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~Public Comm~

/Private Comm/

Twin Speak

: Officers Comm :

~.~ ~.~

A blonde teenager, no more than 16 years of age, walked into the museum with a dazed smile on her face. Her hand was wrapped in the hand of a dark haired boy that was one year older than her.

"Which gallery do you want to visit first Chi?" The boy asked, all his attention suddenly focused on the girl's attentive blue eyes.

"Let's go to the Egyptian exhibit first." The girl, now known as Chi, grinned back. "Okay Chris?"

"Sounds like a plan little spirit."

Chi giggled and flashed the two vehicles in the parking lot a meaningful glare, one that all but stated out loud to not ruin this date for her. The twin Lamborghinis sunk down on their tires and the red one flashed its lights at her. The two seemingly normal cars were in fact Sunstreaker and Sideswipe of the Autobots. Chi's adopted family. The two of them had been appointed her guardians the day she had arrived on base, and she was more than happy to have them. But they tended to ruin dates… somewhat. True, most of those dates would have ended with her breaking up with the boy anyway… but the concept was still there.

Chi shook the thoughts away and focused on the boy who was now escorting her around the museum. Though, she noted that he hadn't been looking at her face… or even at her. He had been watching a woman in front of them; to be exact he had been watching the woman's ass.

"So…" Chi began quietly. "Have you seen anything that caught your interest already?"

"Yep." Chris stated, his eyes flicking to her for a split second and then sweeping over the gallery.

"Describe it to me."



I think Chi's heart rate just picked up…

Yeah… it did Sideswipe… just like when she's pissed and chewing us out…

The two Lamborghini's had activated their holograms and were chatting in what most humans around them would assume was just an exotic language. In truth, it was the language the two of them had developed… which would be considered an exotic language, just not one that came from earth.

Do you think she's pissed at her date?

The blonde hologram snorted and shot the red headed one a 'duh' look. It was obvious that she was pissed at either her date or at one of the people in the museum itself. With the former being the more likely choice.

Let's just give her some time…

/Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, meet me at the door in three minutes. /

The obvious anger over the comm was all that the twins needed to deactivate their holograms and drive to the front door. Chi was just storming out of the museum as they pulled up, followed closely by her date.

"Come on Chi, I didn't mean any offense."

"You commented that I just so happened to look hotter that the woman in front of us, and then stated that 'her ass may have been hotter' than mine. Which is why you were watching it in the first place." Chi snapped, and then turned to look Chris in the face when she was only inches from Sideswipe's passenger door. "You are a pain in the ass. I don't even know what I saw in you to begin with."

"Come on baby…" And the boy reached to take her hand, which she jerked way with the speed of a bullet. "Don't be like that."

And he took a tight hold of her wrist… only for a hand to land on his shoulder.

"I suggest you let her go."

Chris paused, and then turned to look at the blonde teenager that had his hand on Chris' shoulder.

"And just who is going to make me?"

"Sunstreaker, don't hurt him." Chi sighed as she pried Chris' fingers from her wrist.

"What kind of a name is 'Sunstreaker'?" Chris laughed. "Are you a hippie or something?"

Chi just sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "You do realize who my family is, right?"

"Nope, never really cared either." Chris stated snottily. "I was more focused on trying to get some tail, but it seems that you are just a stuck up rich bitch."

A red-head suddenly appeared beside Chi, seriously just appeared out of thin air.

"What did we tell you about this kid?" The red head sighed and shook his head. "Come on Chi, Optimus just commed, there has been some Decepticon activity in the area and he wants you home and safe on base."

Chi rolled her eyes. "As usual, you can tell Dad that the two of you are taking me there… I don't want to finish a date with this asswipe anyway."

"You know what Prowl would say about your language, right?" Sunstreaker asked as he let Chris' shoulder go and pushed the kid away.

"That it's improper for the daughter of the Prime, adopted or not, to speak with such vulgarity?"

The red headed teen let out a laugh. "Sounds like you've heard that one several times before."

"You have no idea Sideswipe."

"Those names… Aren't those Autobots?" Chris suddenly stammered.

The three paused at Chris' words, and then exchanged looks.

"Yes, they are… I'm Chi Star Pax, the adopted daughter of Optimus Prime."

"And the only survivor of the Bloodbath…" Chris stated. "No way… I was dating the survivor of the Bloodbath."

Chi winced and looked at Sideswipe. "Get me out of here before I punch his face in."

The passenger door opened without another word, and Chi climbed inside—just as the entranceway to the museum exploded in a shower of mortar and bricks.

"That was Starscream!" Sunstreaker called as his hologram disappeared. "Get her out of here Sideswipe, I'm picking up more 'cons on my radar!"

"I would really like to get her out of here, Sunstreaker, but it seems that we have a Devastator in the way!"

Sunstreaker let out a curse and transformed, gaining several surprised gasps and even a few cries of joy.

"Chi…" Sideswipe stated quietly to the human inside his cab. "I need you to listen to me. You need to get as far away from the battle zone as possible, okay?"

"Yeah… Running, good idea… I agree with that plan." She responded as she watched Sunstreaker distract Devastator. "The two of you better not come back to base in pieces… am I clear?"

Sideswipe laughed. "Clear as crystal Chi. On three I'm going to open the door and you need to take off towards that mall a couple blocks down, okay?"

"Got it."


Chi turned towards the door and tensed in preparation to run like hell. She was used to running though, since Ironhide was her physical activity instructor at the base.


The walkway just in front of the cherry red Lamborghini exploded as the seeker trine made another pass.


And Sideswipe threw his door open as Chi launched herself out of him and onto the pavement. She barely registered the sound of his transformation before she was a block away, and the steady drum of her shoes hitting concrete filled her ears. She had tuned out the sounds of combat so that she wouldn't turn back to try and help. The last time she had done that it had ended with two very pissed off twins and a thorough chewing out from Optimus. The only question she had was why the Decepticons had attacked this specific town. There were no power plants or oil rigs around. Nor was there any military base. That was the main reason as to why she and her 'date' had decided to go to the museum there.

So why in the hell were they there?

"My, my… what is this?" A nails-on-chalkboard voice stated as a seeker landed in front of her. "The little Autobot pet, it must be my lucky day."

Chi froze and glared up at the seeker in front of her. "Leave me alone Starscream… unless you want what happened last time to repeat itself."

"The two Autobot frontliners are busy with Devastator at this moment, fleshy, and help is much farther away than you seem to think." Starscream sneered at her. "It's just you and me here now."

"Frag…" Chi muttered. "Why in the hell are you even in this town? I was under the impression that there was nothing of value to you assholes here."

The girl took a few slow steps back, only to freeze and curse herself mentally when her back hit a wall. She then began sidling sideways along the wall, never taking her eyes off of the seeker in front of her.

"We are here because we were informed that YOU would be here with minimal protection. Making it easier to finish the job we didn't end 11 years ago, fleshling." Starscream let out a dark chuckle.

"And just who in the hell informed you of that?" Chi growled through gritted teeth, there weren't that many beings who knew that she was even there… in fact only the Autobots and her case manager knew… and her adopted family wasn't about to tip them off.

That goddamn bitch of a case manager.

Chi let a scowl cover her features the moment she figured it out. Why couldn't she have gotten a case manager that was okay with her living with the Autobots? She knew that there had to be some out there. Of course… she also knew that the case manger had recently been released for her 'biased thoughts' on Chi's adoption. In fact, today would have been her last day as a case manager.

Well shit.

"Now, on to the main reason we came…"

"Put the gun down, Screamer… you're outmatched." A rather upbeat voice called from the building top above Chi.

"Jazz!" She called, a grin spreading rather quickly across her face. "Am I glad to see you!"

"I knew you would be kitten." The saboteur called back, and then motioned toward Starscream. "Though I don't think he's too happy about it."

"You fragging glitch! I'll take you out and then kill her."

"That would be impossible." A voice came from Chi's left and she turned to see a rather stoic SIC. "Your chances of even being able to disable Jazz are less than 15%, and even then you would have to then deal with me."

Chi couldn't help but grin wider at Prowls statement. He was, of course, referring to the fact that no mech had ever been able to defeat the two officers when they fought together. They were extremely close friends, and just so happened to have also been partners in crime (actually, they had been enforcers in Iacon) before the war.

In other words, they worked EXTREMLY WELL together.

Starscream seemed to realize this just as Chi's thought processes came to a close, and she watched the seeker to the Cybertronian version of paling over.

"We suggest you get out of here and take your little squad of idiots with you." Jazz stated with a laugh. "Because Optimus and several others are on their way here right now."

Starscream didn't mutter a single word as he sent the order to retreat across the Decepticon comm links. With more speed than usual the air commander and the Decepticons that he had led there were gone… just in time for Optimus to pull up and transform. His optics immediately began searching for Chi, who was just stepping out of Prowl. They had been halfway across the city, meaning that Chi had ran farther away than she had thought she had.

"You said that the mall was only two blocks away Sideswipe!" Chi yelled at the red twin as he and Sunstreaker jogged up to them. "I was a good seven blocks away and didn't see any mall at all."

"The mall is two blocks that way." Sideswipe stated and pointed exactly 90 degrees from the direction she had gone. "You went the wrong way."

Chi stopped, and then grew red in the face when she realized he was right.

"Are you alright?"

The young woman jumped in slight surprise and looked up at Optimus, who had somehow walked up to the group without notice… an amazing feat when you were as tall and as heavy as he was.

"Yep, Jazz and Prowl got to me before Starscream could do anything." Chi grinned up at him. "By the way, you should try and get ahold of any calls Ms. Charon put out… I have a feeling that she's the one who tipped them off to my being here."

Optimus nodded. "And how did your… date go?"

Chi's expression became one of irritation and she gave an indignant huff. "It ended, quickly."

With that she motioned to Sideswipe, who transformed and popped open his passenger door. "Now I just want to go home and relax."

She climbed in and asked Sideswipe to just drive… which he did without argument. He knew better than to argue with her when she was in this kind of a mood. With a quick 'you explain it' to Sunstreaker through the twin-bond, Sideswipe took off toward the base.

Leaving Sunstreaker to explain what had happened to the three, ehem… overprotective mechs why Chi had ended the date so quickly, and didn't want to talk about it now.

It was a very long drive home for the golden twin.

~.~ ~.~

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