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Chapter 13: The end

Blinking his eyes open, Legolas tried to remember why he was in bed again. Last night was fuzzy and he ached all over. Wearily rubbing sleep from his eyes with the back of his wrist, Legolas glanced around his room. He found himself oddly tired, though he had slept through the night and late into the day, according to the sunlight that flittered through the window.

"Legolas…" Aragorn deep voice asked, coming closer. He was trailed by the twins and Elrond stood in the coroner giving the friends some privacy.

"Mellon-nin?" Legolas asked, coughing slightly. His voice was ruff from lack of water and his throat hurt.

"We need to ask for your forgiveness."

"What for?" the elf glanced in between the three, seeing how they would not met his eyes.

"It all started as a prank." Aragorn began. Between the three, their tale was told. Legolas eyes widened as he was told the full tell. Shifting his aching body, he gazed deeply at his friends.

"Can you forgive us?" Aragorn asked so softly that Legolas hardly heard him even with his exceptional elven hearing.

"Yes, I forgive all of you, though that doesn't mean that I won't be knocking some sense into your thick heads!" Legolas growled. He smiled sleepily, as the brothers faces changed dramatically. Their tense faces flooded with relief, and Aragorn actually appeared as if he might pass out. Giving a cry of joy, they jumped the elf, hugging him close and expressing their happiness. As they crushed the prince between them, Legolas gasped in pain.

"Get off." the elf managed after a moment, his wound began to throb again. Finally, the boys pulled away, sitting themselves on the bed around the prince. "Hannon le" Legolas wheezed, rubbing his chest were he could swear there were several cracked ribs. "

"Sorry," Aragorn said ruefully.

"No problem." the prince word's were only slightly sarcastic. Elrond stepped forward, rolling his eyes.

"Since you've effetely suffocated the prince, have him drink this." Handing the goblet over to Legolas, Elrond's hand lingered on the prince's. Finding the skin as cool as it should, he stepped back. Struggling to sit up, Legolas almost spilt the medicine, but luckily there was no shortage of hands to help him. Smiling his thanks, the elf brought the cup to his lips freezing suddenly and giving Elrond a look.

"They are not sleeping herbs?" I really do not wish to be drugged back to sleep." Elrond smiled, shaking his head at the archer's question.

"No, there is not. Though, I would not be surprised if you fall asleep by yourself." The elf lord patted Legolas shoulder gently. Lifting the cup again, he took a deep sip. Sitting the cup down, Legolas was surprised when a heavy platter was slid across his lap.

"Eat," Elladan said a smiling playing across his face. "You need to regain your strength." Making a face, Legolas complied.

Soon the room was quite, everyone watching as Legolas grew more and more sluggish. His eyes blinked slowly and his head fell forward. Aragorn smirked,

"I thought elves are suppose to go days without sleep…not minutes!" he teased, sliding the almost empty plate away. Legolas turned a less intimating glare than normal at the human.

"Be quite, filthy human." Aragorn laughed at that,

"Nice come back…really nice. In fact I might consider using it sometime." the human said sarcastically, yawning in the middle.

"He's not the only one sleepy!" Elladan teased, ruffling his brother's hair. Aragorn fixed his glare to the twin.

"Maybe he's right." Elrond said thoughtfully, earning glances of surprise. "It was a long night for you boys…maybe you should all go get some sleep." This statement caused an uproar of protests. But Elrond silenced them all with a look, "Go to your rooms and do not come out till dinner." He said forcefully.

Surrendering, the three trudged out of the room. A second later Elrond and Legolas were graced with slamming doors.

"Childish…" Legolas smirked.

"Indeed it was." Elrond agreed. He paused before continuing, he knew how much Legolas hated to be watched over. "I need to go check on some of my other patients. Try and get some sleep."

"Hannon le," Legolas said relief clear in his voice. He deeply enjoyed the company of his friends, but he was not going to lie. It was a relief not to be hovered over. The door shut softly behind Elrond and Legolas rolled over onto his good side. Fighting a yawn, Legolas was asleep within minutes.

This was how Elrond found him when he came to check the ill elf. Shaking his head with a smile on his face, the lord pulled the covers further up over Legolas. Giving the prince a once over, Elrond was satisfied with what he found. Legolas pulse was steady, breathing was regular and his eyes were opened slightly. Once again shutting the door behind him, Elrond left to check on his own sons.

The next week flew by quickly, Legolas elven healing ability showing itself. Now the heir of Mirkwood was feeling the pressure to get back to his own home and report to his father.

"Are you sure that you are up to this?" Aragorn asked with concern as he watched Legolas pack. He lent against the doorframe, biting his lower lip in worry. It had after all been only a week since Legolas had been ill.

"I've told you." Legolas patiently answered. He knew why the young man was acting as he did. "I feel perfectly fine. There is no need to worry." He glanced back as the human let a snort.

"You may now, but just wait till you start riding a horse and exercising your body."

"You worry too much," Legolas shot back, returning to packing.

"Do you really have to go back to Mirkwood?" Aragorn asked suddenly. Legolas sighed, slowly folding his extra tunic.

"It is my duty. Mirkwood needs me, I have warriors who need me." he explained softly as he turned to face the human, now finished packing.

"I know…I'd just wish you would wait for another week or so, till you're totally healthy." Aragorn confessed.

"I've told you, I'm fine." the prince reassured. Reaching out he grasped the man's shoulder gently. Aragorn did the same and they stood there for a moment. Breaking contact Legolas shouldered his pack and picked up his weapons.

"Thank you, Estel." he said softly. Aragorn only nodded, know what the elf meant without having to ask. Leaving the room together, the two friends walked down to the courtyard where the rest of Aragorn's family was waiting.

"Take this horse for your long journey." Elrond said, handing over the reins of a beautiful brown mare. "You may return him on your next trip."

"Thank you, my lord." Legolas said gratefully. This would make the trip back much shorter. Strapping his supplies to the horse, Legolas turned to say good-bye to his second family. Facing Elrond first, Legolas gave the traditional elvish farewell before speaking.

"I am once again in your debt."

"Think nothing of it, and be sure to be more careful next time." Elrond replied softly. Turning next to the twins, Legolas grabbed both of them, pulling them into a tight hug.

"Play a good one on Estel for me," he whispered so only they would hear. Pulling away, he said loudly "Now don't cause any trouble!" with a mischievous wink he turned away. Everyone noticed the slightly evil grins the twins wore.

"What did you tell them?" Aragorn asked, now worried for his own health.

"Nothing mellon-nin!" Legolas said pulling the human into a bear hug. As Aragorn wrapped his arms around his best friend, he whispered,

"Now just try and stay out of orcs, wrags, and spiders way all right?"

"As long as they stay out of mine." Legolas replied, laughing. Breaking apart, the prince flashed the man a smile before mounting the horse.

"Good-bye, till we meet again!" Legolas cried jovially.

"Remember to rest if you feel tired ―

"―and to take the herbs ada gave you!" the twins called after him. Legolas half-turned waving a hand to acknowledge their words, before kicking his horse into action. As the horse gained speed, Aragorn shouted his parting words

"Take care!" Legolas once again raised his hand…and then he was gone. The three elves and human waited for a minute before turning around, going back to their 'normal' lives. Aragorn hesitated a moment longer though, turning back as if to catch on last glance of his best friend.

"He'll be fine, Estel." Elrond said, placing a hand on his human son shoulder.

"I know…" The human replied giving Elrond a smile. "I just hope he stays out of trouble."

"So do I…so do I." Elrond muttered following his son inside. Once inside he found that indeed things had returned to normal. Aragorn stood dripping wet, a look of murder on his face, while the twins were nowhere to be seen.


Legolas smiled as the wind whipped his hair about, the feel of the mighty beast beneath him encouraged him. Giving a loud whoop, he pushed his horse faster. Grinning from ear to ear Legolas sighed in continent. He was already looking forward to the next time he would see his friend and the new adventures that they would have!


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