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Chapter 10: Healing Adventures!

Legolas was once again on the verge of waking. He drifted conformable for a few moments before giving into his mind urges and waking up. The prince's mind was hazy, for moment not remembering where he was. When his mind cleared, he realized that he was alone in his room…very unusually with the critical conditional that Legolas had just been in.

Reaching up he wearily rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, a painful wince marring his pale features as the action pulled at his wound. He was frustrated already with the fact that his eyes had been closed in sleep, it just was not natural for an elf and it disturbed him greatly.

A loud shout was heard down the hall and Legolas glanced up. Hearing the sound of more shouting, Legolas awkwardly pushed himself up just high enough to support his head with his hand. Shifting around slowly, he faced the doorway. More shouting, this time accompanied by hysterical laugher. Legolas smiled, rolling his eyes. The prince could guess why Aragorn and his brothers had vanished from the room.

"And you actually fell for it." Legolas heard, clearly making out Elladan's voice right outside of the door. The piece of wood flew open and Aragorn stomped through. Glancing at Legolas, the human was forced to do a double take.

"Your awake!"he yelled dramatically, clasping into a nearby chair. The twins appeared through the door, laughing hysterically. Aragorn pulled a face. Untangling himself for the chair, the human sat up right and turned his attention to the elf in front of him.

"Don't scare me like that," Aragorn complained, "I thought you were still asleep." his tone was one of hurt and to pull it off stuck out his lower lip, pouting. Subconsciously he reached out and found Legolas wrist; taking his pulse. He was relieved to find it stronger and at a more normal pace.

"Why..." Legolas asked clearly confused. Aragorn looking up, began to giggle slightly. It was rare that he caught Legolas with a confused face. "Elladan and Elrohir, what have you done to him!" Legolas asked, pushing himself up a little higher. Raising his eyebrows the prince stared in shock as all three brothers clasped in heaps of laughing bodies.

Despite himself, Legolas began to chuckle. Their laughter was contiguous and the three brothers were a rather...interesting sight. Pain rocked through his side and he doubled over, realizing that laughter was not a good idea. Breathing deeply Legolas controlled himself, closing his eyes and ignoring his friends.

The three heaps on the floor didn't even notice, for which Legolas glad. He didn't need them rushing over and smothering him. Lower himself down back against the pillows, Legolas closed his eyes fighting off another wave off pain.

"What, may I ask is going on?" the slow deep voice of the lord of Rivendell. Snapping his eyes open, Legolas schooled his features.

"Why are all three of my sons lying on the floor reduced to this?" Elrond continued, stepping over and around his sons to reach Legolas side. The prince lay on the bed, his body tease and his face white. His white sleeping shirt hung open allowing Elrond easy access to his wound when he would need it.

"How are you feeling today?" Elrond asked sitting down on the bed. Brushing back Legolas blonde hair, he used this as an excuse to check his temperature, Elrond was glad to find the fever gone.

"I am fine, Hir Elrond." Legolas replied his voice tight with pain.

"No, you are not. But you will be soon enough. One of you―if you are able― fix up a pain killing tea." Elladan staggered to his feet and, still chuckling, and made his way to the herb table. Elrond meanwhile turned back to Legolas. Aragorn sat up on his knees, elbows propped up on the bed, watching carefully as Elrond examined the red looking wound.

"It looks better!" the human said breathlessly. "How about you, mellon-nin?" he asked patting the elf's arm.

"I just said that…I am fine." his annoyed tone was clear, even as his breathing hitched in the middle of his sentence.

"Here you go, ada." Elladan said, throwing a knowing glance at his twin. A smile still lingered on his lips, while Elrohir still lay on the floor, laughing. Elrond rolled his eyes but took the goblet. Aragorn seeing what needed done, helped Legolas to a sitting position, fluffing up several pillows behind him.

"I can do it!" Legolas protested, reaching out for the goblet. The effect of his determined voice was broken though by a large yawn.

"Drink, and then you can rest!" Elrond pointed out, holding up the cup once more. Legolas took it with trembling fingers, but drank it without incident.

"Who knows, Legolas, you might just up and about tomorrow." Aragorn said, a teasing smile on his face. The human carefully helped Legolas back down. Bringing the blankets up again he tucked them in around the elf, ignoring the way Legolas pushed away his hands.

"NO he will not!" Elrond said sharply. The toxic could resurface as easily as it was to control and he was not going to allow the elf up any time before he said so…he was going to stress the point.

"Ok…ok…I was joking ada!" Aragorn said, holding his hands up in surrender. Elrond however to did not stop.

"I do not want any one of you to help Legolas leave that bed, or do anything without my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ada" the three brothers said simultaneously, humble expressions across each face.

"And you..." Elrond began turning to almost asleep elf. Signing the elf lord reached over and shook Legolas. The prince jerked awake, a cry of pain escaping his lips.

"Forgive me, Legolas... But you must promise me that you will not leave this bed before you at told so.

Legolas promised, slightly in shock at how the elf lord had reacted. Elrond closed his eyes, letting sigh slip out; Legolas never broke promises if he could help it. Patting the prince gently he urged him back to sleep.


Elrond poured several drops of the antidote into Legolas morning dose of herbal tea. He slipped the tiny bottle full of white liquid into his robes pocket., it was almost gone, he would need to get a refill soon. Walking back to the others, he joined his sons by Legolas bed side. It had been several days since Legolas had been brought in, closer to death than life. The prince had recovered greatly and was almost back up to his full strength.

"Hannon le." Legolas said a smile on his face as he accepted the cup. Aragorn smiled happily from across the bed as he watched Legolas. It was good to noticed that the cup no longer shook in his hand.

"Hey, Legolas," Elladan suddenly said, looking up with a mischievous face "Do you hear what ada said?" he asked.

"that it was time for some tea…?" Legolas joked, referring to the older elf's earlier words.

"No…"Elladan said rolling his eyes. "Ada said that you might be up and out of bed tomorrow…if you take it easy."

"Brilliant," Legolas said with feeling. He was sick of laying bed, had been for the past few days. But true to his word, he did not attempt to break free. At the moment he sat against the head board of his bed, leaning against several pillows that his friends insisted he had.

"We will see." was all Elrond said. His hand slipped inside his pocket and he fingered the bottle. The lord of Imladris was a little worried to tell the truth. After the first couple of doses, Legolas had stopped improving as quickly as he had expected. To make matter worse, the speed at which he was healing had actually dropped. It had been enough to make Elrond up the dosage.

"But Hir Elrond…" Legolas began his voice coming dangerously close to a whine. Just because he had promised not to get out of bed did not mean he didn't beg and plead every chance he got.

"I said we'll see." the lord said firmly.

"It had better been soon," Elrohir muttered under his breath, just loud enough that everyone could hear him.


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