Jason was glad they were allowed a little time to recuperate before the next stage. As well as needing a rest after the exertion of earlier, it also gave them time to make some whispered plans.

"So I triggered my tracker," Dick muttered. "Hopefully backup will arrive at some point, but I don't know where we are or what sort of mayhem might be going on in Gotham, so we might have to wait a bit."

Dick was slumped against him, and his warm breath was tickling Jason's skin. It was distracting. "So what do you want to do if they ask for us before it arrives? Fuck again or fight them?" Jason asked.

Dick nuzzled him. "Not sure if fighting is going to be an option. They have armed guards with tasers, and we're naked."

"I have to say, the idea of fighting guys wielding a bazillion volts with my junk hanging out doesn't really appeal to me," Jason said.

"Fucking it is then." Dick didn't sound too unhappy about that. "But I think it's your turn on bottom. My butt is sore – partly because some asshat poured wax all over it."

Jason couldn't quite make himself rise to the banter. He didn't want to bottom on camera; the idea terrified him.

"What, Jay?" Dick asked, the teasing gone from his tone and his usual intuition kicking in.

"Not like this," was all Jason could grit out. Dick seemed to get the idea. Jason felt shame warm his cheeks. He was embarrassed by his own doubt - even after all they had just done! He hated being weak in front of Dick, so much so that he was almost prepared to give it a go anyway.

"Hmmm," Dick said. "I'll make you a deal. My sore ass can put up with another pounding, but when this is over, you come back to mine," he leant forward until his lips were brushing Jason's ear, "and then I get to fuck you."

Jason cleared his throat. Dick's husky whisper was seriously hot, and this way, it let him keep his pride. "Sounds good, if you think you're up to it."

Dick chuckled, the sound sending spikes of lust though Jason's body. "Yeah, I'm up to it. I'm going to bend you over the table and fuck you hard. Maybe on the floor, too, on your knees like a dog, begging for it."

Jason swallowed; he wasn't expecting that. "Filthy mouth you got there, golden boy," he said, leaning in slightly.

"Yeah," Dick said against his lips. "I might suck you with it later, if you're good."

"I always took you for a subby little bitch, yet here you are being all dirty and dominant. It's kind of hot."

"I like to switch it up sometimes. Variety is the spice of life!" Dick grinned at him and snuck in for a slow, sloppy kiss.

"If you freaks are done?" The bored looking woman from earlier said. "Time to wash up."

"Goddamn it," Jason said.

Dick was cuffed to the headboard, on his back, and Jason was practically salivating at the thought of blowing him. Giving head was something he knew he was damn good at, and he loved it. Men or women - the taste, the feel, the way it made his partner moan and shake – lust, power and pleasure - perfect.

He knew sucking Dick was going to be awesome. He was uninhibited and reactive, and Jason was going to make him scream and beg.

He took his time, teasing himself as well as Dick, anticipating the taste and the weight on his tongue. Dick was already whining at him, thrusting his hips ineffectually into the air, and pleading to be touched. After a few agonizing minutes, Jason rubbed his face down Dick's length, letting the light stubble on his cheeks chafe the sensitive skin and making Dick moan. Pre cum was smeared all over his face and he let his tongue dart out to taste it.

He gave the head of Dick's cock a few experimental licks, savoring the slight saltiness, and then drew it into his mouth. He started slow, but without warning he opened his throat and took him deep. Dick cried out, and thrashed against the sheets. That gave Jason one hell of a jolt of satisfaction. After that, he began to really move. He loved the wet slide and the small twitches Dick's cock gave when he changed suction or pressure. He was looking forward to making Dick come. Then he was going to fuck him, and it would be amazing.

Dick was thrusting into his mouth and throat with complete abandon and had somehow managed to get one long, powerful leg around Jason's back, pulling him in close enough to almost suffocate him. It was fucking intense and the noises Dick was making were incredible.

Jason was lost in the sensation, and swimming through a fog of lust. He could hear an ever increasing clamor from the creeps watching, and assumed he was doing well – hell, he knew he was, just from the sounds that were coming from Dick.

He was concentrating on drawing out more of those noises. That was his excuse when they argued about it later. Dick's was that he was having his brain sucked out through his cock and probably wouldn't have noticed if a herd of elephants started dancing across the room in tutus.

They had been so wrapped up in each other, and getting off, they had forgotten about the back up. More specifically, that the back up would arrive in a more or less timely fashion, and when that happened, they probably shouldn't be naked or having sex.

"Oh my God!" Steph's voice said, loud enough to be heard in Antarctica "Oh my god!"

Jason nearly choked on Dick's cock. Killed by penis would be a shitty and humiliating way to die, so he sucked in a lungful of air before falling back on his heels. He boggled at Batgirl for a moment, too addled with sex and surprise to react. She stared back at him, equally dumfounded.

"Can you come back in like, five minutes?" Dick squeaked. And Jason shot him a wide-eyed look. Really?

"Oh my god!" Steph said again.

Behind her, Black Bat was finishing off the bad guys, unconcerned with the tableau she had busted in on. Jason appreciated that. He was suddenly very aware that he was still naked, half hard and had cum on his face.

He was standing next to the baby Batgirl, naked and covered in his brother's cum.

Worst plan ever.

Batgirl tore her eyes away from his penis and stared at Dick, who was subtly trying to get out of the cuffs. "Oracle said you had a stupid plan and would probably end up doing naked sex acrobatics or something!" she blurted.

"This isn't what it looks like," Jason tried. "It was for the mission."

"Naked sex acrobatics?" Dick whined. "She really said that?"

"Shut up, Dick," Jason said. He wished he was home in bed with a nice cup of tea. And Dick, he sort of wished he was there too, so they could finish fucking. Because according to his penis, that was apparently still his number one priority right now.

"I can't believe you guys were having sex in front of these freaks!" Batgirl still seemed to be having some trouble processing, although the expression on her face was starting to look quite gleeful. "How long has this been going on?" She gestured wildly between them.

"About 4 hours," Jason snapped, casting his eyes around for something to wear. He needed clothes and it looked like his only option was going to have to be stripping one of the creeps. That, or go naked. He sighed. This just kept getting better.

"You're not going to help your friend?" he asked, pointing vaguely in the direction of the screams and yells – evidence that Cassandra was cleaning up the rest of the assholes.

"Nah, she can handle it." Steph's smile was wide and slightly predatory. "I'm just keeping an eye on things in here."

Dick was still muttering about sex acrobatics, but he was free of the cuffs. He padded past them, completely unconcerned with his nakedness, to retrieve the chip from the camera.

"So, sex for justice? That's a new one." Batgirl grinned at him.

"Oh for the love of… Just report!" Jason barked, surprised at how easy it was to do a Bat voice whilst in the nude. Steph gave him the finger, but then her face became serious. "We rescued the shipment of people and have neutralized the guards here. The police will have to do the actual rescuing – there's just too many victims."

Dick nodded. "They're on their way, I take it?"

"Yep. So, err…" She pointed at the bed. "DNA? Should we burn it?"

Jason flushed, but Dick was shaking his head. "No, lets just get rid of the sheets. There wasn't much opportunity for spillage this time, and anything that slips through can be dealt with later."

"This time?" Steph seemed to suddenly become aware of the state of Dick's body. It was littered with finger-shaped bruises, bites, and reddened skin from the wax and spankings. "Oh my God," she said faintly. "Kinky."

"Well, we did get a standing ovation!" Dick said, and he sounded proud.

"I just bet you did!" Steph said. "How much for the recording for that one?"

Jason felt sick. They didn't have that chip, just this one. Oh god.

Dick smiled at her and stepped closer. "Anything you want, Baby Bat." His smile was rueful. "Please find that recording and dispose of it before the police see it. Let's keep this quiet, please?"

Batgirl smiled up at him. "You have my word. I wont even watch it – unless you say I can!" Her cowl twitched oddly, and Jason suspected she was waggling her eyebrows at them. He felt she was telling the truth, and he relaxed slightly.

Now that he wasn't panicking about that recording becoming public, he was suddenly very aware that it was really fucking cold. Jason eyed up the unconscious creeps again. He needed clothes, and they seemed to be the only option right now. But salvation arrived in the form of Black Bat. Cassandra strode back into the room carrying two clean sets of the light, simple clothing that had been provided for them to travel between venues.

She was his knight in shining armor.

"Thank fuck!" Jason made a grab for some pants.

Cassandra's lips twitched, but her tone was disinterested. "I thought you might be cold."

"Thanks!" Dick said, grabbing his own. "Do we have access to the system? Can we track the people they've sold or moved on?"

"Yeah, Oracle is on it now," Batgirl said, all trace of her earlier teasing gone. "They kept a huge database to keep track of their stock and for the purposes of blackmail, should it become necessary."

"Their greed makes it easier for us," Cassandra said. "I think this strike will have cut down the operation entirely, not just the head of the snake, but much of the body as well."

Jason had to agree and they all stared at each other for a moment before Cass smiled at them, an expression that transformed her face from Bat-soldier into something lovely and human. "You should go. You do not want the police to find you as you are. It would be hard to explain to them, and to him."

Jason winced and he noticed Dick doing the same.

"You have more than outdone yourselves," Dick said, edging towards the door. "Thank you. This one is all yours!"

"Damn right it is," Batgirl said with a smirk. "Without us, you would still be here having sex." She started to laugh. "I can't believe you had sex! I can't believe I saw you have sex!" She snorted inelegantly as she failed to restrain her laughter. "Dibs I get to tell Tim!"

Jason grabbed Dick and dragged him towards a likely exit point. Dick was yelling and pleading for Steph not to tell his poor innocent little brother [yeah, whatever] and the girls were leaning against each other, bent over with laughter.


But he felt good. Embarrassed, but good. Together, they had shut down Opal, and freed many people from a life of horror. He was surprised to find himself feeling not just affection for the girls, but also a feeling of kinship and pride in being part of what they represented. He wondered if Dick always felt like this about his 'family'. Jason had to admit it was a pleasant feeling, if a little tempered with jealousy. Maybe he was just in a forgiving mood thanks to getting his rocks off – and with the promise of more.

They spilled almost drunkenly onto the street, still barefoot and leaning against each other. The sound of sirens was growing louder with every second and they hurried away from the warehouse. It was going to be a long trip home.

"So," Jason said once they had made a little distance between themselves and the cops. "I think you promised me a fuck?"

Dick stared at him a long moment before a huge grin spread over his face. "I think I did. Your place or mine, baby?"

"Yours. I don't have heating, and I'm sick of being cold. And don't call me baby ever again," Jason said, aware he had probably already lost this one.

"How about sugar tits?"

"Oh my god, stop talking!"

God, you're gorgeous," Dick said, looking down at him as he sprawled naked on the sheets.

"I know. Now stop pissing about and fuck me already," Jason said, lifting his hips in invitation. Dick had prepped him painfully slowly. He'd said he was savoring the anticipation, but Jason thought he was just enjoying being a fucking sadist.

"Come on, Dickie! Scared you won't be able to achieve the high standards I've come to expect from Golden Boy Gray-" He was cut off as Dick lunged forward and started tickling him. "Foul! Fucking quit it!" Jason yelled, as he tried to wiggle away from Dick's fingers and hold back snorts of laughter. "Quit!"

"Not 'til you beg, Little Wing!"

Jason was going to deny begging until his dying breath. The Red Hood did not beg for the cessation of tickles.

The only thing he could do to regain his pride was give Dickface the ride of his life, and then gloat about it.

When Dick finally, finally pushed inside him, Jason started to move his hips before Dick was even fully sheathed. It was worth the burning pain to see the slackjawed look of pleasure on Dick's face, and the way his eyes fluttered shut as his own hips began to move.

"Come on you wuss," Jason hissed at him. "I'm not some blushing virgin, just fuck me already!" Dick didn't need asking twice, and Jason found himself clinging to the bed sheets as Dick pounded into him with powerful strokes. The intense push-pull pain-pleasure was causing his breath to come in gasps, and his cock to throb with every motion of his body.

"You're so good, Jason, so tight. Might have to make you beg again."

"Fuck," Jason managed, as Dick's thrusts threatened to turf him completely off the bed. "Fuck no, asshole!"

Dick, obviously still in a sadistic mood, pulled out. Jason had been so close! Dick hiked Jason's hips up. "Say please."

"I hate you!" Jason whined. "Why do you do this to me? Is it punishment?"

"Its fun!" Dick laughed at him.


"You bet." Dick pulled his legs until Jason's butt was in the air, then he lent forward to resume the hard pace of before. Jason could barely hold back a shout as Dick carefully angled himself to hit his prostrate. Goddamn it was good!

"You like that?" Dick whispered, voice low and full of sex. "You're so tight, and hot and you're fucking loving it, Little Wing. I'm gonna get lost in you, bury myself deep."

Dick's dirty talk was a little obscure, but Jason couldn't deny it hit him hard and good. He tried to hold back a moan, but he was to far gone. Dick's fingers were scraping over his hips and Jason used his legs to pull him closer. His brother was huffing hot air into his mouth and they were both so...

"Mine," Dick panted at him. "Mine, this is mine."

And damn, Jason flew over the edge with an orgasm that made his mind blank out for a few minutes. Dick was still driving into him, but his thrusts were erratic. Dick kissed him long and hard as he came, their teeth clashing and catching.

Dick was heavy against his chest. He rubbed his face over Jason's body like a cat. Jason knew cats. They were grabby and demanding and whatever they scent-marked, they considered theirs. He was so not down with that. On the other hand, despite his natural aversion to being ordered about, he was sort of kind of happy to be Dick's. Just a bit.

And next time? He was going to fuck the stupid ass silly, till he couldn't walk or speak. That was the plan, anyway.

The thought of the sex they might have in the future [sex that might include toys and hot tubs and fruit flavored lube] was so awesome, that the fact Dick had fallen asleep on him, covered in sticky cum, and drooling like a puppy, made him feel fuzzy and warm rather than angry.

He was doomed.

After a light nap and a quick, mostly unsuccessful, forage for food in Dick's kitchen, they settled back on the bed to talk things through.

"So," Jason said. "I think it's your turn for a good shafting."

Dick snorted. "My butt's still smarting from the last time."

"Rock, paper, scissors, best of three?" Jason really didn't care if he won or lost – he was just pleased Dick seemed to be as up for a repeat as he was.

"You're on. Loser has to suck my cock."

"And how's that supposed to work?" Jason said, doubtfully.

Dick raised an eyebrow at his own crotch and a filthy image of Dick giving himself head suddenly flashed through Jason's mind. Ok, now he wanted to win.

"This I gotta see," he said, holding out his fist for battle to commence. "Bring it, Grayson."