A/N: This is Just a one shot I wrote a couple of days ago to get rid of some writers block. I don't think I will be continuing this into a proper story so it will remain as a one shot. This is Jasper in a rare moment of Tranquillity. I first posted this on my blog and have decided I may as well post it on here as well. Anyway please tell me what you think!


He had his eyes closed as if he was sleeping. The sun shone on his face making his skin sparkle inhumanly. He didn't sparkle as much as everyone else, the scars that littered his skin dulled the effect making him glow. It was, almost angelic.
His golden hair splayed out slightly on the grass as he lay in the centre if the clearing. Jasper looked completely at ease. There wasn't a trace of blood lust at all marring his features. He looked peaceful, calm and at ease. Worry couldn't touch him in that moment. He looked Human almost as he lay there in the glow of a forgotten humanity. If his skin was a little less inhuman he could almost pass as one. He almost looked like Jasper Jonathan Whitlock beloved son to Mr Jonathan Whitlock and Alison Whitlock, older brother to Eleanor Whitlock. Almost maybe, but not quiteā€¦
A brief wind blew through the clearing causing his eyes to snap open and the moment was lost. He sprang to his feet with a grace even the most talented of dancers would envy. He was still as he analysed his surroundings. His surrounding that had now been disturbed by the scent of the approaching vampire he'd caught on the wind. His shoulders tensed as he readied himself for their approach. He was ready for anything in that moment. He was in that moment Major Jasper Jonathan Whitlock, a southern vampire Major reborn into blood, war and violence. He was a Vampire born to kill thousands...