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A young teenage girl with blonde hair let a groan slip from her lungs as she realized that the school was going to expel her… again. This was the fifth school in as many years, and she blamed it on the way the teachers taught. Every teacher made the students in their class go at the pace of the 'most challenged' child… Meaning that kids who had an IQ equal to that of a genius were normally bored out of their minds….

Okay, maybe that was just her—due to the fact that she was the only genius level being in her area.

And to top it off, she was an orphan… who lived at the orphanage where nobody liked her because she was not only a genius, but the sole survivor of something that she had been too young to truly remember.

She really hated her life sometimes.

Okay, so maybe it didn't help that she would pretty much run the 'school misfits' behind the scenes. It wasn't really her fault that the parents of the bullies were idiots. Their children were 'perfect angels'… even though it was those children that would give other children black eyes and broken bones. So what, a bully got the same treatment in return… only with several of the 'misfits' giving the treatment, but it was still 'receiving a taste of their own medicine.'

The kid had ended up in the hospital with several broken ribs and a cracked skull.

And then, when some of the kids had been pulled in for questioning, one kid in particular had ratted her out. Of course, she wasn't mad at this kid. She had fully believed that she would be reprimanded; she had no delusions of not being found out.

Though, she had to admit, she had thought it would take a bit longer than it had.

"Chi… why did you do it?" The woman that had been appointed as her 'case manager' sighed in exasperation.

"Because the kid was trying to take over the school by fear…" Chi muttered back. "I was only reminding the others that you can't 'rule by fear'… you have to have respect for the individual."

The case manager just shook her head. "I can't believe you did that though… that kid almost got killed!"

"I didn't mean for it to go the way it did!" Chi snapped back, and then took a shaky breath.

It really did bother her that the kid was in the intensive care unit. She wanted it to not be true… but she knew it was.

The case manager finally seemed to notice that Chi was barely holding her fear and horror at what she had done in.

"Chi…" She whispered, and then sat down beside the 13 year old girl.

"Ms. Charon… what are they going to do to me?" She whimpered, her eyes wide with worry.

"That, Chi, depends on what your new guardian wants to do." The case manager smiled at her.

Now blue eyes widened in surprise and she immediately looked around for who the woman was talking about.

"You mean…"

"Yes, Chi. You've been adopted." Charon smiled at her. "I'm sorry for not letting you know about it sooner, but it's been kind of tied up in the courts."

"Why would it have been tied up?" Chi asked; her voice suddenly cautious.

"Because, Chi, they were uncertain how… decent of a caretaker I would be." A deep baritone voice stated with a small chuckle. "However, I think we should first talk about the actions of today."

Now Chi seemed to shrink in her seat outside of the principal's office. Since the day of what was called 'Bloodbath' by the humans, she had been in contact with the Autobots. In fact, they had been her only friends and the only beings she considered family.

"Hi Optimus…"

She was talking to the hologram of Optimus Prime, completely missing the fact that he had just answered her question on not only why the courts had been leery of granting someone guardianship of her, but that it was he that had been trying to become her guardian.

"Why did you do it, Chi?"

"That guy was picking on them… and they were letting him." Chi stated, refusing to meet Optimus' eyes.

She was definitely ashamed of her actions.

"It wasn't supposed to go that far…I hadn't even meant for them to physically attack him." A small hitch in her voice showed both adults how much it actually bothered her that the bully had been hurt. "I had only told them that they needed to stand up for themselves… not hurt that kid. I'm sorry…"

And she began to curl into herself, her knees came up and touched her chest where her arms wrapped around her shins and hugged them tight to herself. She buried her head in her knees.

"I didn't mean for it to happen like that… I'm sorry…" Her sentence fell into a whimper. "I'm sorry…"

At that moment Optimus saw the sorrow and fear in her. She wanted that kid to be okay, she didn't want the kid hurt…

She was truly sorry.

"Do not worry over it… mistakes are made, and you will learn from it. I have every confidence that you will." Optimus murmured, sitting beside her and pulling the frightened girl into his arms.

"What are they going to do to me Optimus?" She whispered, her voice thick with tears, as she curled against the chest of the hologram.

"They have already done what they will… you have been expelled." Optimus sighed. "However, you are going to be… homeschooled now. Prowl and Jazz are very… excited to begin your schooling."

That was when Chi's thought processes finally caught on… and then she jerked away from Optimus, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief forming on her face.

"You're my new guardian?!"

"Yes, Chi, I am."

Chi sat in absolute shock, and then a smile of pure joy crossed her features. It had finally happened, she had a family.

The Autobots were now her family.

"Wait… Prowl and Jazz are going to be my teachers?!"

Optimus almost laughed outright at the slight horror in her voice.

"That they are, and they have already put together a curriculum that will not only match your intelligence levels, they will challenge them."

"Great… awesome… But Prowl AND Jazz!"

"It was either Prowl and Jazz or Red Alert and Ratchet."

"I can't wait!" Chi was suddenly extremely chipper to have the two higher officers as her teachers. "So… now what?"

"Now you go with Optimus here and settle in." Charon stated with a smile. "I'll come see you in a week or so to see how you're getting along, okay?"

Chi stared at Charon, not sure what she meant by 'see how you're getting along', but willing to overlook the slightly disapproving tone. Chi knew that Charon didn't like the idea of a non-organic being the guardian of a 13 year old human girl, the case manager had told Chi that herself.

But, it was not Charon's choice.

"I'm sure I'll be just fine Charon." Chi stated, her voice only icing over the tiniest amount, not even enough for the case manager to really tell the difference.

"It is a long trip, Chi, is there anything you would like to get in order to make the ride more comfortable?" Optimus asked, breaking the sudden tension in the room.

"No… I'll just go to sleep." Chi grinned up at him. "Like I normally do."

"I had thought you would, but I assumed you would like for me to ask anyway." Optimus chuckled down at her. "Your belongings have already been packed and are on their way to the base. Your room is ready as well…"

"Who packed my belongings?" Chi interrupted Optimus to ask.

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, they volunteered to do so."

Pure amusement whipped through Chi's eyes and a small smirk came to rest on her lips. "They did, did they?"

"Well, Prowl might have… convinced them to do so." Optimus smiled in response. "Now, we must be going if we are to arrive before dark."

"Yes sir!" Chi chirped, then paused, and looked back at Optimus. "Hey… I was wondering… I mean I've been wanting to…"

"What is it Chi?" Optimus asked, his face suddenly falling into a worried expression.

"Can I call you Dad?" She blurted, and then looked down at the ground in mortification of how bluntly she had just asked that question.

Optimus stood very still for several seconds, and then he smiled.

"If you wish to do so, I would be honored to carry the title."

Chi blinked in surprise, and then grinned at him, joy filtering through her. "Really!? Thanks Dad!"

And she skipped out to the parking lot, leaving a slightly surprised Optimus and Charon, the now slightly irritated case manager, behind.

"We'll see how long that lasts." Charon muttered to Optimus, and then shouldered past him and stormed out of the school.

The Autobot CO watched Charon go, and knew for a fact that the case manager would no doubt try and cause trouble for the Autobots. But he also knew that he wasn't going to let her do anything that would hurt Chi.

She was, by human law, his daughter now… and he would protect his child with his life.

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