Kushina watched with amusement as the teachers and students alike gaped at how fast Minato was going. He wasn't called the Yellow Flash for nothing, and armed with his recently replaced special kunai, the Death Eaters didn't stand a chance.

Voldemort kept trying to make his way to the castle, but the going was slow with the battles between the foxes and werewolves, the centaurs and vampires and the unicorns against his dementors.

The Giants were being fought by what appeared to be massive toads.

It took him an hour, casting curses every which way more often than not hitting his own men. The yellow blur on the battlefield was too fast to be hit by a curse, though not for lack of trying. The odd three pronged knives that had come out of nowhere littered the grounds. Each had a strange engraving on it.

Suddenly the blond blur vanished...and something even more horrifying appeared.

A man with silvery gray hair, one calm eye with the other covered up by the same headband as the brat had worn against him, and wearing what appeared to be a standard uniform. He was at least as tall as Snape was, and he had a rather bored aura about him.

Beside him was a man about the same height, if slightly taller with a bowl hair cut that had an unnatural shine, HUGE freaking eyebrows, and was wearing an entirely green outfit with orange leg warmers. He had an aura that made Voldemort want to run far, far away if he could.

Without warning the two men started embracing, though thankfully he couldn't hear what it was. In the background was the most disturbing sight he would ever have the misfortune to witness.

The infamous Sunset Genjutsu of Youth. He could vaguely hear several of his newest recruits either vomiting, attempted to erase that memory (with absolutely no success since it was still going on, or mercy killing each other.

(Elsewhere in the Village Hidden in the Leaf...)

Kakashi who had been in the middle of a report, pause and gave a horrified shudder. Sarutobi gave him an odd look.

"What's wrong?"

"There has been a grave disturbance in the Youthful force... Somewhere out there someone has recreated Gai's blasted Sunset Genjutsu using me as the opposing person. There is only one way to remedy this," said Kakashi.

"Report first, then you can go get some new porn. I heard Jiraiya's new book came out today. For that kind of mental image, we should both hit the sake hard tonight," said Sarutobi.


"Kakashi! My eternal rival!" Gai called out when he entered the room.

"GAH! To hell with this! I need my Icha Icha before he really does infect me!" said Kakashi, bolting out the window, just barely remembering to open it before he jumped.

"Gai, you need to work on your timing. In the meantime... Haruka, could you please bring me some sake? The strongest you can get your hands on, if you don't mind."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," said his secretary. She was the first in months who had lasted this long, and that because Naruto hadn't driven her insane yet.

He would later pass out with the paperwork already finished by his clones. Minato had finally taken pity on him and told him the trick to avoiding that hell...though he did not appreciate the cameras, video recorders and various other recording devices at the time.

(Back in England)

Kushina was laughing her ass off as her shadow clones took out half the werewolves, vampires and a good third of the Death Eaters in less than fifteen minutes. At least the people on their side had been warned not to look at the Sunset, though it had been an odd look they had given her in return.

When Voldemort passed Hagrid's hut (he had gone inside long before the battle even started with Fang) Kushina looked at the students and teachers. They were frightened out of their wits, but they were also determined to live through this.

"Everyone, take aim and fire!" she yelled.

With a flare of her KI, the spells sent down from the third floor and up started hitting Death Eaters. Those who were a bit squeamish were told to use any means necessary to make them go down and stay down. Didn't matter if it was a stunner or not, so long as they were down long enough for someone else to deal with them.

When Voldemort went to attack the doors, Kushina activated the seals on the walls and hallways. The only way to get to the attackers in the upper stories was to break the seal, which wasn't going to happen as long as the chakra was running through it.

She had the door open, and Voldemort walked in like he owned the place. He looked at her and sneered.

Kushina smirked. She decided that the best thing to do was to kill him quick and get it over with...so she allowed a cloak to form. Voldemort took half a step back, when he saw the cloak.

He remembered it from the graveyard. Even touching it barehanded burned him worse than any fire and the thing was just now started to heal.

"Avada Kedevra!" he shouted.

Kushina smirked.

"Unfortunately for you, that paltry spell will never be able to break through my cloak. Shinigami-sama is eager to speak to you, and I plan to send you straight to him," she said coldly. Her voice changed under the influence of the fox.

Outside the foxes all howled. They could sense the greatest of their kind being present. With that cloak on, this battle was as good as won.

Kushina darted forward, her tail knocking aside any spells thrown at her. The screams of those about to die were heard all the way to the school, as her chakra burned them without killing them.

When Voldemort went to attack her again, she darted in front of him and used her tail to literally knock his head off. His eyes blinked in surprise, as if he didn't expect to die that easily. His body fell with a loud thud, and all the fighting stopped cold. The Death Eaters stared in shock at the fact that their master, a person they believe was immortal, had died so easily.

From his dead body a pale spirit appeared. Clearly he wasn't going to leave Hogwarts without a fight. Before he could say a word, something else appeared behind him.

Shinigami-sama took his sword...and speared it through Voldemort's soul. He looked particularly vindictive about it.

"You are THE most incredibly annoying pain in the ass, and you're coming with me. Since you think it's funny to split your soul into pieces, you get to deal with the paperwork I've gotten because of that. Then I'll boot your sorry ass into Hell where it rightfully belongs!" said Shinigami-sama irritably.

Voldemort's soul was screaming the entire way to that office, and then he was forced to deal with the backlog.

As one, the Death Eaters looked at each other, and then surrendered. They weren't stupid enough to fight a woman with the God of Death on her side!

The vampires went back to their homes, and the werewolf packs ran off. Fenrir had been killed near the beginning of the fight, and his head was sealed to give to Remus.

Kushina was bandaging her wounds. She had gotten a little cut during the fight, and she kept running on Minato's special kunai. Those had been collected by the smaller foxes and sealed into one big scroll for him.

She was tired, but she could still fight if she had to. Using the cloak always wore her out for a few days, and her chakra was always low until she recovered. You would think it was the opposite, but no.

It was to this scene that Dumbledore appeared asking for a moment of her time.

Kushina leveled a fearsome glare at him, but followed.

"I suppose you think you're really clever, getting everyone to follow you like that," he started.

She raised a hand to stop him.

"For your information, I have no intention of leading them after this. One of my clan will remain here to help Neville guide them out of the Dark Ages with McGonagall helping to train the next generation. I'm heading home...once I get the wand that you have on you that is."

Dumbledore glared at her.

"I am not surrendering the Elder Wand to a Dark Witch," he said angrily.

"You won't have a choice. The wand is all that remain of the Hallows, and once I deliver that to Shinigami-sama my job is officially done here. You won't be Headmaster after today Dumbledore," said Kushina.

He raised the Elder Wand. She raised hers...and cast the first spell. While he had years of experience and spells she never even heard of, she had her own experience and enough chakra left inside of her to deal out chunin level jutsu. Her legs ran hard as Dumbledore tried to either kill or incapacitate her.

He knew that if he could control her, he would control more than just Europe. But she was too strong for him to keep on a leash for long, so she had to die.

She grimaced, and realized that perhaps she should call out the big guns.

"Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld!" she cried out, and punched the floor. Stone gave way to a marshy muck, and Dumbledore cried out as his right leg broke from under him. The swamp didn't extend very far, because she was on stone and not earth. But it did what she needed as she cast the bone shattering hex on Dumbledore's other leg. There wasn't a chance that he would be able to cast in so much pain.

Kushina took a deep breath and popped a soldier pill. Once it took effect, she was able to deal with Dumbledore.

He would be rushed to St. Mungo's for minimum treatment, as Kushina gave him the full T and I work-over. Several things she had been unaware of had her taking notes for the Aurors. Dumbledore was going to be in a lot of trouble...and his brother was going to be the only one of the Dumbledore line to carry on the legacy.

Shinigami-sama appeared behind her, his eyes alight with amusement.

"He is going to hell once he dies, right?"

"You better believe it. I will give you a week, so you can get what you need done here. After that you can make your way home from Suna."

"Fair enough. That will give us a chance to find Tsunade. She can give the hospital the swift kick in the ass it desperately needs."

"While you insure she has plenty of things to do in the meantime, right?"

Kushina nodded.

Shinigami-sama cackled like Anko usually did.

"I am going to be recording your return...that alone is sure to amuse me for a long while!"

"I aim to please, Shinigami-sama! Once I finally see my son, if you need any other help just let me know! I don't mind doing your missions so long as I don't end up halfway cross the world again!"

"Deal. At least you don't bitch as much as the others... Seriously...what is with that stupid Jashin-sama this, and Jashin-sama that crap?" grumbled Shinigami-sama.

Kushina laughed, but agreed wholeheartedly.

"So... It's finally time to leave?" said Minato.

"He's dropping us in Suna, so we can have time to find Tsunade," said Kushina.

Draco, Narcissa, Hermione, Neville and his family had already been sent to Konoha. Neville and Augusta had gone in the hopes that the Yamanaka family could bring back Frank and Alice. Unlike the Healers at St. Mungo's, the Konoha hospital was well equipped to heal such trauma.

Kushina took one long last look at Hogwarts. Raion, who had recently been revived and was currently working as the new Defense Teacher (McGonagall nearly had a heart attack when she learned he was in fact the real Godric Gryffindor, given a second chance to keep the Horcruxes from being made every again) was rather happy to be back in the castle.

(Kushina had noted with interest the glances the old cat gave Raion, who looked to be about her age physically. She wished them both the best, and only asked for an invite should they ever tie the knot.)

With a deep breath, Shinigami-sama grabbed the two of them and dropped them off in the middle of River country. It was halfway to Suna and Konoha. They were on the very edge of the desert.

She looked at her husband, who was looking at her in shock.


"What? I didn't get deaged again did I?"

Minato pointed at a nearby stream, and she went to look. Her mouth opened and gaped in absolute shock. Before, she had been in her 16 year old body...now she was back to the same age as she had been when she died.

She was 27 again...and Minato, he was 28. They were their proper ages again!

"Hell...this is going to be a bitch to explain," said Minato.

"Not really. Remember the deal we made with the old monkey? I get a week to cause all sorts of hell for the way they treated Naruto, and in exchange I have to spend a month with Konoha's Green Beast in the morning? By the time I'm through with them it will be a cinch to get a new Civilian council elected. How that bitch Haruno stayed on it so long I have no idea, unless they rigged the vote."

Minato blinked.

"True. With the chaos you plan on doing, slipping back in as Hokage will be much easier once I prove my identity. Kami knows they have it coming," mused Minato.

"Great! Let's find Tsunade! That hospital probably needs to be shaken up as much as the village does!" chirped Kushina.

Minato grinned evilly. It was good to be in the Elemental Countries again.

Tsunade stared in absolute shock at Kushina and Minato.

"I don't know who the fuck you think you are, taking those forms, but I hope you don't have plans to avoid the hospital any time soon," she snarled. How dare these imposters take the form of her favorite cousin and the brat Jiraiya raised?!

'Kushina' smirked and pinned her with a chakra chain...the same one the real one used. The chakra was identical down to the Kyuubi laced taint.

'Minato' grinned as he used the infamous Hiraishin and in his hand was the Rasengan.

"... But...how?" asked Tsunade.

"Shinigami-sama made us a deal. We did a mission for him, we get to come back. We just finished, and thought you would like to join us on our return home," said Kushina.

"You mean the God of Death decided to give you your lives back? Why?"

"Someone on the other side of the world performed a foul ritual, dragging me there right as I was about to die from the Kyuubi's claw in my gut. Minato was brought back as my back up. I plan to shake that village up...and it would be a good idea to bring you back to insure no one gets killed by accident. Coincidentally we'll be getting rid of the Civilian council and creating a new one, without Danzo."

"What about my debts?"

"Paid in full or I beat whoever is asking at poker. You know how good I am at it," said Kushina with a smirk.

Tsunade grinned with her. It had been a long time since she saw Kushina...and the woman's body cracked under the pressure of that hug she gave her. It was about time she started causing trouble again.

At least they weren't asking her to take the old monkey's place.

Kushina took a deep breath of Fire Country air and whooped. When she saw the gates, her smirk widened as she said "It's good to be home."


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