Seriously, I just had a very interesting conversation with my older sister. We own the Digimon Season 1 box set and were watching the episode where Matt and Tai are arguing and end up in a fist fight… and my sister starts ranting...

Sister: "I swear Tai and Matt were gay and hid it with a crush on Sora!"

Me: *stares*

Sister: "That's it! I wanna see a threesome with those two now…"

Me: *stares*

Sister: "Dang it! I mean three… *looks at my wide-eyed expression* Stop looking at me like that!"

Me: *Obliges and starts laughing… and then is hit with new idea for 'Guardians of Danger'*

So here comes the new chapter. It's basically filler and is meant to be funny… anyway…

Here it goes!

~.~ ~.~

All was quiet in the rec-room. The Aerialbots were on their off-shift and had decided to spend it in the rec-room at a corner table, Jazz had dragged Prowl kicking and screaming (well… absolutely pissed and grumpy) into the rec-room for a cube, and the Twins were hanging out with Chi watching TV.

Everybody in the room was quiet, though sometimes there were several snorts of laughter that came from the corner table that the Aerialbots were at. The TV was set on a low volume, and the three watching it were more likely to shoot off comments at each other rather than watch the show, at least until…

"No! That's just… what in the hell is up with that!?"

The twins both jumped and then looked down at the blonde woman who had shouted at the TV.

"Come on! Those two are totally meant to be together…"

"But they're both guys…" Sideswipe stated hesitantly. "And they both have a crush on…"
"I don't care! The crush is obviously a cover-up for the fact that the two of them are gay and obviously have the hots for each other." Chi motioned toward the screen where the end credits were rolling.

Awkward silence followed the statement.

"Did you breathe at all during that sentence?" Sunstreaker finally asked, if only to break the silence.

"No, but I have an amazing diaphragm… just saying." Chi sighed.

"But why those two?" Sideswipe asked in confusion, only to receive a glare from Sunstreaker for starting that back up.

"Come on! Didn't you see how they acted around each other?! And they chose the same girl to have a crush on!" Chi's arms waved around as she talked. "They like each other and are either too embarrassed to admit it or are unable to realize that they have feelings for each other!"

"Breathe Chi…" Sunstreaker was staring at Chi with concern, which only deepened when she took a deep gasping breath. "Better?"

"Yes, anyway…"

"Stop… we're good." Sideswipe waved his hands. "Anyway, they obviously like the girl, but they don't want to show how much they like her because they are embarrassed by liking her… or they are worried that they might ruin their friendship with her, making her be awkward around them…"

Chi just stared up at the red frontliner with a blank expression.

Sideswipe, did you seriously just say that!?

It slipped out, I didn't mean to!

"Yeah, right…" Chi finally muttered. "They're gay… or bisexual… Damn it, now I want to see a threesome between the three of them."

Awkward silence followed her comment, and then Jazz choked on his energon while Prowl began twitching. It wasn't until a spark came from his helm that the others realized he had glitched from Chi's rant.

"Oops…" Chi flinched away from the obvious fact that she had been the cause of this glitching session. "That's not good."

"I make the motion that we vacate the rec-room before Hatchet shows up." Sideswipe stated quickly.

"I second that!" Chi said loudly.

Sunstreaker reached down and picked Chi up as he and Sideswipe took off out of the rec-room. Ratchet met them just outside of the door, and had to dodge out of the way to avoid being run over.

"Sorry Ratchet!" Chi called as they ran down the hallway. "It's my fault that Prowl glitched! I'll see you later!"

Ratchet stood staring after them, and then what she had said finally seemed to sink in. The CMO let out a growl and stalked into the rec-room in time to see Prowl hit the ground.

The bellows of a pissed-off medic rang through the base.

~.~ ~.~

I know… it's short. But it's just a filler chapter, so I hope you guys won't be too irritated.

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