushed and turned shyly. Soraya grinned, she wanted information. "Kay."

"So... As I said details... Not exactly a coincidence, that you bump into a random stranger that just happens to be one; my cousin, one of lives major downfalls and two; gorgeous."

Wow, had she really just nailed it? "In fact, you are correct. I literally bumped into him, wasn't having a good morning, he seemed to understand me like no one else can and we got talking. Then he said you were his cousin, so I did a gold-fish impression."

She laughed, "I mean, seriously Amy. It's fate."

I rolled my eyes, "Fate?"

"Yes, major coincidence that you met him first, not me; his cousin." She stated, adamant that she was correct.

"Just a coincidence." I sighed, knowing she had me pegged. Maybe it was fate? I mean you don't just bump into a random good-looking guy everyday, do you?

She shook her head and nodded in his direction. "He likes you, knows you 'better than anyone else' and is gorgeous."

"It's not all about the looks Soraya." I continued, persistent.

She sighed, oh so dramatically. "Not about the looks you say?"

I glanced over in his direction, he was leaning casually against the wall, chatting away with Caleb. Okay he was gorgeous.

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