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Chapter 1: Friend or Foe

"...These orcs are dangerous, or their leader is, more so than the usually orcs we fight. Our scouts report that this orc think more like an elf or man than any orc should. Ion-nin, be careful, but realize that it is necessary that the leader is killed, and as many of his band as possible. I wish that I could send at least one more elf with you...but you know well enough that at this time we need as many elves as possible. Be safe, be careful."

May this letter find you in good health,

King Thranduil

Legolas looked up from the letter he was reading and slowly lowered it, thinking of his task ahead. When the massager had come upon him and given him the letter, he had told the prince that he had seen with his own eyes just how dangerous this orc was.

Placing his hands on his hips, Legolas stared into the deep valley which the orcs were rumored to be in, he could not see much except for the tall trees which towered around him.

Great, he thought sarcastically. This was a big valley and he was going to have to search all of it because the orcs were rumored to be there. Shaking his head thoughtfully, Legolas hitched his pack higher on his back before setting off at a run into the great valley.

As he ran, Legolas kept his long bow in his left hand ready for action if so needed, while his other hand he brushed the bark of the passing trees, hearing the whispers that greeted him when he did so. The elf asked the trees the same questions over and over again, have orcs been by here? For the longest time all the trees answered the same, no, but as Legolas slender fingers brushed the bark of a practically old looking tree he received a different answer.

"...There was man." Legolas instantly slid to a stop and backed up to the tree. Though, the tree spoke of a man Legolas needed to know what was going on and if this man was dangerous. There were no human villages for miles around so the chance that the man had simply just come here to enjoy a day of relaxation were slim.

"This man...was he of an evil sort." Legolas asked the tree while pressing both hands and forehead against the rough bark, after he had tucked his bow safely away. "No, I do not think so. This man reminded me greatly of an elf." the tree told the elf.

"How did this man reminded you of elves?"

"He stopped under my boughs for a brief rest and when he left, there were hardly any tracks to follow. When he spoke to himself, it was in elvish." the tree answered, glad to be of help to this wandering elf. It had been many years since this great and noble tree had seen any of the firstborn.

Legolas paused before speaking again with the tree, thinking. This man sounded remarkably like Aragorn, though that may be because Legolas wanted it to be Aragorn.

"Hannan le for your help, great tree." Legolas whispered silently before breaking his connection and started off again. It was not really that farfetched to think of it being the ranger, Legolas reasoned with himself. Aragorn had lately taken to wandering around alone when he was not at home or with the rangers. The prince of Mirkwood let a small smile grace fair features of the thought that he and Aragorn could have another adventure together. But then reality hit, it was going to be nearly impossible to find the orcs in this large valley, and they left good tracks. Aragorn would be as good as invisible.

Who knows, Legolas thought with a grin. With the luck that I and Estel have I will find the orcs and Aragorn at the same time. Little did he know how correct he was.


This is going to be so easy, Aragorn thought, confidently. There were only two. Two orcs, alone, would not stand a chance against him.

"Yield, human!" one of the orcs growled out, apprehensively bringing his own blood stained weapon up.

"Whatever, filth. You would die trying to kill me!" Aragorn said confidence dripping from his words. The orc snarled, angry at the insult. Aragorn confidently took a step forward and swung at the orcs head, his sword a silver blur. The orc never had a chance. Quickly the other orc attacked but only lasted seconds against the human before he also found his head separated from his body.

"...Stupid orcs..." Aragorn muttered kneeling down and whipping his sword on the grass, attempting to clean the black blood off. Sniffing slightly, he instantly gagged on the foul stench coming from the orcs.

"Oh by the Valar...how did I not smell this before." Aragorn cried bringing his tunic up to cover his nose. Suddenly a blinding pain hit him from behind, and all he saw was blackness as he crumpled to the ground.

The large orc that was standing behind the human shook his first happily, the man had never saw anything coming. Motioning with his other hand for the other orcs to join him, he slung the man over his shoulder. The other orcs crept out of hiding, giving a wide breath to the orc and man as his offensive smell was too much, even for orcs.

An especially evil looking orc walked out of the shadows, and scary grin stretched across his face, showing his yellow teeth. The distractions always worked. Make them think they had won and then attack.

"Search his belongings." he ordered, before stocking away back the way he had come.

When they reached their campsite, the leader ordered in a low and gravelly voice "Wake him up..." before stepping back and behind the human, out of sight.

The two smaller orcs who had been carrying the ranger dropped him unceremoniously to the ground before tying him roughly to the tree behind him. A third orc gathered a bucket full of water from the stream that ran straight past them before, grinning happily, dumped the freezing cold contents over the human's head.

Aragorn instantly woke, coughing and spluttering from the water. The ranger gazed around eyes wide eyed with panic, only to found him-self tied up and surrounded by orcs. Not exactly what he wanted to wake up to.

"What are you doing here?" the largest of the orcs yelled in Aragorn face, grabbing him by the hair and forcing his head back.

"I have no idea. Shouldn't you know, it was your group of filthiness who brought me here." Aragorn replied with perhaps a little too much sass, for the orc raised his hand and backhanded him roughly. The human blinked his eyes; breathing deeply to help with the pain.

"That elf sent you didn't he. Thought he could trick me by sending a human." a snide voice sounded in his ear, Aragorn slowly turned his head to look and inventory jumped when he found a hideous orc right next to him.

"What elf?" the ranger asked now totally confused. He had just come to this valley because it looked like a good spot to explore, no other reason.

"Don't try and pretend that you don't know who we are talking about!" the orc hissed manically into the man's ear, his angry was clear. Unfortunately Aragorn really did not have any clue about this elf,.

"I don't know!"

"Yes, you do. Why else would you be in this valley."

"I wandered in!"

"No one just wanders into places; you are here for a purpose."

"I do and no I am not." Aragorn yelled getting frustrated.

"Ahh, but I can prove that you are." the orc said slyly an evil grin once again showing his yellow teeth.

"How can you have proof?" Aragorn replied in disbelief.

"Get me the letter," the orc shouted impatiently at the orcs around him, one small orc scuttled off to do his bidding. Turning back to the man, he whispered evilly

"I took this from the elf I killed, a messenger." the other orc rushed forward and handed him a bloodstained letter.

"It says here," he growled shoving the letter into Aragorn's face, "That the elf that wrote this reply was going to go get human aid. You then showed up, and now I just need to find that elf. I thought you would be together, so now I ask. Where were you supposed to meet the elf?!" he yelled straight into Aragorn ear. Aragorn winced, trying to examine the letter. He found it hard to believe that most elves would go to humans for help instead of their own kin.

His heart suddenly speed up in horror, that was Legolas handwriting. And for a fact, the letter said something about having his father, Legolas father, confirm some shipment to Lake town (the human settlement by Mirkwood) , nothing about human aid. Aragorn knew, however, that he had to get away and try and warn Legolas before the orcs found him, too. If that happened, the human had a feeling that they would both die.

"I don't know." Aragorn ground out in between his teeth, maybe this orc would just believe him and leave him alone to, hopefully, escape.

"Fine," the orc growled, getting frustrated as well. "No food or water until you tell me." Aragorn smiled a little that was fine by him. He never ate with orcs if he could help it. The smile quickly faded to a frown however, the ropes that were wrapped around his wrist were tight, but perhaps if he could reach his boot, then things would look up. In his boot was a small knife. After he escaped and found Legolas they would leave this valley immediately.


A dull thunk rang out into the surrounding forest as a sleek white handled knife slammed into a tree with great force. Striding angrily forward, Legolas wrenched the knife free before re-sheathing it. Taking several deep breaths, he attempted to calm his pounding anger. The elf had finally stumbled upon the orcs trail, and it had eventually lead him to this spot.

Legolas bent down examining the battle scene, though Legolas was not sure that the word battle actively described this sight. On the ground at his feet lay two dead orcs, but what made him was angry was that Aragorn sword lay in the mud next to them. The human had presumably fought with the orcs then been captured, as his body was nowhere near. Legolas anger was directed straight at the orcs, whom he now knew to be very dangerous. For Aragorn to only be able to kill two before being captured testified of this.

Aragorn's belonging were scattered around, as if the orcs had gone through them, and Legolas carefully gathered them all up. He found many of what he assumed to be the man's herbs and placed them also in the pack, Aragorn would just have to sort them out later.

Looking at the tracks, Legolas silently followed them; his bow was at his side with an arrow already nocked and ready for action, his friends sword sheathed at his side. When the elf found the orcs, they were all going die.


Two days later.

Aragorn sighed, immediately regretting the action. It had only increased his incredible thirst, it had been almost a full day since he had an even a sip of water. He swallowed trying to get just a little bit of moisture to fill his throat.

"Thirsty, man!" The leader of the orcs called passing him. Picking up an full water skin he poured it all out at the mans feet, watching with a smirk.

Aragorn watched with a pained look, he was soo thirsty and the orc was wasting it all.

"I have a full water skin, if you just tell me where and when you planned to meet the elf."

"I didn't plan to meet an elf!" Aragorn cried in frustration, and even if he did know, a drink of water was not worth his friend's life.

"Alright, then we will try a new tactic, men, he is yours. Just don't beat him up to badly!" the Orc yelled anger clear in his voice.


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