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Chi was properly mortified at her boldness just before the twins left to go fight some Decepticons. She just knew that they would figure out her feelings, and then it would be as awkward as trying to explain what the Pit was to a normal human girl.

Yeah, that had gone really well.

"You look embarrassed." Ratchet observed as she drifted into the med-bay.

"Oh… that might be because I am…" She muttered, hoping to Primus that he hadn't heard her.

But today obviously wasn't her day, because the medic placed his tools on the table and turned to her with a bemused expression.

"Oh, do tell." He looked far too giddy to know that something had actually embarrassed her.

"Well… I… ehm…."

"She kissed the twins before they left with the others." Wheeljack stated happily as he skipped into the med-bay. "One kiss to the cheek each."

"I will turn in your hidden explosives if you keep talking." Chi snapped at the inventor, who shrugged off her threat with a grin.

"Too late, Ratchet already found them. Anyway, the three of them were talking around the back of the base when the alarm went off and then, in the doorway—where every other mech on base could see—she kissed them on the cheek and then high-tailed it out of there in actual embarrassment." Wheeljack was nearly jumping with energy.

"Is this really a talk we need to have while the others are battling?" Chi tried to change the subject.

"Yes, keeps the mood lighter." Ratchet replied, effectively causing Chi's subject change to fail miserably. "So, what did they do when she kissed them."

"Wheeljack!" Chi turned on her heel to give him an imploring look. "Please…"

"They grinned like idiots." The panels on the sides of Wheeljack's head flashed with joyful colors. "They weren't any better about hiding their feelings for her than she was for them."

Everything in the med-bay froze and Chi stared at Wheeljack with mortified surprise.

"What do you mean, their feelings for me?" Chi muttered.

"Oh! Look at the time, the battles probably almost over!" Ratchet did his best to change the subject.

"Oh no, what in the frag does he mean 'their feelings for me'?! Do you two know something I don't!?" Chi wasn't going to let this one go now.

"We know nothing!" Wheeljack squeaked and began helping to get the med-bay ready.

"You, the two gossip hounds of the base, know nothing about what you just stated." Chi scoffed. "I wonder what Prowl would do if he found out that you two were the ones who painted him lime green…"

Ratchet and Wheeljack froze and shared a look before turning to give her matching horrified looks.

"You wouldn't…"

"Oh I most definitely would." Chi snapped. "Out with it or Prowl gets to learn the names of his pranksters."

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are head over heels in love with you!" Wheeljack stated without preamble.

"They asked us not to tell… but then blinky over here decided to let it slip." Ratchet glared at the inventor, who was trying to dodge two very heated glares.

"Then that means…" Chi's eyes widened. "You didn't tell them about my feelings did you!?"

"Nope." Ratchet pulled out a wrench. "We were doing pretty good about keeping these facts from both halves of the possible relationship until signal flare opened his lip plates."

"Signal flare?! What kind of an insult is that?" Wheeljack turned to Ratchet. "I can understand 'blinky'… but 'signal flare'?"

"When you are embarrassed or feeling threatened the panels on the side of your head turn orange, therefore I call you signal flare." Ratchet explained nonchalantly.

"Hello! Slight crisis over here." Chi shouted at the two mechs.

"Hardly, a crisis would be if you liked them, but they didn't like you… or vice versa…" Wheeljack scoffed. "What you have here is a classic 'what do I do now?' feeling, not a crisis."

Chi glared and opened her mouth to say something when the first injured mech was brought into the med-bay, ending the discussion and leaving Chi to her thoughts. For the next five hours she was running errands and reconnecting frayed circuts. The entire time she tried to block her newfound news out of her thoughts, but she couldn't.

The twins liked her?

The TWINS liked her…

No, Wheeljack had said that they LOVED her…

That would explain so much… in fact, it explained every date she had ever gone on. Why they had somehow come up with ways for her to realize that the men she dated weren't good for her…

The twins loved her.

What was she going to do? She was a 23 year old woman who had never truly been understood by any of those around her… but the twins had always at least tried to understand her.

And that promise before the battle… had that had an underlying meaning to it?

Where were they? Were they okay… they hadn't been critically wounded during the battle had they?

At 5 ½ hours Ratchet finally told her that she could go, all the injured had been taken care of and she needed to get cleaned up and rest.

Chi had only nodded, she was exhausted. Both physically and emotionally… but where were the twins? She made it to the showers and even managed to grab a bite to eat without seeing them.

"Hey Jazz?" She had barely managed to spot the hyper mech, he had been sitting still and quiet in a corner.

Jazz spotted her and his faceplates fell into a guarded slate.

"Yes Chi?"

His voice was off and he was sitting still.

This wasn't good.

"Where are the twins?" Chi asked quietly.

Jazz stiffened before reaching down and picking her up.

"Chi… we have a scouting squad looking for them right now…" Jazz sighed and sat her on his shoulder. "Megatron released the dam and they were caught in the current… we haven't heard from them… and there hasn't been any sight of them so far."

"Wait… they're… missing?" Chi winced at how her voice was so tight… and then she realized why.

Fear, deep rooted fear… it had seized her the moment Jazz had stated that there was a scouting squad. Tears were forming in her eyes and her mouth was dry.

Jazz wouldn't meet her eyes, but she could tell that he wasn't tricking her.


Chi felt her world shatter as that one word left Jazz's vocalizer.

~.~ ~.~

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