Warnings: Mentions of sex-trafficking, Robincest.

Jason had not planned this mission very carefully. He wasn't usually so sloppy, as working alone meant he had to be extra cautious. Tonight he had heard from a contact that the organization known as Opal was arranging another shipment of human cargo. Getting intel on them was a bitch, and they always seemed to skirt just under the radar even though their shipments were often quite large. This was an opportunity Jason wasn't prepared to miss and he had thrown himself in at the deep end without a back up plan. Something that was starting to give him a twinge of doubt now he was bound, blindfolded, barefoot and being transferred to yet another vehicle.

He was shoved forward unceremoniously. He tripped over something before tumbling forward and landing on top of a warm body – a body that grunted on impact and smelt familiar. He didn't know which one it was, but the guy smelled like Kevlar and Bat-things.

"Oww," the guy muttered, "you ok? Could you shift a bit? You're leaning on my ribs."

Nightwing, of course it was Nightwing. Clearly he wasn't the only one eager to take advantage of this shipment.

"Now what's a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?" he asked.

"Jason?" Dick sounded surprised and Jason couldn't help but feel smug that he had figured out Dick's identity before he had realized Jason was even there.

"The one and only."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dick hissed at him, sounding irritated.

"Same as you, I presume?"

"Hold still," Dick said. Jason felt something warm and wet on his face, and he jerked back in surprise.

"I said hold still!" Dick snapped at him, keeping his voice low. Jason shivered as Dick's teeth scraped his cheek, before getting a grip on his blindfold and tugging until one eye was uncovered.

Jason's vision was blurry and he blinked, trying to adjust. Dick had his face jutted out stupidly, waiting for Jason to return the favor. It had been a long time since he had been this close to his brother without trying to punch him. The last time, they had sat on a couch in Dick's messy apartment watching bad movies and stuffing their faces with pizza, whilst Jason complained about his new school and Dick tried to convince him to give it another chance. A lifetime ago – he had been a different person then.

Shaking off the memories, Jason tugged at Dick's blindfold until an eye was revealed, then he took a moment to glance round the dark container. There were people huddling around the edges. It was hard to tell their ages, but he would guess they ranged from fifteen to thirty, both male and female. There were quite a lot of them – it was going to make this more difficult. He turned back to his brother, who was also surveying their surroundings. "What was your plan, Dickface?" he asked, "how exactly were you planning on saving these poor fools dressed in your civvies?" Dick may have been dressed as a civilian, but he didn't look much like Richard Grayson at the moment. He had tattoos curling around his wrists, and his eyes were brown. He had probably gone into this with a bit more planning than Jason had.

"I'm going to let myself be taken to the main holding area, then call for back up. What was your plan?"

"Why just the holding area? That means we have to let the really bad guys go," Jason hissed.

"I thought about taking it further, but from my understanding, I would have to pass auditions, and I couldn't do that."

"Aww, not good enough? Performance anxiety?" Jason taunted, and Dick shot him an incredulous look.

"Did you do any research at all before getting yourself locked up in here?"

Jason scowled.

Dick shook his head at him "That's not like you, Jay. Sloppy isn't your style."

Jason didn't like to admit that he had come late to the info, and had been so desperate to shut this freak-show down that he hadn't even thought about what he was going to do once he was here, apart from saving the victims and trying to kill the bad guys.

"So you going to clue me in as to why?" Jason said, allowing contempt to flavor his words.

"People are brought here to fuck or to fight." Dick kept his voice low and looked over the huddled civilians again, his eyes lingering on a small girl probably not out of her teens.

"I know that!" Jason growled, his own gaze also drawn to a huddled group of youngsters.

"The first round is like heats. Those who are good pass through to the next level– that would be the bastards who run things and the rich perverts who pay to watch." He drew in a breath. "The only way to get there is to win. You fight, it's to the death, and if people don't put on a good enough 'show' whilst fucking for their lives, they're either killed or sold. Either way, I don't know about you, but I am sure as hell not having sex with any of these poor people. It would be rape."

Jason grimaced. He saw the problem.

It was impossible, unless... An idea popped into his head and he cut his eyes at Dick only to find his brother watching him with a speculative look on his face.

He wasn't sure if this was the best or worst plan ever.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Dick asked.

"That everything that comes out of your mouth is a cliché?"

"Jason, be serious."

"I was. And yeah, we could do it – although I think I would rather fuck the replacement."

"Oh please, don't ever think I didn't know about the crush you used to have on me when you were a kid."

Jason fought down a blush. "Don't flatter yourself, Goldie. I was totally hot for Kory, not you."

"You jerked off on my bed."

Jason felt himself flush with embarrassment. He couldn't believe Dick knew about that. "Did not," he said hopefully.


"Goddamn it!"

Dick was grinning at him. Along with the humiliation and irritation, he felt a sudden surprising rush of affection.

"So, putting aside my youthful indiscretion…" he said. "For the record, I'm sure you've done way worse - I just need to find proof."


"...and I will find it. But aside from that, if we do go ahead with this ridiculous plan, what about these people? We can't just leave them."

"Unlike you, I have back up. And no, we will not be telling them the details of how we are going to make it to the heart of Opal."

"I was under the impression Daddy was out of town with his spawn and little Timbo was on a play-date with the Titans."

"It's cute how you keep tabs on us, Jaybird." Dick smirked at him. "But my back-up is in possession of two X chromosomes. Well, four, because there will be two of them."

"Batgirl and friend?" Jason was surprisingly fond of all the batgirls; past and present. He had only really met Stephanie recently and in typical BatFamily fashion. They had fought each other for an hour on the city roofs before agreeing to have a brief truce for refueling purposes. Then they had spent a nice evening sitting high above Gotham's busy streets eating burritos and bitching about Damian, Steph seemed to be bizarrely fond of the little terror and Jason was forced to admit that the headache the demon spawn gave the rest of the 'family' made him worth putting up with for comedy value alone.

"So we leave the clean up to them?" he said.

"Yeah. All joking aside, Jason, are you ok to do this?" Dick gave him a half smile. "It doesn't really seem like your thing."

"The fuck would you know about my 'thing'?" Truth was, it wasn't. Dick hadn't been wrong about that crush though, and he still thought he was hot as hell. "I'm fine with it, Dickiebird, but I always took you for the type who only made love when you're head over heels or with your one true love or some sappy shit like that. So the question is, are you all right chucking out your morals to fuck a criminal for the greater good?"

Dick was giving him the oddest look and Jason resisted the urge to squirm.

"Pull my blindfold back down," Dick said after a moment. Jason tugged it back over his eyes, holding still for Dick to do the same for him. Once that was done, Dick shifted around until they were sitting shoulder to shoulder. Only then did he answer Jason's question. "I always feel something for the people I sleep with, Jay."

"Exactly my point. You're a hopeless romantic and this is the least romantic thing I can think of!"

"I've always loved my sexual partners, but it hasn't always been a romantic love."

Jason scowled into his blindfold. "Again with my point; fucking a criminal in public – not your style." He wasn't sure why this was such an important thing for him to clarify, but he had to be sure Dick was ok with this. He had to be certain. That didn't mean he had to be nice about it, though. "Although you're quite free with how much 'love' you give out," he added spitefully.

There was a long silence. Jason thought his brother had reconsidered, or was judging the best way to hit him with his wrists bound.

"I love a lot of people, because so many people in my life deserve to be loved. Even you, Little Wing," Dick said at last. Jason felt a light press of lips against his cheek. He really didn't know what to say to that, so he kept silent and thought about how they could make this stupid plan work.

Dick had a hushed conversation with Oracle over his com link - one that was frankly painful to listen to, as Dick's attempts at evasion were piss-poor and had no chance of sliding past Babs unnoticed. After all, the woman had a mind like a steel trap and sometimes seemed to know Dick better than he knew himself. Then he whipped out a nifty little device that allowed them to cut into the radio frequency being used by the grunts that were attempting to organize the new shipment. Arranging to be paired together was almost too easy.

After being transferred to a building and sorted into groups, they were lead to a warm room where their blindfolds were removed. A bored looking woman handed Jason soap, a sponge, and some sort of tubing. "Clean inside and out, or someone will do it for you," she said. Jason sort of wanted to die, but he took the items and followed Dick's lead as he stripped down and started cleaning himself. He didn't watch Dick; it seemed too intimate somehow. Sex was going to be about both of them. This was just weird.

Despite that, it was inevitable that he got a bit of an eyeful. He noticed that Dick had (presumably fake) tattoos on his back and chest too – carefully placed to cover some of the more unusual scars littering his skin.

After the washing and the enema – he was going to block that from his mind forever thank you very much - after all that stuff, they were given clothes and led to what Jason assumed was a waiting room.

"So," Dick began awkwardly, "how is this going to work?"

"I'm topping," Jason said immediately.

"Why you? I'm older. I should get to call the shots here!"

"I'm bigger," Jason tried.

"What the hell's that got to do with anything?" Dick's eyes were wide with indignation.

"Fight for it?" Jason offered after a moment.

Dick looked like he was considering it, but shook his head. "Rock, paper, scissors?" he suggested instead.

"Best of three?"

"Look me in the eyes. No cheating!"

Jason scoffed and prepared for battle.

The first round went to Dick, who looked positively aglow with evil glee. After a bit of posturing, the second round went to Jason, who was also unable to resist a pleased smirk. The third round was his too, with a winning hand of scissors over paper. He closed his fingers until they made a gun, which he pointed at Dick's head with a lot more pleasure than perhaps he should have.

"God fucking damn it!" Dick said.

The room had a bed in the center with smooth, dark sheets and a headboard with tarnished metal slats for cuffs. Next to the bed was a tray of... items, some of which were frankly terrifying. They ranged from a lit candle to a dildo the size of Jason's forearm.


All the lights in the room were pointed at the bed, casting the rest into shadows, though Jason could just make out figures seated beyond the ring of light. Also, the cameras. No one had mentioned they were going to be filmed. It seemed to have taken Dick by surprise too, and Jason could see the doubt in his eyes. Yep, this was a stupid idea and they were both idiots, but there wasn't much they could do about it now.

Jason felt like a rabbit in headlights. What if he couldn't perform? What if he had to bottom on camera? What if someone saw it? Fact was, in other circumstances, he wouldn't be too adverse to the idea. He would bitch and moan about it of course, but being fucked by Dick Grayson probably wouldn't be much of a chore. But like this? No goddamn way. The idea of being that vulnerable in front of these disgusting creeps made his skin feel tight and his stomach churn. Perhaps his concern about Dick being able to do this had just been projecting. His mind was working too fast for him to really get a handle on his own thoughts and emotions.

Dick seemed to sense his sudden reticence, and drew all attention to himself by taking the initiative. He slowly slid out of his shirt, running fingers over his nipples as he did so.

Jason stood there and gaped like a fish. He distantly knew he needed to do something, but all he could see were Dick's fake tats, and all he could feel was his own heart beating in his chest like it was going to explode.

Dick bought him more time, peeling himself out of his clothes and dropping them carelessly as he sauntered across the room to the other side of the bed. He took a long moment to inspect the stuff on the table.

Jason still stood stiffly at the edge of the light. His brain firing off confused mixed messages of lust and fear as Dick stalked back towards him, exuding sensuality and dark promise. He didn't stop when he reached Jason. He reached up and pulled his head down for a surprisingly gentle kiss. It was a good kiss, warm and deep. Jason found his body and brain snapping back to life. He could do this. He wanted to. Dick pulled back with a pleased hum and then slid to his knees, placing his head by Jason's bare feet. Hell yes he could do this. He wondered if this was something his brother had played at before or if he was making it up as he went. He was also well aware that Dick had made his hesitation look like a power play rather than a moment of weakness and he really owed him one for that.

"Get up," he barked. Dick slid sinuously back to his feet. "Shorts off, on the bed."

Dick shuddered and turned to comply. Jason was pretty sure he wasn't faking for their audience, either. He lay down on the sheets like some kind of delicious offering, on his back, legs bent and slightly spread. Jason took a long moment to enjoy the view. The tattoos were decorative, but they weren't Dick, and his eyes sought out the scars hiding beneath them. He let his gaze linger on Dick's half-hard cock and the space behind his balls. The moment stretched and Dick squirmed a little almost in discomfort. Jason smirked, suddenly feeling his confidence come back to him.

"Spread them further, wider," he told Dick, making his voice low and commanding. Of course Dick was a bendy motherfucker and 'wider'' seemed to mean 'close to full splits'. There was muttering from the men hidden beyond the light. Jason didn't appreciate the reminder of their audience, but Dick's cock just got harder and a bead of sweat ran down the inside of his thigh. The freak was getting off on being watched! Jason hadn't even touched him and he was dribbling pre-come onto his belly.

"That's not enough, pretty boy. I want to see."

Dick's hands were shaking as he pulled his legs up until his knees were level with his shoulders, leaving him with his ass in the air, fully exposed.

"Stay there," Jason ordered, fighting down the rush of lust the sight caused him. To give himself some time, he walked around to the table to have a closer look at the toys on offer. There were some things he was definitely going to avoid – the over sized dildo and some contraption with spikes that made his balls want to climb up inside his body. Just no. But other things looked interesting, plugs and flogs and clamps. He glanced at Dick; he had his eyes closed and an expression of concentration on his face. Waiting for something to happen seemed to be a form of control in and of itself, and Jason decided to take it to the next level. He grabbed a few items from the table before climbing on the bed and settling in between Dick's widespread knees. Dick's eyes opened, but Jason quickly covered them with a blindfold. It was tricky to tie it in this position but he managed it.

He didn't think he had ever been this aroused. He gave in to the desire to kiss the sweat from Dick's body, blowing cool air over his erection as he passed. Dick moaned and hummed, shifting his hips in encouragement. Jason abandoned him to pull off his own shirt and wiggle out of his trousers. He palmed his cock through his boxers whilst he watched Dick's face. Dick was listening to what Jason was doing, trying to anticipate his next move. Jason let him squirm before taking up one of the toys, a small wheel of spikes. He ran it over the sensitive skin of Dick's groin, followed by his balls, making Dick twitch and jump. Then he set that aside and reached for something else. It was a game, trying to ensure Dick didn't know when the next attack of sensation was going to come, or whether it would be a feather or a slap.

It was a heady pleasure, all this skin to bite and taste, to mark as his own. Jason sucked at a scar that ran just below Dick's belly button. He loved the moans his actions caused, the way Dick's cock thrust against his cheek and neck, leaving sticky trails of pre-come over his skin. He wanted to be covered in it, to paint himself in his brother's sweat.

Damn, he was just making up new kinks as he went.

Dick was fucking beautiful, especially desperate and panting his name, man.

Jason leaned close to Dick's blindfolded face so his words wouldn't carry to the watching creeps. "You enjoying this, Dickie?" he asked.

Dick worked his mouth for a moment, lost in sensation. "Yeah, 's good, so good Jay. Fuck me, please," he slurred. His voice was wrecked and the words shot though Jason's body like a drug.

"Anything you want, beautiful, anything you want."

He prepped Dick quickly and efficiently, just two fingers with lots of lube, before inserting a small plug. He relished the way it just sank into the tight warmth of Dick's body, and the accompanying whine of encouragement. He also liked the fact that it had a remote control with four speeds, and he didn't give any warning before ramping it up to the fastest. Dick cried out and arched his back completely off the bed, his limbs twisting against the sheets and his breath coming in desperate gasps.

Jason's own erection was straining against his shorts, the damp material rubbing against his sensitized cock. He slowly slid the shorts over his hips. He was reluctant to take his hands off Dick, making the process somewhat harder than it should have been.

Once free, he grabbed Dick by the hips and spun him over until his face was pushed against the sheets. Jason inspected the long, lean lines of his back and the sweaty curves of the muscles. There were so many things he could do; he was really spoilt for choice. He began by licking a wet stripe from ass-crack to neck, ending in a vicious bite. He sucked the blood to the surface, leaving a dark stain against flushed skin. The taste of him was intoxicating and Jason had half forgotten why they were here. He wanted to kiss Dick senseless, explore every inch of his skin and make him beg.

He no longer thought this was a bad plan. In fact, it was his best idea ever.

He pulled out the plug and licked into Dick instead. The lube he had used tasted like synthetic strawberries and he sucked at the sensitive skin, trying to taste Dick under the sweetness. Dick was mewling and grinding back against his face with abandon. Jason hiked his hips up to give him better access and licked and sucked and bit, making his brother scrabble against the sheets. He was not exactly shocked that Dick was kinky and uninhibited in bed, but he was a bit surprised at himself.

He sat back to take a breath. Dick lay boneless and panting, and Jason felt a rush of accomplishment. He was fucking awesome at this, and he had already decided they were going to do this again, and possibly again after that.

Choices, choices. Next he opted for the candle, and experimentally allowed some wax to dribble onto the small of Dick's back. Dick jumped and arched first away, and then up in encouragement. At least, Jason figured that's what he was doing, so he spilt a hot stream between his shoulder blades and down his spine. Dick wiggled and whimpered beautifully and Jason entertained himself by writing his initials in wax, one on each buttock. Dick growled at him, obviously aware of what he was doing. Jason rather recklessly poured wax in the cleft of his ass in retaliation. Dick yelped and swore at him, so as punishment, he did it again, this time, spreading him with one hand, so he could direct the flow to properly cover his hole.

"Jay, fuck, you fucking bastard!" Dick snarled at him, but the motion of his hips moving against the sheets assured Jason he was still getting off on it.

"Does it hurt, beautiful?"

Dick growled wordlessly at him, the sound husky and sexy as hell.

Jason pressed a finger against the hardening wax, "Think I can peal this off in one go? Would make a good ornament for my mantelpiece." He was only half kidding.

Dick muttered something beneath him and Jason leaned his weight on to his brother's back so he could hear him.

"What was that?" he asked.

"You're one sick puppy," Dick muttered, "an' you don't have a mantelpiece."

Jason chuckled and started pealing off the wax. He was considering a second round when Dick turned his blindfolded face towards him. "Jay," he said.

Mmmm?" Jason was concentrating on pealing the wax off Dick's butt.

"Will you please stop screwing around with that, and fuck me 'till I can't walk?"

"Hey now, you're spoiling our scene with your whining."

"Get on with it or I'll kill you," Dick suggested.

Jason snorted and grinned, although Dick couldn't see him. "Well, since you asked so nice."

Pushing into Dick's body was as awesome as he had thought it was going to be. Dick probably could have used a bit more prep. Jason was not a small guy, and Dick was so tight it almost hurt. His brother shuddered beneath him, and let out a low moan, somewhere between pleasure and pain. But he pushed back with his hips and Jason took that as a signal to go ahead. He didn't give him any time to adjust before starting to move, slow and deep, pulling out fully before pushing back in as far as he could, almost crushing Dick against the sheets and making him whine, long and almost pained. Jason couldn't get any deeper inside him and he was drowning in the sensation. Dick had never been above playing a little dirty and he began tightening his muscles on Jason's outward stroke, driving a deep groan from his own throat. He wasn't going to let the bastard win, though. He pulled Dick up by his hair until he was sitting on Jason's lap. He nudged him to his knees and started an unforgiving pace of short, violent thrusts. There was no way he was going to last long, but it was making Dick howl and that counted as a win in his book. He reached one big hand around and took hold of his brother's erection. A few strokes were all it took and Dick was coming, body shaking and voice broken. Jason 's rhythm became erratic and he kissed and bit at the side of Dick's face, teeth sliding against his cheekbone as he reached his own climax.

It took a long moment for him to come back to himself, and even longer to realize there were people clapping. He had completely forgotten the reason they were doing this, but he was too fucked out to care. Beneath him, Dick was still breathing heavily, although that could have been because he was being slowly crushed to death by Jason's bulk. He couldn't quite care about that, either. Instead, he wondered if it was going to be possible to get his hands on that tape.