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Chi sighed as she walked around the far corner of the base. She had needed some alone time… and was on the verge of telling the two that were not-so-sneakily following her off. Not that she was mad about being followed… but the two that had followed her were exactly the ones that she was trying to avoid. Her emotions were at an all-time high and she still wasn't sure how to approach the subject. She was not just 'in love' with them. They were the center of her world, and were probably the only reason why she had made it through her teenage years. She wasn't obsessed with them… but even the idea that one day they might not be there hurt.

She wanted them to be there for her… no matter what. The latest battle had made her realize that, even though they could drive her insane, she didn't know what to do if they weren't there. Just the memory of them going down had tears in her eyes, and all because she was a target for the Decepticons. Apparently it had bugged Megatron that one human had survived way back then, it had hurt the mechs pride… and he had been gunning for her ever since. The Autobots had taken her in, but that had only seemed to make her more of a target after a few years. She was trained in how to avoid laser blasts, handle a blaster, and create small booby traps that would give her more time to run away from a 'con should she have the need. And that had come in handy more than once… but every now and then, she would get caught and the twins would be thrown into their gladiator programming because of it. Each time that programming activated, she would be rescued quickly… but they would be badly damaged in the process.

She hated it, hated that she was the reason why they would get hurt.

Chi let out another sigh, this one heavier and carrying more of the pain she felt. There were tears gathering in her eyes again… and she couldn't stop them from coming. She felt responsible for all the pain the twins had gone through since they had met her. Though she was sure that they would tell her not to worry about it, and that it wasn't her fault…

She knew, deep down, it was her fault… and nothing they said would change that.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe knew that she wanted to be alone, and normally they would leave her alone. But at that moment they were testing a theory.

Hey Sunny…

Don't call me Sunny.

Fine, does she look like she's about to cry?

Sunstreaker rolled his optics skyward and then gave his twin a look that made the red frontliner shrink back a little.

I'll take that as a yes…

Gee, Sideswipe, I didn't notice that she was about to cry. It's not like she NEVER cries or anything.

Jeeze… it was only a question.

Sunstreaker whapped Sideswipe upside the helm and looked back at Chi in time to see her sit down and bury her head in her knees. She was crying… what the slag were they supposed to do now?


Cool it Sides… I don't know what to do here.

Should we call Optimus?!

Now Sideswipe was panicking slightly. He was no better at handling crying females than Sunstreaker was.

No… we'll figure this out… just, hold up.

"You know… I know you two are out there." Chi called, though her voice was slightly off because of the tears.

The twins froze and looked at each other; they thought they had been pretty good at being quiet.

"Well… are you two just going to stand there and act like your paint jobs don't stand out from the foliage?" Chi raised her head and looked right at them. "I don't bite you know."

"We know that." Sideswipe stated, though he hesitated before stepping out of the tree line. "But… we kind of thought you wanted to be alone."

"You thought I wanted to be alone, but followed me way out here anyway." Chi observed blandly. "Seems like I'm alone all right."

"Okay, maybe this wasn't the best idea…" Sunstreaker grouched. "But you don't need to be out here crying alone."

Chi gave him a contemplative look, before snorting and shaking her head.

"You sure do know how to make a girl feel better, you know that right?" She asked with heavy sarcasm.

"That's our job isn't it?" Sideswipe asked in full seriousness.

Both Sunstreaker and Chi gave him an unappreciative look.

"Sarcasm… it's a foreign language to you, isn't it?" Chi finally had to ask.

"He never did pick up the ability to read or utilize the wonderful world of sarcasm." Sunstreaker stated with a pitying shake of his head. "What a shame."

"Pity… it is a useful skill to have." Chi grinned suddenly.

"Oh ha ha… make fun of the red one why don't you?" Sideswipe growled, though he was grinning. "Might as well, everyone else does."

The three laughed together before falling into comfortable silence. Sunstreaker picked Chi up and placed her on his shoulder before leaning against the wall.

"You guys are okay right. All of your repairs settled in alright?" Chi asked quietly as the last rays of sunlight dwindled.

"Yep, you and Ratchet did a good job." Sideswipe smiled, and glanced over at the human woman.

"Good… I was worried there for a while." She gave a sad smile, but her eyes never left the sunset.

"Why?" Sunstreaker didn't even bother looking at her after voicing his question.

"Well… you guys are always getting hurt, and ninety nine percent of the time, it's because you're protecting or saving me." She shrugged. "And… I don't know what I'd do if the two of you actually ended up not on-lining after a battle… I just… I worry about you guys."

Silence reigned for several minutes before Sideswipe pushed away from the wall, walked a few steps away, and stared up at the sky.

"What are you doing?" Chi asked after more heavy silence.

"You see that star, you know… the one that you guys call the 'northern star'?" Sideswipe pointed at the star in question.

"Yeah, it's the brightest star in the sky." Chi gave Sideswipe a questioning look and then glanced at Sunstreaker, who was wearing a grin. "Why?"

"As long as that star is shining, we'll be here for you." Sideswipe stated, and then looked at her with the most serious expression she had seen him wear. "No matter what. We'll make sure that you're safe, and we'll always fight to get back to you."

"Even if, one day, you don't want us to, we will be ready to stand by you." Sunstreaker added. "No matter what."

Chi stared at them, and then bit her lip as tears sprung to her eyes. They thought that they had said something wrong for a few minutes, until she smiled and nodded.

"Thank you… both of you. You guys don't know how much that means to me." She hugged Sunstreaker's neck and then motioned for Sideswipe to put her on his shoulder so that she could hug his neck as well. "That doesn't mean I won't still worry about you guys… but it does make me feel better."

"No problem Chi." Sideswipe grinned down at her. "Glad we could make you feel better."

She smiled and looked down at the ground with a blush.

"You know, I—"

Her statement was cut off by the alarm klaxon going off and the twins sharing a look.

"We need to get you inside." Sideswipe stated all business.

"We promise, we'll come back in one piece after words." Sunstreaker added.

Chi nodded and clung to Sideswipe's neck plating as he and Sunstreaker ran around to the front of the base. Once there she, in a split second decision that she knew she would regret later, pressed a kiss to Sideswipe's cheek, and then jumped over to Sunstreaker's shoulder to do the same.

"You two better come back online and in one piece." She stated before activating her hover board and jumping off of Sunstreaker's shoulder. "Or else."

They stared after her dumbly for several seconds, before saluting and saying, in unison:

"Yes ma'am!"

Chi turned her hover board around, grinned back at them and shot off in the direction of the med-bay so that she could have a slight panic attack over what she had just done.

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