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Summary: Starts as Darren and Crepsley return from the theater with Rebecca, follows movie to the end except for a view changes and then goes off on its own. Family/Love/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Grief/Friendship R&R please!


"I can flit now..."


"...Just like a real vampire."

Those were the last words from Crepsley Darren heard before Rebecca hopped on the vampire's back...and Darren took off.


Flitting almost felt like flying, Darren only stopped once, just under halfway to the Cirque camp to make sure he was going the right way. Smiling as he literally slid to a stop a few yards from the bridge, he chuckled once he realized Crepsley was far behind him.

Exactly three minutes later the older Vampire stopped at the tree line, setting Rebecca down and making sure she was steady on her feet.

"Cool Darren."

The half-vampire smiled at his "girl-friend", but earned a glare from his mentor.

"Next time you pull a stunt like that, you'll be running laps from Mexico to Canada."


"Oh Larten..."

Truska's silky voice broke his thoughts as he sat in his tent, mind idly busy as he tried not to let the night catch up with him.

"You did it, you stuck your neck out for him." Her hands on his shoulders as she stood beside the chair eased the heavy feeling in his heart, the war vanished from his mind.

"You'd think a vampire would know better than to stick his neck out."

She hummed slightly as he looked away, her fingers combing through his fiery hair.

"I am proud of you."

Larten grunted a little, sighing as she gently rubbed his neck before tugging his arm.

"Come, it's time."


"All those who vote in making Darren a member of the Cirque, raise your hand."

Darren shifted next to Rebecca, returning her smile nervously as her hand was among the first to raise.

"One hand Evra." Loaf head called as he counted for Mr. Tall, the snake boy muttering under his breath.

The half-vampire looked to his mentor on the other side of the crowd, standing with Madame Truska and watching patiently. Darren almost glared at the vampire when he didn't raise a hand to vote, but then again it may have been because the vote would be taken as biased.

"It's done," Mr. Tall spoke up after Loaf Head nodded to him, "He will stay!"

Members cheered and either shook Darren's hand, hugged him, or clapped his shoulder, Rebecca stayed the longest, only leaving when Truska approached.

"Larten is at the bridge, I think you should go talk to him."


Crepsley was leaning on the bridge railing, staring out at the river as Darren walked closer.

"So? We get to stay."

His mentor didn't speak until he too was leaning on the bridge railing.

"Not for long I'm afraid."

The tone in his voice nearly bothered the half-vampire, but the distant look told him not to ask Crepsley what he meant.

"You know Crepsley, it's ok...It's weird, I spent so much time wishing that none of this would have happened, and we would never have been to the Cirque in the first place..."

Darren turned to sit on the railing as Larten met his gaze, patiently listening.

"But now I can't really imagine my life happening any other way."

Crepsley nodded a little, a faint grim barely gracing his scarred face.

"Dawn's coming...I had something made for you, it's in your tent. A little gift."

Darren nodded, turning as his mentor headed back to camp before pausing briefly to turn.

"And it's Mr. Crepsley."


Larten smiled faintly as he tucked Octa into her cage, the spider scuttled sluggishly to a corner and crouched, most likely to sleep and let her leg heal. The vampire rolled his stiff shoulders, glancing over to his tent door and making sure it was shut and the latch across, signalling others to leave him alone.

Only a very select few would dare disturb him at this point. Darren would abide by the warning unless it was an emergency or after midnight the next night, Truska...she had already seen him and was now most likely in bed herself. Larten shrugged out of his black shirt, glancing over at the mirror to inspect the bruising on the upper left side of his chest where one of Steve's knives had gone in.

The bruise was extremely tender as he lightly prodded it, making him wince faintly, the slice in the muscle had already sealed once Murlough removed the knife, and the skin had sealed with spit...

But the bruise wouldn't fade for a couple days, Crepsley sighed softly, fully removing the shirt before pulling on a light weight white one, the softer fabric wouldn't aggravate the wounds.

Over slightly from his tent he could hear the tell tale soft creak of a coffin opening, Darren had found his gift.


Larten smirked, listening closely until he heard a second creak as the coffin lid shut, Darren had gone to bed.

The older vampire did the same, relaxing into the soft padding in the box as he drifted to sleep.


"Good...right in the heart..."

Murlough's voice was already straining and garbled from blood filling his lungs.

"Oh so fair and foul a day I have not seen...My people aren't weak like yours...They will avenge me Crepsely..."

The vampaneze chuckled as he started to fall back, "The truce...one hundred years...is over...the war begins."

Murlough collapsed to the theater floor, dead. The sound of his body hitting the old carpet was nothing compared to the pounding dread in Larten's heart.

He fell to on side, the pain in his leg not allowing him to stay kneeling any longer.

Desmond Tiny's voice rang in his ears...it was a thundering roar...he couldn't understand it...


Larten jerked upright, smacking his head against the coffin lid before it opened on its own, letting in the dull light of dawn.

The chest wound still ached, but his leg bothered him the most, stretching it out, he gave up sleeping in the what used to be comfortable coffin. Larten grabbed his cloak from the wardrobe, tugging it over his shoulders and sitting at his desk. Darrn hadn't been in yet to do his chores, the cover was still on Octa's cage and the thick curtains hadn't been moved, the half-vampire was supposed to move them early evening to let in starlight once the sun set.

The vampire sighed softly, shifting in his chair further before setting his head on his arm that rested on the desk, the cloak protected him from any light that would slip inside, and drowned enough of the day noise of the cirque out that he fell back to sleep quickly.




Darren was nearly completely silent as he lifted the double sided latch to Crepsley's tent, slipping inside quickly to the comforting dark room. While daylight didn't hurt him, his head was hurting today from the onslaught of going from drinking no blood to all of sudden doing so and quickly burning up its effects.

Mr. Crepsely was sound asleep at his desk, his cloak had slipped from his face and a beam of sunlight was already turning the pale skin an angry red.

The half-vampire moved the cloak to cover his mentor before adjusting the heavy curtains to seal the tent in darkness.

Octa was waiting for Darren when he opened the cage, she easily moved to sit on his shoulder, even with her leg in a splint as he cleaned the old webs from the cage and placed in fresh flies and a worm to her dish. At this point the spider should have crawled down his arm and gone back to her cage.

The spider had other ideas.


Crepsley woke to the desk moving, and Madame Octa sitting right in front of him.

"Ouch...aahhh...come on..."

Larten shifted to look under his desk, finding Darren flat on his stomach and caught on the wood.

"Octa...come on where are you...shoot..."

The vampire sighed, rolling his eyes before standing once Octa was safe on his shoulder. Darren was trying to undo his jacket from were the leather collar had gotten snagged on a nail, and was failing.

Darren grunted when Crepsley lightly pressed a foot on the back of the half-vampire's calf, hands gripping his belt loops after one set of fingers easily freed the jacket. The full vampire easily pulled Darren out from under the desk, turning once his head was visible to put Octa in her cage.

"Hi Cre-Mr. Crepsley."

He only received a muffled grunt as his mentor moved to sit across the tent.

"What are you doing up?"

"Currently making sure you don't do something stupid." Crepsley said softly as he rubbed his eyes.

"Besides that."

"Couldn't sleep, at least in my coffin...sat out here and fell asleep apparently."

Darren nodded, moving behind his mentor to grab a bottle from his stores, pouring a portion of the contents into a glass and handing it to the vampire.


Larten downed the drink slowly, watching his assistant pick up his discarded shirt, checking for the tear from the knife and sticking it over his shoulder to take to Rebecca. While he could be stubborn and hot headed, Darren did his work diligently, checking over himself before leaving the tent, returning with the vampire's cleaned jacket, the lapels were pressed down to cover the stitching that patched the knife hole.

Crepsley shifted to lean back in the high backed chair, Darren's movements were becoming dull and meaningless in his ears as he let his chin drift to rest on his chest. The last thing he was truly aware of was Darren spreading his cloak over him before the tent doors slid open and shut.


Larten was in the middle of buttoning his vest when Darren entered early that evening, stumbling a little and looking tired. He may have been trying to hide it, but his stomach rumbled angrily.

"When's the last time you ate?"

"Uhh...since I 'died'...I think..."

Crepsley couldn't help it, he started laughing, outright howls as he clutched the edge of his desk to keep from falling over.

"You really...are...an idiot...Oh Charna's guts...stupid boy..."

Darren merely glared briefly, settling to lean against the table Octa's cage sat on as his mentor composed himself.

Crepsley grabbed a bottle from his stores, handing it to his assistant, "Here drink this, and then you'll be joining everyone for supper, I'm surprised you didn't figure out sooner you could consume "normal" food."

His assistant ducked his head, taking the bottle and quickly downing the dark red liquid, acting as if he'd done so for years instead of less than twenty-four hours.

"Oh...do me favor, go and find a field mouse or something small for Octa, she needs the extra meat while she's healing."

Darren sighed softly, but left the tent and camp at a fast run, breaking into a flit once out of everyone's way.

Larten waited until he could no longer hear Darren before quickly moving to a chest, pulling out a long leather jacket with traveling pockets, several already had needed supplies in them.

Several Cirque members were carrying something as well, all meeting in front of Truska's tent where Rhamus and Alexander were setting down a large, new chest.

"Think he guesses Larten?" Hans smirked as he handed Corma a bundled gift, she and Truska were packing the trunk.

Larten shook his head, easing the lid compartment open on the chest and tucking the jacket in it, smiling when Alexander stuck a pair of knives in with a leather vest.

"Darren has no idea."


Darren stuck the mouse in Octa's cage, watching as she dangled above it before pouncing.


The half-vampire sighed, rolling his eyes before walking away to find his mentor and answer the yell.

When he reached the "kitchen" area, Crepsley was standing with Truska and the rest of the Cirque members, all waiting for him.


Within seconds, Darren was swarmed with his new family, even Mr. Tall had a faint smile on his face. Rhamus allowed the hubbub for a few minutes before calling for everyone to get food before it went cold.

The half-vampire was soon sandwiched between Evra and Rebecca, everyone laughing and talking over one another while they ate the thickly made lasagna.

Darren glanced up briefly as Crepsley, the vampire sitting on the ground instead of a log, leaning against the wood with his legs stretched out in front of him. The old vampire seemed perfectly content, caught in the middle of a heated talk with Hans Hands while Truska sat between them, laughing at their antics. The assistant could see the faint shadows though in his mentor's eyes, something was bothering him.

"Darren! I...I mean we...I mean the cirque..."

Corma laughed as she helped Gertha out, "We all wanted to officially welcome you to the Cirque, it's a tradition with all of us since mot of the time a new member comes with little to nothing with them."

The fire dancer freak stepped up, smirking at Darren before lighting her finger on fire and scorching Darren's name into the wood chest.

D. Shan

Vampire Assistant

"The bottom line can be altered when you get older." Truska teased before she opened the chest with a flourish, revealing the gifts within.

The next several minutes were filled with members smiling and laughing as Darren dug through the chest, some had to explain the gag or reason for the gifts.

Alexander pulled his gift of the twin blades out, showing Darren them and explained the maintenance for the weapons; he turned when he put them back while Darren was distracted, glancing at Larten.

The vampire shook his head, he wouldn't be getting up or speaking.

The makeshift celebration ended close to midnight, most of the cirque still had to get up in the morning to practice or work.

Mr. Crepsley helped Darren moved the trunk to the full vampire's tent, there wasn't room in Evra's and when the Cirque moved it would have to stay with Crepsley's belongings anyway.

Darren had changed from his worn t-shirt to a more "gothic" style one earlier, the elbow forearm length sleeves fitting his arms nicely with the muscle tone he was developing from chores and lessons.

While the half-vampire was distracted by checking Octa, Crepsley removed his gift from its compartment, gently flicking the folds loose to reveal the black leather.

The vampire eased it onto his assistant's shoulders when he turned, nodding when the bottom of the jacket reached Darren's knees.

"Fits you well, good thing you'll be able to wear it for awhile before out growing it."

Darren looked up from examining the jacket to meet Mr. Crepsley's gaze, the vampire lightly resting his hand's on the assistant's shoulders as he looked him over.

"Thank you."

Larten nodded, not fully meeting his assistant's eyes before turning and heading to his desk.

"Why are the waterfowl indigenous to Northern America considered poisonous and how is the taste different?"

Darren kept the jacket on as he sat in the chair in front of the desk, getting comfortable for a night of discussions.

Lessons had begun.

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