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The trail ride was great, I got to know Ty better and more about his relationship with Soraya, them being long-lost cousins an all. To be honest, their being slightly to casual, I mean you suddenly see someone you've never met and get on like you saw them yesterday? Weird.

Okay well... I basically just met Ty... But...? I don't know, okay.

Soon it was time for Soraya to go, Ty would have gone with her to meet his long-lost family, you know 'reunion'. But her family is away on business, so she's staying with close friends.

So that left me with... You guessed it. Ty. All on our own.

"And then their was two." Ty smiled. Never has that saying been more apt.

His hands were casually perched in his pockets, in that macho, look at me, I could kill-you-right-now-without-even-flexing-a-muscle kinda way. You know, that sort of way. Whatever it was, it looked good on him, and that's all that matters right?

I nodded, holding my hands behind my back, in that help-me way, that only comes out in emergencies. (Basically daily).

He glanced at his phone, "I haven't got to be back for a while yet."

I nodded again. What the heck is wrong with me? "Kay." I said simply. Kinda lost for words here. What the heck about?

He smiled, "What?"

I shook my head, (makes a change) "Nothing."

He raised an eyebrow, "Kay."

I laughed, (slightly on edge here) "Wanna see the horses?" Dumbest question ever.


Internal sigh of relief. And exhale...! Breathe. Oh shut up. Why do those virtual trainers you get on games always have this weirdly perfect voice. 'You are now going to lift your back leg... And exhale...' Then for some reason, the screen turns this strange light blue colour. Then the Lego cross video game trainer, breathes in 'hummm...' You follow...'Hummmmm...' Big exaggerated sigh...!

Wow going of track. That would probably explain why Ty is now looking at me with this strange look on his face. "What!" I asked, already turning red. Trying in vain to not think of what he could have just heard.

"You just said 'hummmm' about ten times."

Oh my god. Noooooo... My life as ended.

I look like a beetroot now. Thanks a lot. And he just raised an eyebrow again. Someone help me. "Sor-...ry" I stuttered. Majorly embarrassed right now.

He just laughed softly. On the verge of a mental breakdown. Ty shook his head and smiled at me, "You meditate or something?"

Oh no... Oh no... Am dying of embarrassment here. "No-..." Where the heck do I go from here? "Eh no..." Help me. "I was eh-..." This is bad. "Thinking..." Seriously Amy, is that all you can come up with. Mentally just kicked myself. Idiot.

He laughed again, shaking his head. "Your cute."

Wow. Did he just say cute? I think I'm suffering from something. Something deadly. Should probably seek medical advice. It always tells me to on them adverts.

Blinking in belief, I stared up at him, this dumb expression stretched across my face. Not a good look. Soraya told me.

He sighed, "The horses...?"

I shook my head, pinching myself, anything to bring me down to earth. "Eh-... Yeah sure." I smiled weakly, quickly making my way to the barn. My stride verging on a jog, but to sustain dignity; I kept it to a power walk. And one and two and three, four, five!

Ty did a little jog to keep up with me, "Wow. Is this some sort of mental excercise?"

Wow I'm gonna kill him when I get a chance. Preferably in my after life, when I'll be something bigger than him. Come to think, he'd be dead then anyway. Hmm. Will have to think about that one.

Quickly reaching the barn, I strode down the aisle, smiling as all the horses swung round at our appearance. Ty looked in confusion, "There's no Spartan?"

I shook my head, "He's in the other barn."

He nodded, doing a little spin on his heels, without actually moving forwards. "I see."

I walked up to one of the occupied stalls, peering into it, searching for the little Shetland pony, Ginger Snap. He threw his head up, looking at me with weary eyes.

This barn was the 'abused horses' barn; where we kept all the, yep you've guessed it, 'abused' horses. Ginger Snap was a little Chestnut Shetland pony, he was tiny at only 7 hands. But he didn't like people, he was abused when he was younger and now has no trust in anyone what so ever.

I glanced at Ty, "I was gonna work with Ginger Snap, wanna watch?"

He nodded, "Sure."

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